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Blood & Silver

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: KLO
  • Chapters: 66
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 640
  • 7.5
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Growing up, Lilly was drawn to stories of magic and the supernatural, her imagination fueled by the mysteries that lay beyond the realm of everyday life. But it wasn't until her late teenage years that Lilly's true nature began to reveal itself. On her eighteenth birthday, as the clock struck midnight, she felt a surge of energy ripple through her, awakening dormant powers she had never known she possessed. With the guidance of her parents, leaders of the esteemed Blood Coven, Lilly embarked on a journey of self-discovery. She delved into the ancient arts of witchcraft, honing her abilities and learning to wield the elemental forces that flowed within her. As her powers grew, so did her longing to explore the magical world she had become a part of. Lilly made the bold decision to leave her childhood home and venture to New York City, a hub of supernatural energy and a place where she believed she could find her true purpose. It was in the bustling metropolis that Lilly's path intersected with that of Alex, the enigmatic alpha of the Silver-Blood Moon Pack. Their meeting was like a collision of stars, an instant connection that set their souls ablaze. Lilly sensed a profound and ancient bond with him, one that went beyond the surface of mere attraction. As their relationship deepened, Lilly and Alex discovered that their love had not only united their hearts but also forged an unbreakable link between their respective worlds—the witches of the Blood Coven and the werewolves of the Silver-Blood Moon Pack. Together, they faced numerous challenges, both personal and supernatural. Lilly's half-sister, driven by envy and darkness, emerged as a formidable threat, seeking to tear them apart and seize power for herself. Can Lilly and Alex stand strong and defeat her? Will their love withstand it all?


Lilly Back story / Blood Coven History

Lilly lived with her parents in a small village on the outskirts of the forest. Lily had always known that her family was a bit different from others in the village. Her parents, Anna and James, were always a bit mysterious and seemed to possess certain abilities that others didn't have. Her siblings were also just very strange. One afternoon, Lily was playing in the woods and she stumbled upon an old book hidden in a tree. It was filled with spells and incantations, and Lily became fascinated with it. She started to read it every day, and soon she was practicing the spells and reciting the incantations. As she became more adept at magic, Lily started to notice strange things happening around her. Objects would move on their own, and she could hear whispers in the wind. She also noticed that her parents were acting even more secretive than usual.

One night, Lily decided to confront her parents about what was going on. She asked them if they were witches, and to her surprise, they confirmed that they were. They went on to explain that they were also werewolves, and that Lily had inherited both of their abilities. At first, Lily was terrified. She had always thought that witches and werewolves were just stories, but now she realized that they were real, and that she was one of them. However, as her parents taught her how to control her powers, Lily began to embrace her new identity. She learned how to cast spells, shift into a wolf, and communicate with animals. As she grew stronger in her abilities, Lily and her family became more powerful. They used their powers for good, helping others in the village and protecting the forest from harm. Lily had never felt more alive, and she knew that she was meant to be a powerful witch and werewolf. Lily realized that she was not just a normal girl, but a powerful force to be reckoned with. She was proud of her magical heritage, and she knew that she would use her powers to make the world a better place, but in order to do that she would have to leave her family's home. Lily decided to move to NYC and start her life there.

The Blood Coven, a powerful and ancient group of witches, carries a rich and intricate history steeped in magic, tradition, and the pursuit of balance. With roots tracing back centuries, the coven's story weaves through generations of skilled practitioners and guardians of the mystical arts. The origins of the Blood Coven can be traced to a small village where a group of witches, brought together by their shared affinity for the supernatural, sought to harness their powers for the greater good. As their abilities grew, they realized the importance of banding together, pooling their knowledge and resources to protect their community from dark forces. Over time, the Blood Coven expanded its reach, establishing alliances and connections with other supernatural beings, including werewolves, vampires, and other covens. Through these collaborations, they forged a network of trust, sharing knowledge and working together to uphold the natural order.

Alex back story / Blood moon Pack Story

Alex had always carried a primal energy within him, an innate connection to the wild and the untamed. Born into the Silver-Blood Moon Pack, he was destined to be a leader from the moment he took his first breath. Raised by his parents, the alpha and luna of the pack, Alex was taught the ways of the wolves from an early age. He learned to harness his shifting abilities, to embrace his wolf form, and to channel the raw power that surged through his veins. As he grew older, Alex's strength and prowess in battle became evident. He proved himself time and again, leading the pack in skirmishes against rogue werewolves and defending their territory with unwavering determination. His loyalty to his pack and his family was unmatched, and he would stop at nothing to ensure their safety and well-being. But behind his fierce exterior, Alex carried a deep longing for connection and understanding. He yearned for a love that transcended the bounds of the pack, a soulmate who would stand beside him as his equal, his partner, and his pillar of support.

The Blood Moon Pack, known for their strength, resilience, and unwavering loyalty, has a storied history that stretches back for generations. Originating from ancient werewolf bloodlines, the pack has always held a special connection to the lunar cycles and the powerful energy of the blood moon. Founded by an alpha named Alistair Bloodmoon, the pack established itself in a secluded region, nestled within a dense forest. They quickly earned a reputation for their fierce protectiveness over their territory and their willingness to fight for their packmates. In addition to their prowess in battle, the Blood Moon Pack cultivated a deep respect for their ancestral ties and the spiritual aspects of their werewolf nature. They conduct sacred rituals during the blood moon, harnessing its energy to strengthen their bond as a pack and to tap into their innate abilities.

