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Caught between two alphas

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What happens when Brooklyn falls in love with his brother's maid?.How would it end for Austin who despises girls, but his heart is captured by his maid.In between an alpha and his twin, Ariana is confused. Should she go for the cold alpha or his nice twin who vows to become alpha at all cost?. Ariana and Austin have to fight for their lives and love as Brooklyn seeks help from the most dreaded Demon, Dracula, to destroy his twin brother. Ariana is heartbroken when she discovers that her mother who was a demon had been killed by Austin's pack. Being weak and unable to use her powers, Ariana is devastated when she discovers that Austin has to either sarifice her or use the monk sword, which could cost his own life, to defeat Dracula. With Dracula bringing in more demons from the underground world, Austin is forced to use the monk's sword after Ariana eloped. Would she ever come back? Even if she does, would she have enough power to fight Dracula? Would she be able to fight Dracula even after seeing her mate being killed in her presence?.

Chapter 1: Having two boys

"Now boys I don't want to get any report about you guys fighting okay?" Fiona Sawyer, the luna of the pack of wolves in California said to her twin boys who are always at loggerheads.

Wolves lived among the humans and they tend to protect their identity and keep their whole life secret because they would be hunted by hunters, during the daytime wolves do not go out in their wolf form only at night do they go out.

"Yes mom, I promise I won't have a brawl with Mr cool pants" Brooklyn said sarcastically as he smirked.

"Stop it Brooklyn" Fiona cautioned as she helped him knot his tie.

"Okay mom" Brooklyn replied gruffly.

"I hope you'll be okay at school and no fight okay?" Fiona said to Austin as she took his tie and started knotting it.

"Yea mom" Austin replied and took his keys from the table and left without sparing Brooklyn a glance.

Brooklyn went to school in his car and parked outside where the girls could see him. When he parked his car, he stepped out of his car to be met with screams from girls. Not only are they famous for their handsome looks but they are also famous for their wealth.

Their father is one of the richest men in the world, he tops the fourth on the Forbes list and doesn't leave that spot.

Brooklyn who has deep green eyes like his mom with his hair blonde is the one who loves all the attention and respect, while Austin who has deep moonlight blue eyes and has dark hair a few inches taller than his twin is the quiet one who doesn't like being disturbed.

He takes solace in quiet places where he could either play his guitar or use his phone. Austim got down from his car and walked to the class without raising his head to look at the girls who stared at him.

"I heard he's rude" One muttered though Austin heard it due to his sharp ear.

"He doesn't go easy on girls" Another muttered.

"But he's just so cute" One drooled. Austin entered the class with his head bowed, walked to the class and headed for his seat which is at the back, the whole class turned quiet upon his arrival as the girls all drooled.

"Hi, I am Sophie" A girl approached him, he looked at her and without uttering a word walked out of the class.

After Austin walked out Brooklyn, entered the class with his girlfriend Ella who was dressed as a stripper with a tight jean jacket and a tight making mini skirt to go.

As Brooklyn entered the class, the class became loud and lively as they all talked about Ella's birthday which Brooklyn wanted to host at his house.

Each one of them has different houses and only stay with their mom and dad once in a while or on important and rare occasion.

"Would Austin attend the party?" A girl questioned.

"No, he won't" Brooklyn replied through gritted teeth. The chatter about the party continued until a teacher entered the class making the students groan and exit back to their seats.

The teacher spent an hour and a half teaching astronomy which bored the hell outta Brooklyn, he looked around in search of his twin brother and couldn't find him in the class.

"Son of a b*tch is probably screwing a b*tch out there " Brooklyn thought with a smirk.

The teacher taught for a few minutes before he left the class which made the students happy as they all began to chatter about the party Brooklyn was hosting.

"Calm down everyone" Brooklyn said as he climbed his table.

"It's gonna be lit and fun, get ready to get drunk and play T or D" Brooklyn screamed as everybody cheered for Brooklyn.

Everyone went out for breakfast when the bell rang and Brooklyn wasn't surprised when he couldn't find Austin

"Hi, Brooklyn this is my new number, call me if you're free" Brinda said with a wink as she passed a paper to me and walked to her seat swaying her s*xy *ss at Brooklyn.

Austin spent his time alone in the school garden which was mostly quiet and peaceful, he spent time looking at the sky and just enjoyed the peace and quietness of the environment.

He used his guitar to play different tunes and just composed songs that only he and his diary would know about.

"Oh so nice to be away from people, especially the screaming ones" Austin thought with irritation.

"Wow this place seems to have the best view, why not move my party over here or why not bring Ella here for some deep penetration" Brooklyn said with a smirk as he looked around the garden.

"What are you doing here you have no business here so leave" Austin said as he looked at Brooklyn with angry eyes. Brooklyn ignored him and continued checking out the garden.

"Calm down bro this school belongs to us and the garden is ours, so have gotta check if it's nice enough for my girlfriend's party duh?" Brooklyn said with an eye roll.

