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Captured By The Brutal Lycan King

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Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content intended for mature readers, but it does not endorse any form of r*p*. "I enjoy hearing you say my name. Say it again," he demanded, gripping my neck with one hand while spanking my bottom with the other. "Nik-Niklaus," I gasped as his finger penetrated my wetness, causing me to let out a breathless moan. On her twentieth birthday, Noya received a disturbing gift—a devastated Pack—and was captured by the infamous Niklaus Grey, also known as the devil. Her father had brutally killed Niklaus' mate, leading to this unfortunate turn of events. Niklaus made her his s*x slave and tortured her so much that she hated him. Little did Noya know that fate had brought them together for a reason and they would discover love in each other's arms. However, this love was not easily obtained. An Alpha from an enemy Pack kidnapped Noya to hurt Niklaus. And if that wasn't enough, Noya's father, who was presumed dead, returned, threatening their happiness. Will Noya and Niklaus overcome these obstacles that put their love at risk? Or will their love crumble under the weight of these challenges? Explore the thrilling world of this werewolf romance novel, filled with trials, betrayals, suspense, and drama.

Caught by the devil Alpha

Noya’s POVHelp. Somebody help.I trailed my hands on the bed, dipping my fingertips into the blanket before turning on my side.‘You need to wake up now, Noya. Your destiny awaits you. Go now.’ Feeling a gentle nudge, I snapped out of my dream and sat up on the bed immediately. What was that dream all about and Who was the woman in my dream?I curled my hands around my small frame while trying to remember the dream. I racked my brain hard but I couldn’t remember anything except those last words.“Ouch.” I gritted my teeth when a splitting pain coursed through her head. I gripped my head with my hands trying to relieve the throb I felt.A loud groan pierced through my thoughts and I shuddered. ‘What the hell was happening? And where did the noise come from?’ I ran my hands over my face before getting up from the bed. I could still hear the cries and clanging of swords in my head. It felt like a dream and it left me confused.Reaching for the brown door by my right, I opened it. A gust of wind washed over me as I stepped out of my room. Shutting my eyes, I inhaled the air before releasing it.The piercing screeches of owls and insects above the rooftop acted as a companion to my roaming thoughts. “Mum!!” I called out gently as I walked out of my room going down the dark hallway lit by candles.Even the candles were dim and the wind which was blowing gently threatened to extinguish them but I could care less about it as the atmosphere seemed strange tonight. ‘Where was my mother?’ She should have woken me up to give me my birthday presents but she was nowhere to be found.A shudder ran through my spine as I took slow strides towards the dimly lit living environment and for some unknown reason, I felt unease.“What the hell is happening?” I muttered under my breath feeling confused as I roved my eyes around the empty hallway.The guards who were supposed to be on watch weren’t there and for the third time in that week, I felt a tremor of fear fill up my bones. I knew without a doubt that something was wrong.“Hello.” I called out but my voice reverberated through the walls, making me realize that I was alone in this big house. Everywhere was dead silent and the atmosphere felt chilly.“Mum!!” I called out once again feeling a premonition in my heart.On a normal day, my mum would have already answered my call but today was exceptionally quiet. It was as if everyone had disappeared making me wonder what the hell was going on.The silence was getting even scarier and more intense at the moment as the only thing that could be heard was my footsteps.Some of the candles had been extinguished by the wind making the hallway darker than it was supposed to be.‘Where was everyone? Where had they gone to?’ I asked inwardly cause there was no way they would have disappeared just like that without the cause of an external factor.I had been walking for over a minute and yet, I hadn’t come across a single guard. It was like they all decided to leave their position and leave the place unguarded which had never happened before.A myriad of questions coursed through me as I strolled to the middle of the living area. Suddenly I froze in my tracks as I heard a sound. I frowned slightly as I changed my direction, heading to the place where I heard the sound coming from.In no time, I was out of the hallway and the sound became clearer. I could hear the clanging of swords and the cries of people. Deep fear eroded my heart as I rushed towards the window to receive the shock of my life; there were dead bodies on the floor. Some were mangled beyond recognition and some family members were crying over the bodies. Even the brave warriors were slaughtered by invaders.