Lilly's wolf, known as Luna, embodies grace and strength. Luna's sleek coat is a striking shade of silver, reflecting the moonlight in shimmering hues. Her eyes, a vibrant shade of emerald, green, hold a wisdom beyond her years. Luna possesses an ethereal beauty, her movements fluid and captivating. (Lilly is a hybrid and does not get her wolf normally)

Alex's wolf, named Titan, exudes power and authority. Titan's fur is a deep, lustrous black, like the night sky, with hints of silver streaks that accentuate his regal presence. His eyes, a piercing shade of golden amber, shine with a fierce intensity. Titan's muscular build and imposing stature reflect his status as an alpha, commanding respect and loyalty from those around him.

Evelyn - Evil Twin Evelyn's story paints a picture of a troubled and unfortunate life, fueled by envy and resentment towards her twin sister, Lilly. Growing up, Evelyn experienced a series of unfortunate events that seemed to follow her wherever she went. From minor accidents to major setbacks, her life was filled with a string of misfortunes that left her feeling abandoned and overlooked.

At home, Evelyn's parents struggled to understand her unique gifts as a shadow caster. Her powers were difficult to control, often resulting in unintentional harm to herself and those around her. Fearing the consequences of her unchecked abilities, her parents made the difficult decision to send her to a specialized witch school, Shadow Grove Academy.

In her time at Shadowgrove Academy, Evelyn was surrounded by other young witches, each at a crossroads between good and evil magic. However, due to her deeply ingrained jealousy and envy towards her sister, Evelyn made a fateful choice. She turned her back on the path of light, embracing the forbidden knowledge of dark magic. It was there, amidst the whispers of forbidden spells and the allure of power, that Evelyn's transformation into an evil witch began. Despite her attempts to find solace and power, Evelyn's life remains plagued by misfortune. Her desires for a mate and to be a wolf like her sister were never fulfilled. She longed for the strength, unity, and acceptance that being a part of a pack could bring. However, her desperate attempts to give herself the gift of lycanthropy proved futile, leaving her feeling more resentful and bitter. Driven by her deep-seated jealousy, Evelyn hatched a dark plan to take what she believed was rightfully hers. She became obsessed with the idea of stealing Lilly's wolf, seeing it as a way to possess the power and happiness that had always eluded her. Her dark magic skills, honed at shadowgrove Academy, would be put to use in her quest to claim Lilly's wolf for her own. With a twisted determination and an insatiable thirst for power, Evelyn set her sights on crafting a spell that would allow her to strip Lilly of her wolf and forcibly transfer it to herself. Her plan was shrouded in secrecy, her every action driven by a desire to undermine and destroy her sister's happiness.

As the story unfolds, the battle between good and evil will intensify, as Lilly and Alex face the looming threat of Evelyn's dark ambitions. The clash between the twin sisters becomes a pivotal moment, testing the strength of their bond and the lengths they will go to protect what they hold dear. Evelyn's backstory and her descent into darkness serve to highlight the tragic consequences of envy and the pursuit of power at any cost.

Alex & lillys Twins


Human Form: Seraphina had inherited her mother's grace and her father's strength. Her long, flowing hair cascaded in loose curls, often reflecting the moonlight. With piercing Blue/Silver eyes and a delicate yet determined expression, she carried an air of elegance that captivated those around her. Her choice of attire was a blend of sophistication and practicality, often favoring earthy tones that complemented her emerald wolf fur.

Wolf Form: As a wolf, Seraphina's fur was a striking emerald green, a rare and enchanting hue that set her apart. Her eyes, a mesmerizing shade of blue, held a wisdom beyond her years. In wolf form, she exuded a regal presence, a reflection of her innate strength and grace.


Human Form: Orion, on the other hand, embraced a more rugged aesthetic. With tousled dark hair and an easygoing smile, he exuded a laid-back charm. His hazel eyes held a mischievous glint, hinting at the adventurous spirit within. Orion's fashion sense leaned towards casual comfort, often opting for jeans and a well-worn leather jacket.

Wolf Form: In wolf form, Orion's fur was a rich midnight blue, complementing Seraphina's emerald. His eyes, a warm hazel, mirrored the kindness in his human gaze. Orion's wolf form projected an approachable and loyal aura, a testament to his protective nature.

Names of Their Wolves:

Seraphina's wolf was named Aurelia, symbolizing her regal and radiant presence. Orion's wolf went by the name Lycan, a nod to his strength and the mystical connection between wolves and the moon.

Chapter 1 - FRIENDS

After living in the small village all her life, Lily decided to move to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a powerful witch and werewolf. She felt a pull towards the city, as if it was calling to her, and she knew that she needed to follow it.

Once she arrived in the city, she was amazed by the energy and excitement that surrounded her. Everywhere she looked, there were people and buildings and lights, and she felt a sense of exhilaration that she had never experienced before. As she settled into her new life, Lily continued to practice her magic and hone her skills. She soon discovered that New York City was home to a thriving supernatural community, and she quickly made friends with other witches and werewolves. She quickly becomes friends with Samantha, who is a witch.

Samantha smiled as Lilly joined the group, pulling her into a tight hug. "Lilly, you made it! We've been waiting for you," she exclaimed, her voice filled with excitem


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