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Cursed Alpha's Rogue Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: kerryn
  • Chapters: 154
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 9


"I, Alpha Decarlo, reject you, Allegra Calhoun as my mate. You're a desperate, inconsiderate, and filthy rogue. I can't be with a low-life like yourself," Alpha Decarlo said through gritted teeth. Chuckling, "I don't accept your rejection. You belong to me, Alpha Decarlo. As I belong to you. You are my purpose, my wolf. Go back to your delusion because that rejection is not happening," she sternly stated. Rogue Alpha Allegra hated her life under the rulership of her father. When she thought it couldn't get any worse, he sent her on a life-threatening mission. Little did she know that things would be different as she got entangled with her target. Meanwhile, Alpha Decarlo has lived for seven years with a big secret. A curse meant to end him. Once he met the reason for his curse, he imprisoned her, determined to put an end to everything. At last, he was going to be free. Fate had other plans as that was the beginning of their journey. The worst is that his curse is also his fated mate.

Chapter 1

Allegra's POV

“Kill or be killed, birdie.” My father’s voice slices my already broken heart into a million pieces.

He continues, “but remember, as much as I would like you to disappear from the face of the earth, I prefer Alpha Decarlo’s head served to me than yours. We both know whatever goes inside your pretty head is useful. You are a tool, my tool, don’t forget that. Birdie, you have one shot, don’t disappoint me.”

My father compliments, threatens, and insults me in one go. You might think I wouldn't have gotten his message without him crushing my spirit.

With an emotionless expression, I reply, “of course, dad. ”

My father takes a step back and faces my beta, Kee Langford.

“Give her all the information. I am counting on you, okay? Make me proud.”

Beta Kee bows.

We stare at each other after my father exits. I don’t know if we are thinking of the same thing, but I know Beta Kee heard my father threatening and calling me a tool. As always, Beta Kee mentions nothing, and I am grateful.

Beta Kee fills me in on the information about Alpha Decarlo, Boldwhispers Pack’s alpha. He is a sweet alpha to his pack but a ruthless and arrogant alpha to anyone outside his pack, especially those who dare challenge him. His pack has been his priority since he took over.

Beta Kee finishes blandly by saying, “that is all, Alpha Allegra. Jolie and I will accompany you. If you succeed in killing Alpha Decarlo, we will return with his head and serve it to your father. But if you don’t, I will kill the three of you, leave you to rot there and bring Decarlo's head to your father."

My father might show his hate towards me in front of him, but that doesn’t mean I am a nobody. I am my father’s daughter and this pack’s alpha. I am the second in command after my father, the rogue king and Kee is merely a beta.

But alas, I don’t growl at him or point out that I hate his disrespect, I just dismiss him.

“I will return with the pack’s layout, Alpha Allegra.”

“Thanks, Beta Kee.”

A minute passes, and I lift my head when I don’t hear his footsteps, I find him looking at me with eyes asking, “losing your mind already?” and I reply with my eyes too, “of course, I have, how can I not after two wolves have mentioned nonchalantly about my death?

I point at the door with a bored expression and he leaves while murmuring some incoherent words.

Rubbing my eyes, I mull over the conversation with my father and Kee.

Everything is weird.

I am the rogue alpha while my father is the rogue king; our pack is made of rogue werewolves from over a hundred now non-existent packs. We thrive from attacking packs, always, together and never as an individual.

So, what is so different about Alpha Decarlo and his pack? Why are Kee and Jolie the only ones accompanying me? Why does Dad only require Alpha Decarlo’s head and not anyone else’s?

The questions run in my mind, questions I have no answers to. Questions I know my dad has answers to but I can’t ask him because one thing is clear; I must kill Alpha Decarlo and return to live my life full of misery.

I can’t help but wish that I was an alpha’s daughter planning to attend a beautiful mating ceremony. Too bad there is no room for wishing. I am rogue Alpha Allegra born to live like this. To serve my father and do everything he wants without making a sound.

For two days, briefly, I show up at the pack’s meetings, training, and meals, and leave to continue studying the Boldwhispers Pack and prepare on how I will kill alpha Decarlo.

After rereading the notes Beta Kee made, I understand why my father tasked Beta Kee to kill me if I failed. The pack’s protection is tight. The pack members adore the alpha and would die for him.

