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22 years old Felix was prepared to live his entire life tending to his pets when he got a side job as a dancer for a night. Impressed by the income, he agreed and did the job only to attract the attention of a red haired beauty with an air of mystery around her. Kidnapped into another planet entirely. Wanted by all supernatural creatures in Arsenal. Various secrets of his birth unfolding. Cursed with a power he still don't know it's usefulness. Join Felix as he tries to overcome his problem and also his unusual attraction to his Red haired saviour. Did I forget to mention she hates his mother?

Chapter 1


Having never been away from home for so long, I was shocked by how frequently I thought of my children, I mean my pets. I had three pets, two cats and a dog, what they would do when they thought no one was home was both confusing and hilarious. I miss my pets, I want to go back home. But I needed to be here. Food was running out, I had bills to pay and my stupid father just had to owe a gang money and run away.

You see, I was an immigrant. As a ten-year-old, coming to America illegally was not what I expected, but my father offended a group back home, so it was no longer safe to live there.

America had a lot of bullies, but they were better than Korea. I used to be a bully so I would know that, it was only after I was exposed to the other end of the spectrum that I change. Changing from a wastrel rich boy to someone who could barely afford to feed himself was painful, but I survived. Now I only have Lilian, Minho and Karina to accompany me, and I was okay.


I broke out of my thoughts and turned to the person who called me. Chase Bank, my boss. He was older than me, probably 28 and looked tall and burly, but to be honest, everybody looked taller than me. It was surprising to think that I used to be a fat, and big bully because all I was giving now was twink 2.0. I was barely 5'9" and I weighed less than 60kg. I looked exactly like that b*tch of a mother I had. Put me in a wig and perhaps with silicon boobs on and there she is. From the nose to the lips to even the body build, everything looks so similar, including my oval-shaped face and sultry fox eyes. Must explain why my father hates me a lot since I look like the woman who ruined his family business.

I am spacing out again.



I don't really like my boss. He gave me an eerie feeling. Like I was staring at ghosts and dead bodies. He always had such a poker face on, and frankly speaking, this diner on its own was very weird. What restaurant is open 24 hours a day? Usually, I work during morning shifts and it is always barely filled up. However, one of the employees had an emergency and I offered to cover for her for extra pay. I was regretting it.

“Do you want extra cash?”

“E-Extra cash?”

How extra was the extra cash? I would not even hesitate to sell my body at this point. It was better than being a mafia plaything.

“Emily told me that you are a very good stripper.”

I choked on air, letting out a series of coughs. I wonder what kind of things do you say about me behind my back Emily? Emily was the girl I was covering for. She was such a money wh*r*, some days, she would work for 24 hours, but I am not complaining. If I could be as insomniac as she was, I will do so too.

"Ye-yes, sir.”

I once worked as a stripper during my teenage phase and almost got thrown into a gang strife. It was only when I left the city that I managed to free myself.

“This night, will you strip for extra cash?”

My mind exploded.

“I thought this was a diner?” I whispered loudly. I was trailing behind Chase like a lost lamb as he led me through a series of halls that I did not even know existed.

“It is.”

“Then why are we stripping?”

He turned to me suddenly, causing me to gasp in fright. He had such a strong masculine scent, it was very scary.

“You just need to know that you are stripping Felix.”

Oh sh*t! Oh sh*t! Oh sh*t! His voice grew deeper with that sentence. I did not consider myself gay but at this moment, Chase was really letting loose that Daddy energy. My submissive *ss couldn't take it.

“Of course, sir" I said, taking a step back, apologizing. “It won't happen again, sir.”

He did not reply to me. “Get ready, the show will start very soon.”


The silky pink robe slid off his shoulders, showing the baby smooth skin of his arms that glistened under the dim lights of the nightclub as he moved gracefully inside the glass, around the pole, earning gasps and loud wolfish whistles from the people.

Freshly smeared honey dripping in sin. That's how he was described. The young dancer had black hair that was a little longer than average for a boy, porcelain skin, soft yet alluring fox eyes, and sinful lips that made his admirers fantasize about the most unholiest things.

