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Enchanting Royalty

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Betrayal, fear, and confusion clouded her thoughts as she faced the harsh reality of her existence. The daughter of the Shadow Weaver's ruthless leader, she had been molded into a weapon, a puppet dancing on her father's strings. Yet, beneath the facade of loyalty, her soul yearned for something more, something real. Trapped in enemy territory, she found an unexpected solace in the arms of Christian Darwin, the Royal Beta of the Red Moon pack. His eyes, like twin galaxies, held a promise of protection and understanding. "You need to trust me," he whispered, his voice a soothing balm to her wounded spirit. "I will take away your pain. I will make them pay for what they've done to you. They'll regret every moment of it." His words hung in the air, laden with a fierce determination that resonated with Mia's shattered soul. As he opened his arms, a silent plea for her to find refuge in his embrace, she hesitated for a moment, her teary eyes searching his face for sincerity. In that fragile moment, she made a choice – to let go of the chains that bound her and to embrace the warmth of his presence. With a rush of raw, unfiltered emotion, she threw herself into his arms, seeking solace in the midst of chaos. What happens when secrets are revealed and she finds out that her life has been nothing but a series of lies? What happens when the truth unfolds and she finds out that the only person she was ever devoted to, was the one who betrayed her? She is yet to discover her true identity, so join Mia on this rollercoaster journey where her mate will bring her wildest fantasies to life, where she has only one mission: Make The Culprit Pay.


In the moonlit shadows of the enemy's territory, she waited patiently, crouched low behind a dense thicket of bushes, as she observed her target. Slow and steady wins the race. She moved stealthily, making sure not to let a sound slip. Taking in breath in short puffs, she positioned her arm to make her move. This was yet another chance to prove to her dad that she would never let him down. Her sleek, black attire blended seamlessly with the night, making her almost invisible to the naked eye. She had a singular, vital objective: capture the she-wolf sauntering at a distance from her. The chilling howl of the wind was drowned out by the distant growls of the creature she sought to subdue. As her keen eyes narrowed on her quarry, she inhaled slowly, steadying her racing heart. Every muscle in her lithe frame coiled with anticipation. Mia's gloved fingers tightened around the hilt of her specialized tranquilizer dart gun, an instrument of silent precision. It was her only chance to incapacitate the formidable foe without arousing the suspicion of the sentries patrolling nearby. With unwavering focus, she calibrated her aim, honing in on the beast's vital points. One shot, one opportunity to subdue her quarry without detection. The stakes were higher than ever; failure was not an option. As the moon cast an eerie glow upon the battlefield, Mia's determination burned brighter. With a deft, silent breath, she squeezed the trigger, sending the glazed silver dart hurtling toward its target. Her heart pounded as she watched it strike true, and the creature stumbled, its movements slowing as the tranquilizer took effect. Mia didn't waste a moment. With the grace of a true master, she emerged from the shadows, swiftly and silently approaching the fallen creature. Her mission was clear: to make the formidable foe unconscious, all the while ensuring she remained an enigma in the heart of enemy territory. Her reputation as an extraordinary assassin rested on this delicate dance between shadows and skill. Huh, freaking werewolves, known to be the strongest yet can't take a little bit of silver, she mocked in her mind, looking at the unconscious figure. Dad would be very happy today, she thought, giving a smirk. The revenge was on. They need to get a taste of their own medicine. For years, werewolves have been after them. Killing their species for no reason. Although Mia lacked certain powers her species had, it didn't make her any less than them, as, after all, she was her father's daughter. She was proud and forever will be. She looked at the glowing star inked on her wrist. Immediately, she felt the pinning ache occur for a while before it subsided. That always happened; whenever the mark glowed, she would briefly feel a jolt of pain strike her before the tattoo would deepen its roots in her skin. But she was proud of that mark. Because it was a sign of recognition and belonging to her kind, like her father told her. The Shadow Weavers Masters of witchcraft and wizardry. She was proud to be a part of such a powerful family. But there was only one thing that broke her heart. She wasn't born with the special ability to cast magic. In the early years of her life, she was frustrated and angered about not being like everyone else. But then her father helped her and told her that she was different from everyone else, and that's what made her more powerful. He taught her everything and trained her to the best of her abilities. There was a sacred book of Shadow Weavers that had always ignited her interest. She could learn a lot of spells and magic from there, but her father would never let her keep the book, as he explained it was dangerous and could be misused if lost. So she let the matter slip, but she vowed that one day she would prove herself worthy of handling it. Protecting it. In order to overcome her weakness, she trained hard. She would invest day and night to be able to take down anyone when needed, with or without magic. And as nights passed, she became the best assassin out there, the greatest asset to her father. Now it was finally time to pay her father back for all the efforts he had put into her. To get revenge on werewolves who had been after her father's army for ages. The Royal Red Moon pack. It was finally time for them to pay for all the people they had killed.

Chapter 1


Mia, her heart pounding with adrenaline, dragged the captured she-wolf, also the daughter of the Gamma of the Red Moon pack, into her father's presence. The she-wolf's eyes held a mixture of fear and defiance as she stood before Balthazar, Mia's father.

"Father," Mia said with a determined tone, "I've brought her."

Her father, his gaze unwavering, assessed the captive before him. The tension in the air was palpable.

"Very well, my sweet daughter." Balthazar smirked, his voice unwavering. "We can finally exact our revenge and send a message to the Red Moon pack. They'll regret the day they crossed our paths. Take her," he signaled to one of the guards.

Mia nodded in understanding, losing her grip and handing over the captive to the guard. This was just the beginning of their retaliation against the Red Moon pack, and Mia was determined


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