For the first time since I knew the reason for my existence, I waver. For the first time, I accept my fate; I will die without being happy. Without knowing why my father despises me.

(“Beta Kee, where are you?”) I inquire through the mind link.

(“At the field. Do you need me?”)

(“I am coming.”)

The wolves I meet on my way bow while taking a step back, a small grin graces their lips, fake ones.

I arrive where Bee Kee is and regret coming. My father is dueling with him while the warriors are watching. I cuss inwardly as my father approaches me, smiling proudly. “Birdie, finally, you have decided to grace us with your presence.”

The group of wolves stares at me with envy in their eyes. My father’s face is screaming love, adoration, and pride. “Are you okay, birdie?” My father’s voice is laced with extreme sweetness.

“Yes, dad,” I reply, matching his fakeness.

“Okay, I will leave you with your peers then. Beta Kee, we must do this soon.”

I grit my teeth as he pulls me in a fatherly hug. He and I know they are not my peers. He made sure of it by alienating me from them from the word go. If I wasn't their alpha, the warriors wouldn't spend another second with me. They hate me as much as my father does.

Beta Kee's eyes don't leave mine, we both know what ‘must’ means, Kee must return, no matter what.

The moment my father is out of sight, the warrior stares at me with fury and contempt in their eyes. If someone gives them an opportunity, even for a second to kill me, they would maul me back and forth to hell.

They think I lack nothing.

They are envious I have a loving father and a pack. Little do they know they are resentful of me for nothing. They have no idea what goes inside the closed doors. They don’t know my father’s show of love is a charade.

“Alpha Allegra.” Beta Kee calls.

“Come with Jolie.”


Beta Kee shows up ten minutes later with Jolie shaking like a feather. She knows nothing good comes out of a meeting with the alpha. I nod at the seats. Jolie misses the seat and falls on the floor. I brush my hair back with a sigh and wait patiently for her to sit.

“Beta Kee, fill her in,” I order.

“Jolie, we are leaving for Boldwhispers Pack this evening. You will act as our pack’s luna. Answer questions briefly if asked. Do not leave my sight and side. If you happen to see Alpha Allegra, you don’t know her. Don’t even make eye contact with her. Clear?” Beta Kee states.

That surprises me but I cover it up quickly and raise an eyebrow at Beta Kee. That is new. He says, “you will be a nobody.”

Thank you, Kee, that explains a lot.

After Jolie leaves to prepare her belongings, Kee explains what ‘nobody’ means. I grit my teeth, ensuring my face doesn’t betray my emotions. My father just has to humiliate me even in his absence.

We go through the plan once again, and before he leaves, he questions, “will you be okay wearing the servants’ clothes?”

Beta Kee will act as Jolie’s protector, while Jolie will act as meek Luna of our alpha. And I will be busy ensuring I remain a shadow. And really, it won’t be hard because servants aren’t questioned. Most packs push and ignore their servants. Well, it has some perks. It is useful for the mission.

“Since the burial isn’t his first, it will…” Beta Kee stops at my blank stare.

“We will leave in an hour,”

I am not in the mood for anything else. He can inform me later if it is important. I need my alone time to bid my bedroom and my office goodbye.

One thing is for sure, this mission won’t be easy. And with no knowledge of why my father wants Boldwhispers Pack’s alpha dead, I wonder, if I die, who will cry?

Chapter 2

Decarlo's POV

Do they care that I am mourning?

I ponder this as I watch the groups of werewolves arriving at my pack with their heads hung low. Sadness is written all over their faces.

If it weren’t for the formalities and the traditions guiding us werewolves, I would have chased them away and buried my dead mate with my pack alone. My pack is the only one who cares for my well-being. I can feel the sadness and empathy through our bond.

Exhaustion hits me in full force at the same time the pack’s luna, Luna Emre, sends a mindlink inquiring if I am okay. I give her the same answer I have given my beta, the lead warrior and everyone else who has asked. (“I am coping. Thank you.”)

I want a lot of things this morning and nothing involves heading out and greeting the alphas and their lunas of various packs while they hold each other as if their lives depend on it. I want to stay inside and mourn for the lost chance of getting the answer


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