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Claiming The Hidden Alpha

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Erica is a natural Alpha female who is adored and cherished by the majority of the Werewolf clan's Alphas. She visits another pack and discovers that her partner was an average Omega; she didn't want to believe at first but was forced to. So she had to claim her mate, the Omega, and drag him back to her clan against his will. What happens when she discovers he is a direct descendant of the moon goddess and a Lycan? How will her Omega mate learn about his true identity and why he became an ordinary Omega when he was a very powerful member of the pack?

Chapter 1


Staring angrily at my beta, who was shaking like leaves. My eyes were glowing angrily as I stared at him. I couldn't believe what he just said.

What the hell does he think? Does he think that he can just order me around here? I'm the alpha of this pack, but this idiotic beta of mine is not following my orders.

He is questioning my orders. I'll make him pay if he dares try this again. I'd have had his head on a platter of gold if it weren't for the fact that I'm close to his mate. I don't want to hurt my friend by killing him.

"If you dare try to question my order, I'll kill you, not minding if you are my friend's mate." "You should know your place in this pack." I screamed angrily, and the maids who were around the place scampered away in fear, but I cared not.

All I want is to kill him at that moment. My wolf was going crazy on me; she hated being questioned, and she also hated the way I pardoned him after what he just said.

"I'm sorry, Alpha. I go get it done now," he said as he bowed his head in fear before leaving me alone, and I walked toward my room angrily.

I puffed angrily as I sat on the bed while staring around the room with a look of annoyance on my face.

It had been years since I had been looking for my mate, and I had searched all other packs for him but couldn't find him.

Now I'm set to go to smaller packs to find him. The beta is trying to challenge me by questioning my order. He doesn't want me to go to the smaller packs to search for my mate, but instead he wants me to stay here and rule the pack alone.

I knew that he was saying all that because he had found his mate in one of the packs where we went in search of my mate. He was happy about it and couldn't keep on thanking me, but now he wanted to turn against me. He wants me to remain single without my mate.

He doesn't know how I feel after all these years without my mate. I had thought that I was not given a mate, but seeing that my betta had seen his mate gave me hope.

My grandfather had found his mate the moment he turned eighteen years old, but he had to wait for more than two years for his mate to recognize him, and that was because his mate was one of the pack members.

He is the one who will be in charge of the pack whenever they aren't around, and his mate will help him out.

"Alpha, the chariot is ready," I heard Bruce, my beta, say, and I rolled my eyes.

"Go get your things ready; we will leave in an hour's time," I said before cutting off the mind-link to get my clothes ready and other things I'll need for a day.

I don't know if I'll be able to find my mate, but I still had a little hope in me. I had hoped that I'd be able to find my mate. I knew that I'd have no choice other than to choose one of the leaders of the neighboring pack to be my mate.

I knew that if a pack doesn't have an alpha, it won't be successful, but my pack had been successful without an alpha.

I thought all the pack members were okay with it, but some were rebelling. They all want to be my chosen mate, and they were ready to go to any length to get that done. They are challenging my powers. They thought I couldn't lead alone anymore. They are doubting me instead of trying to believe in me.

I would have done even worse to them if not for my parents' not doing anything.

My parents were still alive, and they would help with the pack's work when

I was gone. They also weren't happy with the way the pack members were rebelling, but seeing that they were right gave them no other choice than to do the necessaries.

My dad gave me the alpha position when I was twenty years old, and now I'm twenty-four years old. I don't like the idea of what the pack members wanted, but I knew that if I don't do what I can now, then things will be hard for me.

My dad had told me that the male pack members had chosen a date for a duel to ensure peace among them all. a duel that is to determine who is the strongest among them. a duel that will determine my mate among them, and if I fail to follow the duel's procedure, then I'll lose my position as the alpha of this pack.

It was said that whoever won the duel would be my mate and also the alpha of the pack. I knew that others from different packs would also be there to participate. I have received a lot of gifts from Alphas who wanted to marry me. They are all after me because of what they will gain. They were all after me because they wanted to be the mate of a strong Luna, which I didn't want to be considered as.

I hate the title "Luna," and that is

because the words only make someone weak. I knew that those who had Alphas and Lunas in their packs had also been prosperous, but my case is different. I don't want to be under anyone, and so I tried all my possible best not to make myself weak. I trained hard day and night to become as strong as I am now. I trained hard not to become a weak and submissive mate or Luna to any alpha.

I knew that Lunas from other packs are always submissive and under an alpha. I don't want to end up like them. I don't want to be compelled to do something by someone else.

I want my case to be different. I want my mate to respect me just like I respect him. I just wish my prayers would come true because I don't know what I'll do if my mate turns out to be a power-hungry werewolf.

I knew that the pack members would back off from what they wanted to do immediately when they saw that I now have a mate, and I feel happy about that even if I haven't found him.


Here I am on my way to one of the smallest packs in the country, and the first pack that we pass by is the blue moon pack, which happens to be the weakest pack in the country.

The pack was hardly heard of, but I had made my decisions. I knew that coming to a small and weak pack isn't a good thing, but since I had set my mind on finding my mate, I don't mind doing anything for that.

"I hope you didn't inform the alpha of our coming?" I asked Samuel, who nodded his head, and I turned to look at him with a heavy glare.

"What do I tell you about answering my question with words?" I yelled at him with anger in my tone.

"I'm sorry, Alpha," he apologized immediately, and I climbed down from the chariot.

I felt an intoxicating smell hit my nose immediately as I walked into the pack. I could smell the hint of forest wood and cherries, which filled my lungs.

"Mate!!!" I heard my wolf screamed happily.

Chapter 2


I stared at the lips of my fiance, who was moving in rhythm with each other. I couldn't help but be awed by what I saw. I couldn't believe what my eyes saw as she danced in rhythm with her voice. She danced seductively, and I couldn't help but feel aroused by her dance.

“It’s okay; you can stop now." "You tried a lot more than the last time,” I said to Mabel, who smiled at me before walking up to me to sit.

I was singing for her while she danced. This had always been our lives since we were born into this pack. We have been dancing all our lives.

I'm Jerome Wolf, a 26-year-old omega of the Blue Moon Pack. I was born as an omega, and my mother died after giving birth to me. I knew nobody out of my parents. My dad died years after my mom's death, and that was in a fight against rogues.

A fight almost claimed my life, but luckily I was saved by my dad, who ended up losing his life to the rogues as he tried to save me, and in the end I ended up hitti


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