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Entangled Between The Alpha And The Omega

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“I know this dude. I’ve done my research on him. He’s just a clone of their Alpha, nothing but an Omega!” The Alpha declares angrily. “What business do you have with a mere Omega?” On a Thursday morning, a werewolf confronted me while hunting, but my parents fled. Ever since, he's been pressing me to be his mate, but I hadn't given it a thought until I was captured by a wealthy man. A more powerful werewolf, an Alpha, came to my rescue and claimed me as his mate upon reaching his pack. While he hasn't marked me yet, the werewolf who confronted me, seemingly an Alpha as well, sneaked into his pack to escape with me, but he was caught red-handed. Will he be able to claim me as his mate, or will Spartan's power as an Alpha overtake his actions, claiming me instead?

Chapter 1 - Sold To The Rich Wolf

My heart races as I spot a larger animal in the bush. Despite calling for Dad's attention, he remains focused elsewhere. The creature inches closer, and fear paralyzes me. It's Thursday, the day reserved for hunting.

Stuttering, I admit, "You've never taught me how to attack rogues." Despite my inner thoughts screaming, I plea, "Please, let's flee now."

My mother's frail voice echoes, shaking the ground with an urgent warning, "EVEREST!!!"

Turning to face her, I step forward, only to be seized from behind by another person. As I struggle to break free, my consciousness awakens. A different sound catches my attention, and I cautiously look back—it's the wolf. My eyes scan around for my parents, they're nowhere to be found. Panic sets in, and I wish my wolf had been activated. The wolf tightens its grip, and lifts me onto its head, growling before forcefully tossing me to the ground.

Gasping for breath, I land on the ground with a loud thud. Instinct urges me to flee, but my weakened body refuses. Unwillin to accept that my parents might have abandoned me, I squint to locate the wolf and plan my escape. However, there's no sign of the wolf around me anymore. I rise with a sense of relief and face a young man with a warm smile. I feel a longing to embrace him, but caution prevails.

"I'm Cayden." He introduces himself.

"I'm Everest." I reply. "How can I help you?"

He reveals, "I'm the Alpha of the pack house nearby. I saved you from the big wolf that attacked you."

"Thank you." I utter, pushing the words out as I hastily turn to leave. As I take off like a fleeing prisoner, I anticipate a smirk, but Cayden transforms into a wolf and chases me. I glance back and witness the divine shift from wolf to human—he's undoubtedly the one who attacked me.

Ditching my crocs, I sprint with bare feet, dodging through incomplete buildings to evade the wolf's pursuit. As I glance through a window, I realize home is close. With the wolf no longer chasing, I decide to backtrack. I follow my thoughts and head in reverse.

The wolf abruptly materializes in the room, growling and snapping its bones. Using my right leg, I kick aside parts of the incomplete window and leap out. The window's edge leaves a scratch on my neck, marking my escape. Now, I feel the freedom of being out of reach.

Walking inside the living room now, my father scolds, "Where have you been? Trying to choose a random wolf as a mate? Remember your background!"

"I never mentioned that." retort. He gives me a sharp gaze as my mother approaches with anger evident on her face.

"You're our only daughter, yet..." Dad fumes, and I roll my eyes at him. Holding my fist in the air, I shut my eyelids, choosing not to speak. Opening my eyes, I stare at them.

"Anymore words?" I ask, but they remain silent and dumbfounded. Both shake their heads, admitting they have nothing to say. I seize that opportunity to walk away into my room.

The constant fear of Cayden pursuing me lingers, intensifying when I'm alone. Fortunately, wolves aren't ghosts; otherwise, I might have screamed and sought refuge with those I just left in the living room. While I don't harbor hatred for my parents, frustration builds over being over eighteen, yet my wolf remains inactive. My dad attempted to explain the reason recently but his speech was cut short by my mom's interruption.

I lay on my mat for a nap, I close my eyes, attempting to snore myself into sleep. Suddenly, I sense someone romantically rubbing my arms. Startled, I snap out of my reverie but can't find anyone there, only the darkness as the lights are out.