Seductively moving with the music, his body moved sensuously. Spinning on the pole, slow hips rolling... The pace was tiring, but he couldn't complain, he needed the job and salary he got. He was getting bored, but then he noticed someone watching him.

Felix was curious and traced the hot gaze till his eyes were locked with dark green eyes that shone like a predator's from the end of the room. For the first time since he started dancing this night, Felix caught a woman watching him. A woman was watching him?

The woman had curly red hair, wore a black body suit, and had a curvy body with sharp features that were enough to make a cut on his hand if he touched it. Her eyes were dark and dangerous, sending a shiver down his body. Mummy? Mummy.

Don't be ridiculous, his brain told him. She might just be judging you, you know. His brain said so, but then the woman smirked at him and Felix was gone, his heart ridiculously fluttering as he continued dancing. He wasn't dancing to please the crowd anymore, he didn't care about the money and dollar bills that were thrown around him. Instead, he was particularly seeking that stranger's attention. For some reason he wanted to show how pretty he was to him.

You are just a horny b*tch, his brain told him. Don't make this sound like a web novel. You know I advised you against staying dry when you are such a wh*r*, but you did not listen and now you are jumping on the first person looking at you.

Shut up brain. His head was his worst enemy.

Some hours later, he was done, and it was time for his break. He didn't leave without sparing the woman one last glance to find that she was already engaged in a conversation with another man who looked like he came out of a bodybuilding magazine while drinking wine.

His heart broke. This is the problem with all the women he found hot. They always have a hot man waiting for them somewhere. He left the stage with a glum expression on his face.

“You were breathtaking," the makeup artist told him while reapplying some light brown eyeshadow. Felix smiled sincerely at her compliment.

“Thank you.”

“Do you want to change that outfit?”

She pointed at his pink silky shorts and slightly crop top he was wearing as she held another red outfit for him.

"You spoil me too much.”

“Anything for my fairy prince.”

Felix laughed at that nickname. Then there was a knock on the door.


“Lix, somebody wants to talk to you.”

“To me?” Felix turned to the make up artist and back to the person who was at the door in shock.

“Can I get a hint on who the person is?” Felix asked stylishly, removing his shirt.

“A woman with red hair," the man replied.

!!!!! A woman with red hair? The only woman who's red hair he got obsessed with appeared in his head and he couldn't help blushing.

"O–Okay, when I finish dressing, I will come.”

“Alright do fast. She is waiting behind the diner.” the man bowed and shut the door. Felix let out a high pitched squeal shocking the make up artist.

“Looks like somebody is getting lucky tonight,” she said, sending his face into flames.

“Senior sister, please make me look extra pretty right now.”

“You can always count on me.”


Being outside in scanty clothes wasn't my brightest idea. The alleyway behind the diner looked like a place where serial killers find their victims.

I told you to stop thinking with your d*ck, my brain told me.

“Shut up,” I muttered, “Once she is all on us, you will be the one flooding me with naughty images.”

Images of how we will go to the sixth dimension.

“Shut the f*ck up.”

Talking to yourself is a sign of mental illness.

There was nobody in the back of the diner. I felt like a fool for being there. Is she toying with me? I should be dancing now. What am I doing?

Before I can criticize myself, or go back to the diner, a large hand with a funny smelling rag covers my face, and suddenly it all fades to black.

Chapter 2

Felix's POV

I woke up in a small wooden cage. Even though I was submissive, I never really enjoyed pet play. A heavy sigh left my lips as I stared at the butt of the horse dragging my cage. At least I was not tied up, but it was extremely uncomfortable in the cage. It had no cover, and the sun was really in a cheerful mood today because its smile was extra large.

“I am melting.” I said, looking at my reddening skin.

“Oh, don't be dramatic," the woman said with a thick accent.

I could feel my cock harden in my shorts. Good job body system, now you are getting hard on from listening to somebody's voice.

“I can smell your arousal,” she said, tilting her head my way. She was not on a horse but inside a carriage. I was taking this situation very lightly, which was odd. People move in cars right? Why is she in a carriage? Why am I in a cage? Why is the sky purple? Wait, am I being kidnapped right now?

The fact that it is her who


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