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This story begins and ends from a beautiful girl born special from the moon goddess herself. She is used abused even stollen from her pack father and brother. A massive rouge attacks takes her mothers life and she is acused at a young age as a killer. So the pack starts treating her as a omega but they end up so wrong. After taking beatings and abuse she flips her wolf comes forth. They end up in a fallen truth she will destroy all who hurt and betrayed her. So she takes things in her hands at a young age after the abuse and her family gets murdered two years after her mothers passing. The alpha tries to play it off as another rouge attack but she watched from afar as her father and brother were killed by the alphas men. After that last straw she leaves to live alone watching the pack from afar. Planing her revenge on the alpha his men and all.the pain they placed toward her and her family. In all the years she grew up there she never thought her closest friends at a young age would do such things. Her brother alone when he come of age was supposed to take over as gamma like there father was. But now true terror will be taken threw as she takes down a whole pack alpha and all. Will her mate be able to find and tame her or will he fail in all his attempt's.


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