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Caged to the moon king

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Jopas
  • Chapters: 92
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 862
  • 7.5
  • 💬 15


" You Keep doing this huh ..Seducing me when you know how dangerous this is?" Sebastian growled as he sniffed her scent by the nape of he neck. "Then take me back home! I don't want to be your Princess " "Princesses don't flee, they walk and own the castle with pride." He said blankly, still Intoxicated by her scent. "I'm not your Princess!" She spat out. "Then be my slave " Heaven was bought by the blind moon king to retain his powers on the throne , no other person with powerful traits could survive near him as he kills them in a snap because they were definitely going to s*ck his powers out without knowing. He claimed Heaven, the daughter of a former Alpha of Athens Pack and the weakest of all without her wolf traits. He threatened to burn down her pack or anyone else who dared come after her as this was his only chance of retaining his powers as the Moon Prince and to secure his father's throne. Unfortunately, the Alpha of Heaven's Pack, Alpha Ley had already claimed her as his mate and would do anything to make sure Heaven is brought back to the pack. Also, the moon Prince had his brothers as enemies as they Kidnap Heaven back to her original pack. War broke out, Blood shed was Inevitable as the moon Prince went on rampage to bring back his alleged Princess. What happens when he finds out that she was not only powerful but also the heir to the moon throne?

