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Entangled Between The Alpha And The Omega

Entangled Between The Alpha And The Omega

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Cayden, an Omega that looks like an Alpha, battled with Alpha Spartan, over the wolf he wanted as a mate, Everest. He protected and fought for her each time she found herself in danger. He always found his way to wherever she was, but when he discovered she might get mated to Spartan, he claimed to have met her first and would kill, to have her as his mate while the Spartan claimed she is the one moon goddess chose for him, introducing clash between them, and endearing Everest to make a quick choice - the caring Omega or the authoritative Alpha?"

Chapter 1 - Sold To The Rich Wolf

My heart pants as I sight a bigger animal in the bush. I call for Dad’s attention but he doesn’t look my way. The animal starts to get close to me. I take a step backwards as I freeze in fear. It’s Thursday again, the day for hunting.
“You know you’ve not taught me how to attack rogues…” I stutter, but right within me, I think everyone hears me. “Please, let’s take to our heels now.”
My mother’s thin voice shakes the ground as she screams my name, seeming like an urgent warning from a great danger. “EVEREST!!!!”
I turn to face her immediately. But as I take a step forward, another person seizes me from behind. I fight to free myself as my consciousness now starts to get active. As soon as I hear a sound different from normal, I gently look back. It’s the wolf. My eyes scan this area to look for my parents but I can’t find them anymore. I shriek, and wish my wolf had been made active. The wolf squeezes me with his claws, and lifts me upon his head, growls repeatedly before throwing me off on the ground.
I gasp for breath as I land on the ground with a loud thud. My instinct tells me to make proper use of the time and flee, but my body is too weak to do so. I still won’t believe my parents escaped and left me right here. I squint my eyes to know the direction of the wolf so my plan to get up and flee won’t fall through. But I can’t find any wolf around me.
I get up with ease of mind as a young man approaches me. There’s a beautiful smile on his face. I will do anything to hug him therapeutically, but he’s unfamiliar.
“I am Cayden.” He tells me.
“I am Everest.” I retort. “How may I help you?”
“I am the Alpha of the pack house over there. I saved you from the big wolf that pounced on you.” He claims.
“Thank you.” I clip. “I’d like to be on my way now…” I force these words out of my mouth as I take to my heels like a prisoner trying to escape. Thinking he would smirk and plan to see me next time, he rather shifts into his wolf and pursues me. I look back for a while as I see him transforming his human self divinely. He is definitely the big wolf that attacked me.
I cast off my crocs, and run with my bare feet, bumping into several uncompleted buildings to avert the wolf’s hot chase. I peer through the window of the building I am right now, and I see that home is no longer far away from me. Let me trek backwards, since the wolf isn’t pursuing me anymore, is my thought. I follow my thought.
The wolf suddenly lands inside this room in this uncompleted building, growling and snapping its bones vigorously. With my right leg, I kick away the completed parts of the window and jump out. The edge of the window scratches my neck, and gives me a mark. Having escaped, I know I am free now.
My father rebukes me as I walk inside. “Where the hell have you been? Oh, you want to pick a random wolf as a mate, right? Remember your background!”
“I never mentioned that.” I retort, and he sharply gazes at me as mum approaches me with anger written over her face.
“You’re our only daughter, yet…” Dad fumes, and I roll my eyes at him. I hold my fist in the air, and shut my eyelids. I don’t say a word. I open my eyelids now and stare at them.
“Anymore word?” I ask but they seem dumbfounded. They both shake their heads to tell me they don’t have any word to say. I grab that, and walk into my room.
The thought of Cayden pursuing me hunts me each minute, and I perceive it hunts me better when I’m alone. The relief is, wolves are not ghosts. Perhaps, I would have screamed out my lungs and run to those same people I just walked out on. I don’t hate my parents but I hate the fact that I am over eighteen years old, yet my wolf hasn’t been made active. Dad wanted to explain the reason to me a few days ago when mum interrupted.
I lay my back on my mat to take a nap. I shut my eyelids to start snoring, maybe that would initiate sleep but I feel someone rubbing my arms romantically. I jerk out of my reverie but I can’t find anyone. Only that the lights are out.
