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Caretaker's Destiny: I Found My Mate

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“Do you know me?” Hunter inquired while taking off his cufflinks, “Yo… you… are the alpha of the Sha... dowfang Pack…" Rosella stuttered. “No, mention my name, the one you will be screaming soon.” He winked seductively. “Hunter,” “Good, meet me in my room.” *** Rosella, a seasoned baker, and fitness enthusiast. As a human, she got screwed hardcore by a stranger while in her drunken state. Waking up at dawn to a canine smell on the bedsheet made her aware that she'd just made out with a werewolf! Hunter, Alpha of the Shadowfang Pack, an investor, and business strategist. He had the best night of his life when he moaned on top of a total stranger at a secret soirée. He's endured the shame of being mateless and has resolved to find his mate at all costs! IF he does, will she accept or reject him? OR Will there be a spark between them at first instance?

Chapter 1: In The Beginning

✴️ Six Years Prior✴️“Have you ever heard about the word, blue-balls?” Hunter inquired from Troy while struggling to zip up his trousers.Troy, pretending as though he didn't see him rubbing his genitals, shook his head, and nodded simultaneously like a dullard.“Listen, that means, leaving a person, usually a man, s*xually frustrated by denying or abruptly ending s*xual contact,” Hunter said, looking into his face for any relatable facial reaction.“Oh,” Troy exclaimed with widened eyes, feigning as though he had just learned about the word. Of course, he had to act normal to avoid his wrath.“Aren't you a man? Once in a while, don't you release yourself of some substance?”“I… I… yes, I do.”“The omega enjoys occasionally while the Alpha starves, isn't that interesting? Why don't you get me a beautiful woman?” He got up from his seat, having done his zipper.Troy continued to listen to the Alpha since he feared to speak up.“Say something, Troy! I need to release myself of worry,” Hunter said to Troy as soon as he began to retreat from the dining table.“You are the Alpha, you can have whoever you want,” Troy said with a broad smile.Three days after Hunter was issued a call-out, he decided to visit one of the clubs in Vegas to cool off. He had always been believed to be the most powerful and fearless of all his pack members. The very same day after he triumphed over his rival, Alpha Antonio of The Starfall Pack, he assumed the position of the Alpha and, hence, needed a successor.As the fiery Alpha, Troy didn't know whether he required further suggestions. In other not to piss him off, he proceeded to change the topic of discussion.“Sir, your cup of coffee is getting cold,” Troy said with fear in his eyes.Hunter turned only his eyes to him, and he regretted saying what he had said. Troy was so lost that all he could do was apologize. “Sorry, my Alpha, I'm sincerely so…”“Will you shut the f*ck up? Is a cup of coffee a cure for blue-balls? Clear this table immediately, I'm passing the night at the clubhouse for the secret soirée.”Hunter hawked and rubbed his neck. “Tell Beta Adolphus to get my Lambo on the driveway immediately.”“At your service,” Troy bowed.“Yeah, over there, I'll have enough of drinks and some good puss…” He paused, “What are you still waiting for?” He shouted out to Troy.Troy ran off at once.Having said that, he got up and made toward his bedroom to prepare for the night.Coincidentally, Rosella also had a plan cooked up for the night. It was going to be her first time in the s×x working business. With her body-fitted lacy gown that revealed her hips and the tops of her breasts, she walked briskly towards The Roses Club to meet the man she had been chatting with on Tinder.She stopped by a petite kiosk to get a cigarette paper for the marijuana in her bag. 'Tonight, I must make ten thousand bucks', she said, having admired herself before the aluminum glasses that were used in decorating the walls of the clubhouse.There was a mask station directly opposite the club, she got her mask and put it on. At once, she rolled the paper, lit up the cigarette, and put it between her lips.She s*ck*d the pipe and gentle streams of smoke escaped between her succulent lips.“Welcome ma'am, the owner of the club has ordered the waiters to give out to everyone any drink of their choice free of charge.” A man, not so handsome, told Rosella immediately after she had walked up to the door.“Interesting, sir. May I have my identity batch?” She stretched her hand to his face.