Chapter 1

CAGED TO THE MOON KINGCHAPTER ONEHeaven's PovI ran as fast as my legs could carry through the woods, flapping through sharp thorns and piercing my delicate skin in the process.I cared less about the pain on my skin and my sore leg as long as I fled from this disastrous pack.A large hand covered my mouth while the other wrapped my waist and we both tumbled on the floor making me scream in fear and defeat."Calista!" I gasped in shock halting on my track and searched around to be sure no one was around the woods."What are you doing here!" "Have you gone nuts Heaven? Why will you flee from your supposed mate? He's the f*ck*ng moon King, you idiot." She yelled at me with tears sheening her eyes."He's not!! I refuse to believe that, Alpha Ley is my mate.""Stop spewing rubbish and come back home, Dad is going crazy over there and your mate seems impatient.""Stop it Calista! You know Dad is selling me off, don't you? You know he's doing that because he thinks I'm useless and he feels that he could find a little worth by selling me to a blizzard blind Moon king!! It's over my dead body." I screamed in pain and cursed.Calista had the fastest wolf, so it's no surprise she was able to find me in a twinkle.She was the only sister who didn't see me as useless and forbidden as everyone claimed. My life had been a living hell since birth and I hated why I was being called heaven when I had seen nothing short of that but hell.The Athens pack, my pack, was the most powerful one to ever exist and they were tagged as a legend but I became quite famous when I was born without a wolf or any powers to replace the wolf.I was born as a human!!How can nature be cruel to me?My dad despised me and rumors had it that I had killed my mum during birth, I was castrated and always desolate. I was tagged useless but was useful in chores and tough jobs meant for the guys.I saw shifters who flaunt their wolf and run into the new moon. I couldn't count how many times my brothers had lashed out at me for joining any event or eating from their plates.Was it being clumsy and getting starved for days?For years, Life had been cruel even though Calista had shown me love and encouragement. She lets me follow her on their patrol missions and when she wants to shift. It was always a thrilling sight for me but I didn't possess any of that.I turned eighteen today and my father couldn't even wait for a second to tick before agreeing to sell me off to a blind Prince."He might treat you right, you can never tell, A Prince will always be a king.""Let me be Calista, I'm not going back…tell Alpha Ley to meet me in the white Crystal Pack.""Alpha Ley is not your mate!" Calista growled and I saw her eyes flicker with anger.Alpha Ley was the leader of the Athens Pack, he was the youngest to take over since his father died of an inflicted disease from an unknown source.He was like a forbidden fruit I would never bite but when he announced me as his mate, I was dazed.No, the whole of Athens Pack was in a haywire as their Alpha chose a useless Luna.I wasn't even up to the right age to be announced as a mate.But he cared less and always sent for me, giving me a sinful stare that made me think naughty, always telling me how unripe I am.I liked him a lot and couldn't wait for him to come over but it seems my dad had other plans."Alpha Ley is my…""Stop daydreaming Heaven and let's head back home. You know Dad when he gets angry, he might whip you by the fire this time around before releasing you to your husband.""Calista, please let me be. I don't want to be bound by a blind prince I know nothing of, I don't want to go back to that house. Period!!"I said I took to my heels but Calista stood before me in a flash."I will take you home even if I have to gather the whole pack of Athens right now by calling their wolves out. Before you even step an inch they will eat you raw." My eyes widened at her statement and tears blinded my vision while she continued."I will never let you take Alpha Ley from me, Heaven, he's mine "She said and I gave a painful laugh, so all this was about Alpha Ley."Fine, take him." I moved to run but I saw a hundred pairs of red eyes staring at me.Their eyes were so bright that fear pricked my skin."F*ck you Calista!!" I cursed when I discovered she didn't come alone."Move Heaven." She commanded and I wished to have any superpower that would make me fly from these demons or even for a wolf so that I could run endlessly without getting tired.I couldn't outrun those Wolves except I was asking for a death wish, I wailed in pain as Calista dragged me to my curse. My pack and my father's home."Good job Calista." My Dad's deadly voice could be heard as I was made to kneel, bound in shackles, and bend my head very low.The burning fire in the middle cackled as if sensing my pain and going up in flames.My whole body was dragged like a ragged doll on the floor to meet the most beautiful pair of moon eyes glistening through the effect of the fire.Princesses don't flee, they walk with pride.""I'm not your princess" I spat out earning a slap from one of his men and I recoiled in torment."Then, at that point, be my slave."He said not even sparing a glance as he stared nonchalantly at nothing." You will never be my Alpha" I spat and I saw him grin."Copy that my princess""How can one be this cocky despite being blind, does it run in your pupil or did you inherit it?" I was irritated at his response."I should ask the same of a useless mate like you, your words are too sharp.""I'm not useless!!" I yelled but he chuckled."I don't like to see my princess cry.""Don't you f*ck*ng call me that?""Manners Heaven!!" My dad yelled at him and I gave him a scornful look."I know I don't have my wolf powers but why this? A blind Alpha, gosh!! Can he even walk on his own? Do you hate me that much!!" I wept bitterly at my fate."You're going to be one hell of a trouble Mate, My men have zero tolerance for insults.Why not shut the f*ck up so you won't get killed before you reach the new pack." "You're in no position to tell me what to do! Why me of all people, just why?""Because a fragile little thing like you will be more interesting for my beating skills, especially when they appear feisty." He said not looking in my direction and I snared."Which planet did you arrive from to talk this mannerless?""I'm a Prince dummy, I'm from the planet of kings seriously need to get used to it.""To hell with you as my mate and Prince, just f*ck*ng go and leave me," I screamed in anger."Too bad I'll be in Heaven with you, just shut up Princess."He stood up and my dad made a gesture to shake him but he walked past him with his long golden robes sweeping the floor and surveying the whole place as if he wanted to buy it."Mark this territory," he said staring blankly at no one and continued."If they ever try to look for my Princess around my pack, make sure to burn this whole burn pack down."The two men standing like statues bowed and dragged me up.I stared at Calista who gave a sharp gasp, I guess she was the only affected person as I saw tears trickle down her face.To hell with those crocodile tears.She f*ck*ng betrayed me because of Ley and now I'm bound to this strange pompous creature.The two men dragged me without warning and waited Until their so-called prince left before following suit.We've been walking for hours and my back ached with my sore feet seeking comfort.How can a prince walk without a convoy and chariots, or at least a horse?Who the hell does that!!"I do." He halted in his tracks and his men stopped.I almost slapped myself for saying that aloud.He took slow steps towards me and stood before me without staring at me and glancing in my direction."You have a problem with that?" I sighed at how arrogant one can be despite being blind.He was so tall and graceful with sharp jaws and a pointed nose that aligned his face.He was stoutly built and lean even with the long robes which did justice to hide his body.I trembled at his voice and cowered in fear. He bent low and tucked in my blonde hair, still not staring at me, making me shiver."You shouldn't walk as a prince, except you're a liar."I blurted out before realizing what I said."Your mouth is too sharp for a useless Luna like you, I will make sure you don't see the light until you learn how to speak properly like the princess you are."

Chapter 2

CAGED TO THE MOON KING CHAPTER 2Heaven.After walking tirelessly for hours and fighting off wild animals and wolves that obstructed their journey, We settled at the peak of another pack.It was a small town with a valley of flowers and few trees. The people there bowed respectfully as they saw the prince, while they paved the way for them.The prince has instructed them to take a break after glancing at them and sensing how worked out I look.We arrived at a large hut saturated with local french designs on the wall and a pot of fire standing at each side of the entrance."Is this your home?" I asked in utter disgust as Ilooked around and followed them inside."Are you mesmerized already?" I snort at his words."Athens' pack is far better, beautiful, and bigger than this shabby place you call home.""But you appeared to be the weakest and most abu


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