Muffled voices.
Mockery laughter.
“Who are those?” I whisper to myself. I find my way to the door, to escape, and luckily, my hand clutches to the doorknob fast. But before I can twist it, another person does.
“Wanted to call you out.” Mum tells me immediately our gazes come in close contact.
“Oh…really?” I ask. “Do we have a visitor?”
“Probably.” She doesn’t wait a second after saying this, she seizes my right arm and clutches it into hers, as she roughly leads me to the sitting room. She throws me on one of the seats close to Dad and walks ahead to sit with the visitor. I never knew we can have a visitor. My mind goes through a rough sketch and all I can think of is Cayden, the cute young man yet forceful.
“He’s a brother to your father.” Mum tells me. I stare straight into her eyes but I don’t look at the visitor. “He’s unmated, neither does he seek for a mate. Bill, you can talk to her.”
“Everest, I need a female wolf in my compound that would help me take care of my dog. If your work impresses me, you’d progress to cleaning up the mess in the kitchen and toilet, and in my personal room eventually.” He tells me and reads my expression.
“I think she’s confused if I have money or not.” Bill states, as I furrow my forehead. Dad just sits here like one dumbass. “…as my name even suggests. So, are you interested?”
“I will get back to you.” I tell him. “I need to think.”
Mum rolls her eyes at me, but she doesn’t interrupt. Bill gets to his feet, and leaves for his own good. In a bid to check what it says by the time, I’m being faced by a deafening slap from mum.
“Does it look like we have anything?” Mum hollers as Dad shakes his head and walks out. “Go work as a slave. I might even decide to sell you. Just that I want a good mate for you. Know what? You’re going for this. And, I’m going to let Bill understand how obdurate you are. Your wolf must not be active until you are twenty one. I’d come check up on you randomly.”
“Once he gets in now…” She says, but her voice sounds shallower than ever. “…tell him you’re ready to go.”
I nod my head, and a hot tear drops from my eyes, evoking a solid resolution right in my mind. No other thought than to flee. Not only from my poor and harsh parents but from this stranger who wants to have me with him, and from this whole neighborhood.
I want to breathe the scent of wolves. I want to go to school and have wolf friends, I want to be a warrior in a pack house someday. Restrictions aren’t comical.
There is a sound on the door. Mum hurries to get it open and as she does, Bills walks in and has his seat immediately.
“I don’t have time.” He complains. “My car is parked outside. If she’s in, we can start going. Let me pay you…” as he mentions that, I rise up, smile a bit, and walk up to him. The looks of mum and him make the whole situation awkward. But mum forces a smile.
“Yes, she’s interested.” She says, smiling. I shake my head and revoke that.
“I thought you wanted to give me money as a visitor.” I tell Bill. “Bill, I never meant to follow you. I’m sorry, but thanks for your time!”
“Fine!” Bill interrupts. “Know this, I was going to pay your mum for your service to me over there, but since I’ve paid a huge amount as a part payment…” he stops talking suddenly, and then calls out, “Big Joe!”
As I hear that name, I know they are about to force me. My eye darts around all entrances here, and I see a huge and fierce man approaching. I run back to my room but no one pursues me. They know I will be caught easily. I pick up any sharp object and hit it on the window to get away. It becomes successful a second time. Seems this is what my wolf would do, once it gets active. As I jump down from my window, I land into Joe’s hands.

Chapter 2 - The Rogue's Deception

Beta Vlad is at the doorstep of the Alpha’s room. He’s come to deliver some message the moon goddess revealed to him. As he is about to turn the doorknob, he hears muffled voices but he’s well aware that it’s a strong exchange of words going on between the Alpha and the Luna of the pack house. He reverts his feet and makes his way back to his abode. The message still sounds urgent to him, but he can’t budge in without permission.

Right inside the official room, Spartan pins me to the wall, strangling me through the neck with his utmost ability. He purrs and wickedly smiles as he wishes I would die instantly.
“I promise I’m going to get mated again after you go.” He hollers at me. “You would never satisfy my desires as the most renowned Alpha. I need to hunt for a better mate. Damn you.” He dumps me on the bed after those words, and gives me a fatal leg kick.
“I’m going to dump you into the jungle very soon. You’d get to meet with a lot of ma


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