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Lizzy Jasper

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During a terrible storm, Billionaire playboy Ernest Nacosta crashes his plane into an abandoned thermac an unknown lady comes to save his him and nurse him back to life. Amanda Edwin is on the verge of losing everything she ever had to the bank when someone crashes an into her father's old thermac and destroys her only hope of money left. Will the past of the playboy come in between them or will Ariel allow the wolves of her family destroy her completely?

Claiming The Hidden Alpha
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  • 7.5

Erica is a natural Alpha female who is adored and cherished by the majority of the Werewolf clan's Alphas. She visits another pack and discovers that her partner was an average Omega; she didn't want to believe at first but was forced to. So she had to claim her mate, the Omega, and drag him back to her clan against his will. What happens when she discovers he is a direct descendant of the moon goddess and a Lycan? How will her Omega mate learn about his true identity and why he became an ordinary Omega when he was a very powerful member of the pack?


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