Muffled voices and mockery laughter catch my attention. I whisper to myself and head towards the door to escape, grasping the doorknob. Before I can twist it, someone else does. Our gazes meet, and it's my mother.

"Wanted to call you out." She says.

I respond, "Oh... really? Do we have a visitor?"

Without a moment's hesitation, my mother grabs my right arm, linking it with hers as she forcefully guides me to the living room. She deposits me onto a seat near my dad and proceeds to join the visitor. The revelation of a visitor catches me off guard, and my thoughts race to Cayden, the assertive young man.

"He's a brother to your father." My mom discloses. I maintain eye contact with her, avoiding a glance at the visitor.

"He's unmated, neither does he seek for a mate. Bill, you can talk to her." She instructs.

"Everest, I need a female wolf in my compound to take care of my dog. If you impress me, you'll progress to handling more tasks, including cleaning up my kitchen, toilet, and personal room." Bill informs me, gauging my expression. "I think she's confused if I have money or not." He adds, while I furrow my forehead.

Dad remains silent. "As my name even suggests. So, are you interested?" He asks.

"I will get back to you," I respond. "I need to think about it." Mum rolls her eyes, but Bill gets up and leaves. I attempt to check the time but I'm met with a deafening slap from my mum.

"Does it look like we have anything?" Mum hollers, Dad shaking his head before leaving. "Go work as a slave. I might even decide to sell you. Just that I want a good mate for you. You're going for this. And, I'm going to let Bill understand how obdurate you are. Your wolf must not be active until you are twenty-one. Go with Bill, I'll come check up on you at random times." She declares.

"Once he gets in now," her voice sounding shallower than ever, "tell him you're ready to go."

Nodding, a hot tear escapes my eyes, solidifying a resolute decision to escape. Fleeing not only from my harsh parents but also from the stranger who wants me with him and this stifling neighborhood. I yearn to breathe the scent of wolves, attend school with wolf friends, and aspire to be a warrior in a pack house. Restrictions are no joke.

A sound at the door prompts Mum to open it hurriedly. As she does, Bill walks in and takes his seat immediately.

"I don't have time." Bill complains. "My car is parked outside. If she's in, we can start going. Let me pay you..." As he mentions payment, I rise, force a smile, and approach him. Awkward looks pass between Mum and Bill, but Mum manages a smile.

"Yes, she's interested." She says, smiling.

I shake my head, disagreeing. "I thought you wanted to give me money as a visitor." I tell Bill. "Bill, I never meant to follow you. I'm sorry, but thanks for your time!"

"Fine!" Bill interrupts. "Know this, I was going to pay your mum fully, for your service to me over there, but since I've paid a huge amount as a part payment..." He stops talking suddenly and calls out, "Big Joe!"

Hearing the name "Big Joe," I sense they're preparing to force me. My eyes dart around all entrances, spotting a huge and fierce man approaching. I sprint back to my room, but no one pursues. They understand I'd be caught easily. Grabbing a sharp object, I hit the window to escape, successfully breaking it. It seems like something my wolf would do once it becomes active. Jumping down from the window, I land into Joe's hands.

Chapter 2 - The Rogue's Deception

Beta Vlad stands at the doorstep of the Alpha's room, intending to deliver a message revealed by the moon goddess. As he's about to turn the doorknob, he hears muffled voices, recognizing a heated exchange between the Alpha and the Luna. Reluctantly, he retraces his steps back to his abode. The urgency of the message lingers, but he refrains from intruding without permission.


Within the official room, Spartan forcefully pins me to the wall, strangling me with relentless strength. His purr and wicked smile betray a desire for my immediate demise.

"I'm going to dump you into the jungle very soon. You'll meet numerous male wolves from different pack houses. Be picky and choose well, slim goat." He rains curses upon me before storming out, slamming the door with a resounding thud.

"I promise I'm going to get mated again after you go." He hollers. "You would never satisfy my desires as the mos


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