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About me

I am a sucker reader and author of dark romance and werewolf genres.


The Billionaire's Unforgiving Lover
  • Author: kerryn
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 7
  • 5.0

Once a colorful future … Always a tragedy magnet. ** After her mother’s mysterious death and her brother's overdose, Jade Zyvia's life becomes a rollercoaster. The day her best friend and lover, Winter Brownell returns, she realizes she is all alone. One uncovered secret meeting between her mother and someone she trusts opens a can full of deception and mystery. With a hunger to know what happened, she gets into a grisly accident. Turning her life into a complete mess than before. * Winter Brownell never thought one event will turn his life upside down. Nevertheless, the event wasn’t as hurtful as his one sweet moment with her first love, Jade turned into a nightmare. After the collision, he starts unearthing secret after secret surrounding everyone he adores. * When she wakes will she search for answers or run? Will their friendship ever be rebuilt or was that morning their first and last? Who is behind Winter's tragic accident?


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