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Bonded to the cruel alpha

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This is a story about the complicated love life of a powerful alpha who was bonded to two mates. One was meant to be his official; the other was meant to be a subordinate. Alpha Sean, being the man of his own principles, refused to have two mates; he insisted on having one of which didn't go well with the other mate. She vows to haunt his life until he claims her. The story consists of love battles, a power-hungry war against the werewolf packs, and a bloody, dark life "You know what I want, Sean!" "Why are you punishing me?" She cried out in anger. I pitched the bridge of his nose out of frustration. "I can't mate you!" I roar out. "That's b*llsh*t!"   M.K. shouted before standing up from her seat. She walked closer to me as the clacking sound of her heels entertained the tense atmosphere. "Honey! We can make this work; just give it a chance." Her voice was soft and luring as she traced my jawline with her thumb. I groan in irritation and grip her wrist, saying, "Enough, Miss M.K., please leave my office." I ordered quickly. M.K. flinched in rage and said, "How dare you order me out of your office?" She questioned me in anger. "Fine!  " "I will forgive you for today, but keep in mind I'm giving you just two weeks to come and claim me!" She affirmed and stormed out of the office. I breathed in relief. I picked up a cup of coffee and gulped it. "I need to take care of her as soon as possible; she is becoming a pest." I murmured as my body was heated by her touch.  Just a single touch from her could make me melt, and besides, she is meant to be my subordinate mate, so the whole bond thing was giving me a hard time. I hate to admit it, but I can feel my lust for her growing lately.

Chapter 1 meeting a strange

Sonnet's POV

It was a brand new day in the city of Waxx Town. The city was buzzing with different daily activities.

This beautiful city was controlled and ruled by the werewolf Alphas through a system of monarchy. Unlike other worlds that don't know of the existence of wolves, Waxx Town is different; they are aware of their existence and view them as their leaders.

The city might look a bit odd, but there is nothing ancient about it; there is digital technology, cars, beautiful houses, business structures, schools, and different types of entertainment industries—in fact, everything about Waxx Town is modern except their ruling system.


My parents and I could be seen sitting inside a fancy restaurant.

My father was carrying a grave expression; he was staring disappointedly at me, which made me sulk.

"Sonnet, are you trying to make me look like a fool? Where the hell is the suitor of yours?" My middle-aged father scolded me angrily.

"Father! You need to calm down; I think he is being delayed because of traffic." I tried to reason with him.

"I told you, honey, this daughter of yours is no good; imagine us waiting here for hours!"

"Is it not better to invest in the less privileged than waste our resources on her?" my stepmother stated in annoyance.

I bow my head in shame. I was feeling sad for not being able to please her and my father.

They indeed have invested a lot in me; I am well educated, and my father even made sure I was successful in my acting career, but all to no avail; I was indeed worthless.

I was feeling the piercing gaze of my parents, as if they were ready to devour me at any second.

However, a certain young man walked into the restaurant with his guards. He carried an intimidating aura. His hair was braided halfway backwards, and his eyes were burning in blue flames. Just a glance at him will tell one he is no ordinary man.

My father was about to stand up and exit the restaurant when an idea clicked in my head. I quickly stood up and ran to embrace the young man.

"Oh, darling, you are welcome; my parents have been waiting for you for so long; please come with me." I said this to the strange man immediately and embraced him.

Alpha Sean blinks his eyes in confusion; he has never seen this lady before, but here she is embracing him as if they are lovers.

I could sense the shock expression in his face. Before he could question me, I held onto his wrist and led him towards where my parents were sitting.

"Here are my parents, Mom and Dad; darling, these are my parents." I  start with an introduction, and I quickly cut an eye to the strange man in order for him to comply.

Sean was confused, but as he saw the lady's gesture, he decided to act along with her.

"Good day, I'm Sean," he simply said in a baritone tone.

"Oh, you are highly welcome, my son; I'm glad to see you in person." Mr. Tiz,  my father said with an excited expression.

I could see he was pleased to see my suitor, and I felt glad for my idea.

Mr. Tiz smiled proudly. He needed no one to tell him that the young man was from a noble family.

"Thank you."

So, my son, what's your occupation?" Mrs. Tiz, my stepmother, asked; she wants to make sure we are not on the wrong path because I must marry into a noble family.


Sean's POV

I was becoming angry at every passing second; I could see the greed and money-love in the old couple's nature.

I glare at my bodyguards, indicating they should come and distract me.

The strange lady's parents continue to throw out questions for me, which I have answered but with the wrong information.

I didn't want to reveal my true identity to these people; besides, I knew nothing about them, including this d*mn lady who had lured me into this mess.

"Greetings everyone; please, young master, it's time for your appointment." My PA, Omega Frank, informed me dramatically.

"Oh, please, I will come and see you guys some other time; I need to leave now." I said that to them and stood up.

"Oh, please go well, my son!" The old couple spoke to me in unison.

"I will escort him, mother," the strange lady quickly informed her parents before walking off with me.


"Explain yourself!  "You better have a good explanation to give about that nonsense scene!" I barked in anger immediately after we got outside.

"Please forgive me, mister. I don't mean to offend you. I badly needed your help at that time." She explained with a shaking voice.

"My help?  "Do you know I can detain you for harassment?" I threatened.

"Huh!  It hasn't gotten to that, and besides, I said I'm sorry! " Is that too hard to let go of? Besides, don't you enjoy the little drama?" She said this while shrugging her shoulders.

"What the nerve!"

I blink my eyes in surprise. I couldn't believe the lady who was looking calm and acting all shy awhile ago could be this blunt.

"You!"   I gritted my teeth in anger before walking away.

"Oops!"  I heard her hissed when she saw me walking away with my men.

She walked back to the restaurant to meet up with her parents.


"Why are you looking at him like that?" I questioned my driver, Omega Frank, in anger as I noticed his constant stare.

"Pardon me, Alpha Sean, but I think that you should review the contract sent by the animated company; it's very urgent." He voiced his advice.

"Hmm, bring every piece of information you can find about them; I will look into it; I don't just sign contracts like that."

"Okay sir"

"Alpha Sean!  "I have news for you!" Bob's voice came out suddenly.

"Speak!"   I ordered quickly.

"The diamond pack is asking for our help; I think their Luna is in trouble again."

"That b*tch, she always loves trouble; what has she done again?" I inquired, feeling irritated.

"Does my father know about this?" I asked further.

"I don't think so, young master, but your sister is the one who sent the message."

"Oh yeah, now I understand; the witch always protects that skinny friend of hers," I complain.

"Change direction to my family's villa and inform the pack warriors about the matter on the ground." I placed my order firmly.

Sorry, master, I think you have to handle this yourself. The warriors have been sent out on a mission; they were sent to go and extract information about the forthcoming election."

"D*mn it!"   I cursed under my breath as I felt really annoyed.

Chapter 2 Angry brother, angry leader

Sean's POV

I got to see my family, Vila. I alighted from the car and walked inside.

I could see my father, grandfather, and brother having lunch together in the dining room, my sister was out of town.

"Woah!  "Look who is here, a son of a bitch." My brother, Beta Winnie, commented jokingly as he saw me walking in.

"I will cut that tongue of yours!" I threatened while shooting a glare at him.

"Cruel!"   Winnie whimpered silently.

I decide to join my family for lunch. I draw out a chair and sit down.

"Greetings, Dad and Grandpa," I said quickly.

"Welcome, son; it's good to see you." Alix Maxson, the ex-Alpha, My father responded.

My grandfather, Master Maxson, simply glared at me without responding to my greetings.

I was not on good terms with him because I had failed to find my


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