"You don't have to be here so leave" Austin said as his eyes turned white and an ice ball came out of his hand while Brooklyn looked at him angrily as his own eyes turned red and a fireball came out of his hand.

"I don't need to fight you before I beat you since you want the garden, it's yours" Austin said as he took his guitar and diary before leaving the garden for the class.

Austin headed to the class and sat in his seat when he entered class.

"Hi, Austin if you need any help at home feel free to give my phone a beep" A girl said as she passed a paper to Austin who didn't glance at the paper before throwing it in the trash bin making the girl feel embarrassed.

"He's such a cold demi-god" A girl muttered to her friend as she looked at him with a smile but he glared at her in return.

"Calm down bro, it's not like you're gay at least you've screwed a thousand bitches you don't remember so stop making girls feel like you don't find them attractive" Brooklyn said with a smirk as he angered his brother who ignored him.

"Here have the paper back, stop being egocentric and call her, she's quite good in bed, talking from experience you would have great s*x" Brooklyn whispered to Austin who pushed him, making the class shout as Austin got up and held Brooklyn's collar.

"Mind your business, whatever anyone thinks about me isn't your business so stop all the action" Austin warned as he left Brooklyn's collar roughly.

The whole class began to chatter as everybody looked at Austin with fear, he ignored everyone and started reading his tablet.

"No worries everyone, we play like this always, so you don't have to be afraid" Brooklyn asserted to everybody with a smirk as he looked at Austin with anger.

Another teacher came to the class which made Brooklyn angry as he was about to taunt his brother.

The teacher taught for three hours with Brooklyn talking to a girl and the teacher warned him severally but he ignored the teacher.

"Hey Brenda, I'll be in the janitor's closet, meet me there in five" Brooklyn said to the lady who sat a few meters away from him.

With a look of joy, Brenda excused herself from the class and headed to the janitor closet to wait for Brooklyn.

Brooklyn stood up and winked at his close friend, Jack who smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

Brooklyn left the class without sparing the teacher a Glance and the teacher made a mental note to report the boys to their parents.

Brooklyn went to the closet where he met Brenda naked already and started f*ck*ng her.

After the f*ck.

"Make sure you use a drug because I'd never father anything from you" Brooklyn said with a warning.

"And if Ella hears a word about this, you're dead meat" Brooklyn said to Brenda who promised to keep everything a secret. With a beaming smile, Brenda walked to the class and sat down in her seat.

Brooklyn spent the next few hours with his friend Jack whom they both left school and went clubbing. They both drank to their heart's content and left for a casino where they both spent lots of money on meaningless bets.

When it was dark Brooklyn drove home roughly with Jack in the passenger seat who screamed most times when Brooklyn drove too fast.

They both got to Brooklyn's House and staggered inside as the maid ran to help them both.

The maid took Brooklyn to his room and cleaned his body before she went back and took Jack to the guest room where he slept till the next day.

Brooklyn woke up feeling a heavy hangover and ordered the maid to make anything that would reduce the hangover. After a few minutes, the maid returned with a darkish liquid in a mug.

He took a sip of the bitter liquid and squeezed my face. "Where's Jack?" Brooklyn asked the maid who was already leaving with the tray.

"He's having his breakfast sir" The maid replied as she walked out of his room.

Brooklyn walks sluggishly to the bathroom where he spends ten minutes and comes out and dresses in a short knicker and a blue top then heads out to the dining room. When he got to the dining room he was amazed to see Jack eating hungrily.

"I guess your hangover makes you devour food?" Brooklyn taunted as the maid served his food.

"Believe me I haven't had any good food in a long time now" Jack answered.

"Now I see why your sister always wants you out of the house always" Brooklyn mocked with a grin.

"Not cool dude, my twin is a demon, her presence alone is so much of a spoiler" Jack said with an eye roll as he pictures his twin sister Jill.

They both throw casual remarks about how terrible their twin is and laugh as they both discuss the pranks they've pranked their twin and finish their food then went to the game room where they spent the whole day playing video games.

Chapter 2: Father's death

Austin spent the whole day listening to music and left immediately the bell rang, though he couldn't find Brooklyn around as he left the school and went to his apartment and met his mom outside.

"Hello, mom" Austin said in a low voice.

"How are you doing son?" Fiona asked.

"I am cool" He replied and opened the door for Fiona who came in and looked around the dark large building her introverted son decided to stay in.

"Son isn't it high time you get a maid?".Fiona inquired as Austin turned on the lights.

"Mom please just stop it okay, I don't need a maid and that's it period" Austin said boldly as he went to the fridge and bought out a can of monster drink.

"Son I know it's hard to forget about Nicole but you've got to move in and find yourself a lady, you can't just mourn her for the rest of your days" Fiona said making Austin feel terrible as Nicole's face appeared in his head.

"Mom please just stop it, I can't take it anymore" Austin plead


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