“Don't bother, that's not necessary tonight.” He waved,“Oh, really? Great!” Her eyes scanned the place, searching for Vladimir, the man she had come to meet.“Excuse me,” She beckoned to the man who was still by the door. “I'm looking for umm…” She paused as soon as she spotted Hunter, walking in with two of his bodyguards. He was wearing a mask on his face!“For whom, ma'am?” The curious man inquired.“Nevermind,” She picked up three bottles of alcohol and walked away, leaving him at the door.She stepped her feet into the house and walked briskly towards a sofa. She bent over and felt the foam, “Perfect!” She exclaimed before sitting on it.Furthermore, she fetched her cell phone from her bag and dialed some codes.“Hi, Rosella. I'm on my way, RM 007 has been booked already.” Vladimir, a tricky shape-shifter assured her. If she had known about Vladimir's true identity, she would have cautioned her legs and herself against the urge to make more money.“You'll pay for this and if you keep me waiting for more than ten minutes, I'll get started with some other cool dude. I need money, and it doesn't matter who it comes from, get that?” She dropped the call and, again, took her eyes around the club, but Hunter was nowhere to be found.Sluts don't fall in love, they f×ck, get their account credited and walk away. Most sluts don't render services to a customer more than once because of reasons best known to them. She cautioned herself.Her phone rang, it was Lydia, her best friend who was in love with a Fed. “Are you guys started yet? Because you didn't remember to pick the female c*ndom.” She queried worriedly.“Oh, my f*cking.” She hit her forehead. “Well, Vladimir isn't here yet,” Rosella responded sadly.“Time's ticking b*tch! Aren't there other men at the club?”“Well, but we had a deal.”“What f*ck*ng deal? He isn't serious, if he were, he would be waiting for you and not the other way around.”“So, what do I know?”“Get on the dance floor, afterward, you will get yourself a wealthy catch.”“Just like that?”“Trust me,”“Wow, you talk like a b*tch. Alright, I'm up, I'm up.”“Make sure he uses a c*ndom,”“Of course,” Rosella concurred with her.She pushed the bag strap over her head and dumped it on the sofa. She pulled her gown a little above her thighs before staggering towards the dance floor.Her dim-colored eyes shone brightly in the dark whenever she faced the direction from where the lights were emanating.As soon as she climbed on the stage, the music faded away gradually.Every other dancer vacated the stage as they had become intimidated by her appearance. They saw how stunning she was and expected her to show off some uncommon dance skills.Cheering and clapping filled the air, which attracted Hunter's attention from where he had gone to take a few bottles of alcohol.“What's that noise?” Hunter asked, turning to his Beta.  Adolphus shook his head cluelessly, with his eyes on Troy.“I'll find out,” Troy said and ran off.“A breathtaking damsel with uncommon dance steps has gotten on the dance floor, sir,” Troy said upon his return to the room.Without a single response, Hunter took his glass of wine from the table and left quietly.He became eager to discover who it was that made his club hot again.“Splendid moves!” Hunter confessed, one hand held the glass while the other began to smooch the frontal region of his trousers.It was dark, a good time to get naughty. “Would you mind getting me someone who will care for me tonight. Preferably a brunette.”“The dancer?”Beta Adolphus asked in utter surprise, pointing toward the dance floor. He was referring to Rosella.Hunter nodded. “Yes, the drunk,"“Lead her away.” Beta Adolphus urged Troy.

Chapter 2: Her story_Her fears

✴️Present✴️RosellaFor humans, the room would have appeared dark since the day was just starting, but for me, the room was as bright as it would be during the day. My glowing eyes illuminated the room while my five fingers ran over a photo frame of my triplets.Two supernatural creatures desired to share a bed with me and guess what, one was smarter; the werewolf!In just one night, I made a mistake that turned my life around in a way I'd never imagined. I had a one-night stand with a stranger who happens to be a primordial werewolf. How did I know that? Shh… My title morsel of secret! After that night, I became mighty.“No one has ever dared to disrespect me in this Pack, but you have the guts to drag my name into the mud. You are a disgrace to me and your mother, Rosella!” I could still remember my half-father's last words to me before he banished me from The Wintermoon Pack.Why a half-father? I lost my bi


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