“No.” My voice got stuck in my throat and the word ended in a whisper. Hot tears streamed down my face as I watched helplessly. The Pack members were massacred brutally.I wanted to help but it was impossible, I was too weak to do anything and I would be killed if I tried to rush into the battlefield. The only thing I could do was to watch while hiding and blaming myself for being weak.If this was happening, then where were my parents? Could it be that they had abandoned the pack and ran away when it was attacked?No, that wasn't the case, I knew my parents well, they were never going to abandon the pack no matter what was going to happen.But then where the hell could they be? Taking in the whole scene, I finally saw my parents facing off against a tall huge man. There was a scowl on his face and he looked very scary. Even though there was quite a large distance between us, I could feel the strong oppressive aura released by the man. It was full of hatred and many other emotions. The man sent my dad flying with a jab of his sword. A loud scream emanated from my father’s lips. I watched as the stranger charged at my father. He shoved the sword into my father’s chest while I watched. My father fell to the floor and I knew he was gone never for me to see him again.Almost immediately, my mother slashed the man’s arm. I wished she never made that mistake because at that instant he turned his attention toward her. A snarl twitched on his face as he curled his left hand around her neck, choking her and snuffing life out of her.I saw tears well up in my mother’s eyes and I could feel the pain she was feeling. He released her and hit her with the sword. Taking advantage of this, he stabbed the sword straight into her heart and my mother fell to the floor, backing the wall in evident pain. I let out a loud gasp and immediately, I covered my mouth and held my breath. More torrents flowed down from my face and I could feel my heart shatter in a million pieces because I had never felt so helpless before.I couldn’t help the Pack members and now I couldn’t even save my mother. She was too weak to withstand the stab. Her body wracked in coughs before she sputtered blood from her mouth and as if she knew I was present, she slowly turned her neck, meeting my gaze.A small smile twitched on her lips as she parted her lips in pain. My brows knitted in confusion. She mouthed a few words to me but I couldn’t make them out because of the distance between us.The next thing I saw was that she was mouthing something, but because of the distance, I couldn’t make out what she was saying. I craned my neck closer in a bid to hear what she had to say. It could save us all if I could hear her.She lifted her left hand to her lips and blew me a kiss and in that instant, she closed her eyes in the inevitable – Death. I was now an orphan, left alone in this whole world to fend for myself.My life was over. The monster had just taken it away from me in a flick second and I would never see my beloved mother again. I wasn’t even sad or even angry at all; I was just numb and empty inside and I wanted nothing more than to die. I had always felt pain. A kind of pain that came from being abused but this pain was different from that. The throbbing ache in my chest and shoulder, the feeling as if something was pressing down on it, crushing it into tiny little pieces, making me feel helpless. There was a constant burning sensation throughout my body that I couldn’t scratch away. Pains cut through me like a sword and realization washed over me. It dawned on me what had just happened. I would never see my mother again. My legs were weak and I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. This was just too much for a twenty-year-old to feel.So much pain that it seemed to tear me apart inside. And then there were these tears that threatened to fall down my cheeks. I couldn’t help them from falling. They just kept coming. They poured out of my eyes like water, soaking my nightwear. The pink flowered nightwear caused more tears to roll down my cheeks because it was the gift I got from my mother on my birthday last year, and now it would be the last gift I ever got from her.Suddenly he turned around and his eyes scanned the Packhouse for a moment but he didn’t see me. At that moment, my survival instinct kicked in seeing as I was the only one still alive in my Pack. If I was caught, my fate would be no different from the bodies that are now littered In the Pack. Sometimes it was safer to fight another day. But could I fight the monster who invaded our Pack? He seemed ethereal. There was a different energy around him and I could feel it. I couldn’t compete against him. I had to run as fast as my legs could carry me and if luck was on my side I would escape through the secret passage below the castle grounds into the thick forest. I couldn’t think of where I would run to at the moment because it wasn’t important at the moment. I only had to run. I whirled around and ran into a hard resistance. My brows creased in confusion as I raised my eyes to see what it was.I parted my lips in shock when I realized who it was and nervousness nipped at me almost immediately. I swallowed hard as I ran my eyes over him.“Well, well, well, look who we have here.” A tall burly-looking man who stood before me with a long scar on his left cheek with a sword held firmly in his hand said.My eye caught a glowing logo on his sword. It bore a semblance to the logo I saw on the man who murdered my mother. I gulped hard. I had finally been caught. Could my twentieth birthday end on a much worse note?

Sex Slave

Niklaus's Pov"Die!!"I yelled, thrusting the sword into the Alpha's chest. Even at that, I didn't feel my anger dissipate.It was still there like the raging inferno refusing to go out even though it was running. My chest heaved with every breath as if a knife was twisting around inside me and trying to tear it open, leaving my insides raw from the effort of keeping it closed.I had killed the Alpha of the pack and his Luna, but still, I felt empty. I wanted to kill, I wanted to maim. I wanted to alter the cause of lives just like mine was.Looking at the surroundings, I noticed that the havoc that my men had caused had already reached an unprecedented level. The buildings and everything were in ruin, everybody in the Pack was already dead already and still, it didn't appease the burning fire raging inside me like a raging volcano threatening to spill over.This wouldn't do. I still wanted to kill.


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