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Craved By My Ex-Alpha Mate

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The sequel to Rejected Luna. Even though it may be read as a stand-alone, I recommend reading the first book before. * JANE - I believe my suffering is over. Vishal and I are married, and we have a daughter who loves us just as much as we adore her. And we had our friends, so I dared think this was my "Happily Ever After." How wrong I was! He appeared in my nightmares and every other dream I had that night. I saw his image in a mirror. And then came an inauspicious day when he invaded our celebration. He forced me to choose between going with him or witnessing my loved ones perish. RICHARD - Villains aren't born. They are created. Just like my messed-up upbringing and constant rejection from the only lady I'll ever love. Years ago, I rejected her, but now I'm back for her. I'm completely enamored with her, yet all she felt for me was disdain. It was forgivable; I could overlook her bratty attitude until her dumb second-chance partner left me to die. Now I'm back to exact my vengeance. Jane is mine, and if this reality doesn't allow us to be together, I have to take her to a realm where the two of us can still be together. *********************************** When Richard Brown arrives with an unstoppable army of wild wolves, he separates Jane from her family. But she wouldn't be his, at least not in this reality. As a result, he had to take her to a parallel dimension where they had yet to meet. In a world where he was the fearsome Alpha CEO, and she was the secretary by day and a stripper at night.



I walk into the pitch-dark room, reaching for the switch to turn on the lights. My fingers couldn't touch the switch. Like the switch isn't there. But the room is familiar. It is my bedroom with Vishal. The room where we have a thousand s*x, say the most cheesy love lines to each other, fight and cry, console and kiss away each other's pain.

A smile formed on my face as I spotted a bouquet of roses on the bed. I shut the door and walk to the bed. The bouquet has a note on it and I pick it up to read.

My heart does a little flip-flop at whatever romantic adventure Vishal is planning now. I open the note but the sound of rushing water from the bedroom makes me look up.


No response. But it has to be him. Maybe he is waiting for me to join him in the shower.

I feel my p*ssy wet at the lewd thought of another shower hardcore f*ck with Vi. I tease the rope of my nightgown, almost taking it off as I head into the bathroom.


I stop taking off my nightgown as I realize there's no one inside the bathroom. But the shower is on and running on the bathroom floor.

Strange. I look around, hoping to find Vi. Maybe he is playing hide and seek with me, he does that sometimes. But he's not here.

Then who turned on the shower?

Goosebumps grace my skin at the sudden eerie feeling. I turn off the shower and step out of the bathroom.

I gasp as I notice that the roses are dead and withered. But they were beautiful a few seconds ago.

I reach for the note and read what is written inside it.

*You can't hide from me forever, little mate. I swear I'll find you, and I'll make you mine. Love, R.*

“R?“ I mutter. Who the hell is 'R' and how did this note and the bouquet get in here?

The door flies open and I turn in anticipation to see Vi. But it isn't him.

”Hello, little mate,” He grins, displaying bloodied fangs. “Did you miss me?”

I go pale at the monstrous intruder, “Stay away from me–“

I try to run past him but he pulls me back by my hair and throws me on the bed.

He climbs on me, pinning my body to the bed. His claws clutch my neck, making it hard to s*ck in the air.

“Let me go!“

“Not in this lifetime, Jane,” He howls, ripping my gown into shreds with his other hand.

“Please help me. Is someone out there?!” I force myself to scream. But it's hard.

“There's no one out there, little mate. I killed all of them. Starting with your precious Oliver…”

”No, not my daughter. Not Oliver, please. Sh*t!” I gasp as he tears my panties.

“Too late for that, don't you think? She's already lying dead, next to her father,“

“No. No, you didn't! No. Vishal!“

“I told you, didn't I? I'm always gonna come back for you. You can't get rid of me, Jane. So quit trying.“

He bends and forces his lips on mine as he slides a finger into my wet sl*t.

"No. Please. No!!!”


I wake up with a violent jerk, almost hitting the ground, but get pulled back into strong arms.

“Jane, take it easy,“ Vishal tries to calm me as he hugs me tightly, rubbing his hand on my hair.

“Oh dear goddess, Vishal. Thank goodness you're alive,“ I whimper, holding him tighter. “I thought I lost you,”

“That'll never happen,” He kisses my forehead and rests my head on his chest. “It was just a nightmare. Nothing more than a f*ck*ng nightmare.”

I try controlling my breathing as his words register in my head.

Calm down, Jane. It was just a nightmare. Richard is dead. You got nothing to be scared of.

”Yes, It's just a stupid nightmare,” I repeat in a shaky voice. But somehow, I couldn't bring myself to be at peace.

The nightmare felt so real. As if Richard is back and wants me. It feels like my ex-mate is back to claim me as his.

Chapter 1


“Earth to you, Jane,” Ella's voice resounds in my ears as she snaps her fingers in my face.

I snap out of my thoughts, taking a deep, sharp breath.

“I'm sorry. What were you girls saying?“ I say quickly, taking a sip of my tequila on the rocks.

Amira scoffs, flicking her hair backward. “We were saying how boring this night has become because you won't stop getting distracted in the middle of our talks,“

“For real, girl. What's wrong? What got you so worked up?“ Ella asks, rubbing my shoulder lightly.

“It's nothing. I think I'm just tired from taking care of the kids and the Pack's duties,“ I lied, adjusting on my stool. I gulp down my drink, loving the burning feeling in my throat.

“Is that it?” Ella asks further, holding my hand. “You sure there isn't something else eating you up?“

“I'm fine, Ella. I mean it,” I force a smile, subtly slipping my hand away from her hold. M


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