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About me

My names Katherine and I'm 29 years old from NYC living in New Jersey. I work full time but love to read these stories on alpha novel on my spare time. I am a mommy so i am busy but i have started writing a story i would love to share. For anyone who supports and likes my stories thank you!


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  • Author: KLO
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 660
  • 7.5

Growing up, Lilly was drawn to stories of magic and the supernatural, her imagination fueled by the mysteries that lay beyond the realm of everyday life. But it wasn't until her late teenage years that Lilly's true nature began to reveal itself. On her eighteenth birthday, as the clock struck midnight, she felt a surge of energy ripple through her, awakening dormant powers she had never known she possessed. With the guidance of her parents, leaders of the esteemed Blood Coven, Lilly embarked on a journey of self-discovery. She delved into the ancient arts of witchcraft, honing her abilities and learning to wield the elemental forces that flowed within her. As her powers grew, so did her longing to explore the magical world she had become a part of. Lilly made the bold decision to leave her childhood home and venture to New York City, a hub of supernatural energy and a place where she believed she could find her true purpose. It was in the bustling metropolis that Lilly's path intersected with that of Alex, the enigmatic alpha of the Silver-Blood Moon Pack. Their meeting was like a collision of stars, an instant connection that set their souls ablaze. Lilly sensed a profound and ancient bond with him, one that went beyond the surface of mere attraction. As their relationship deepened, Lilly and Alex discovered that their love had not only united their hearts but also forged an unbreakable link between their respective worlds—the witches of the Blood Coven and the werewolves of the Silver-Blood Moon Pack. Together, they faced numerous challenges, both personal and supernatural. Lilly's half-sister, driven by envy and darkness, emerged as a formidable threat, seeking to tear them apart and seize power for herself. Can Lilly and Alex stand strong and defeat her? Will their love withstand it all?


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