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Belong To My Possessive Alpha Sebastian

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To Quinn, getting bullied, passing out and having a few broken bones is just her own was of growing, and with time, she would become strong, strong enough to fulfil her dreams and find her happiness. But until then, she has to suffer the daily bully of Olivia their Pack's alpha's daughter who doesn't think she deserve anything. And not especially the ruthless alpha she is to be mated with. Despite Sebastian's curse of never finding his true mate, he can't help the strong pull and attraction he feels on the first day he meets Quinn. First, he is mistaking her for the person his mother brought for him, and the next minute, he is throwing his life away to save hers. How will their story develop from here, when all Quinn has is her healing powers and genius knowledge on war strategies? Just what Sebastian needs to keep her by his side and even though they both have to fight against betrayal and rivalry, their love and growing affection keeps them together especially when they discover that Quinn is pregnant with his child

Chapter 1 The Starved Maid

Chapter 1:

Quinn's POV

Hi, I'm Quinn, the Silver clan's weakest pack member.

I'm weak and I do not belong here because I was adopted by a servant and have been pitied my whole life.

The Silver Clan's members are all filled with pride, but I have zero of that in my system.

Growing up, I've learnt that only one form of action and reaction can happen to me, pity or bully and I've been bullied every second for the last 5 years of my life, since I started serving at the Silver's mansion and as one of Sabrina's maids.

Sabrina is the Alpha's first daughter and the most pampered living being in the whole clan even though she didn't inherit the special powers of the clan and is only good at bullying the weak.

She is probably bitter about her inability to inherit the special powers of the Silver clan, but she has every other thing in her disposal.

So I do not believe that it is an excuse for being so mean and turning every other maid, both human and werewolf into mean bitches just to torture me. I really wish I would become very strong one day and get back at her. And as much as my wolf, Aria tells me it's impossible, I believe it is.

I believe that I will overcome my stammering and become a strong werewolf.

One who can shift without falling sick. I'll make Aria the most respected werewolf, I'll help us realise our powers which I was told we possess.

I will become the werewolf that can sniff from hundreds of miles away even though I can't sniff things from the next room now.

My body physique is as weak as an average human.

I'm in fact weaker, but my neck hurts so bad now and it normally doesn't.

Everywhere is so dark, did I go blind?

My hands feel so heavy, have I become lame too?

What will now happen to my dreams of becoming the most respected werewolf in all of the Silver clan if I can't move any of my fingers?

I try to open my eyes, but, "ouch."

My head feels like it's about to split open.

My eyes feel so heavy and I can't seem to get them open.

Why does…?

'You fainted.' Aria, my wolf snaps at me just in time for the maid's shift bell to ring.

I snap my eyes open and try to sit up from my laying position, but the pain in my neck and at the back of my head forces me to remain in my lying position.

I wince in pain as I force back the dizzy feeling that comes with me trying to get up and just when I start to get comfortable with my sitting position, I hear a loud noise.


'Is someone trying to shift in the Silver's mansion?' I squeeze my eyes in puzzlement despite the effort it takes and try to listen to where it might be coming from.


The beast sounds so ferocious and if it's hungry, I fear that this is my last day.


These growls are hunger sounds and I know these growls because I can relate with hunger like we are of the same kin. I've gone on a 8 days hunger strike because Sabrina didn't think I deserved any food from the palace.

The sound seems so near, but just when I begin to trace it, I hear footsteps. More like the sound of heels hitting the ground.

The haughtiness with which the carrier takes each steps proves to me that it's Sabrina.

Is Sabrina finally going to eat me alive like she threatened before?

If that's the case, I better say my last prayers.

"Quinn Quinn Quinn." It's Sabrina's voice, but again I hear another growl which is definitely not from Sabrina because she didn't shift.

So, who was making those scary sounds? I try to steady my breathing and listen, since I can't smell whoever it is.

"My omega, my personal slave." She says even though her dad denied her a personal slave. Her long wavy blonde hair which she tinted from black, and her extremely bitchy face comes to view.

"Good af.. afternoon M..miss Sa.."

"Don't you dare call my name, you starved ugly slave." She spits with a kick sent to my belly and hard enough to make me roll two times before coming to a stop and curving into a ball.

It hurts, it hurts so badly but I force myself to hold back my tears

"Your stomach growls are so loud that they could destroy the whole mansion, I see this was your evil plot from start you witch."

Aha! I see where the growls came from.

"You've always wanted to destroy the clan's mansion, so you intentionally starved yourself." Her deductions make me wonder if she is actually stupid or she's trying to piss me off.

However,I haven't eaten for the past two days and from the looks of it, I won't be having anything for dinner either.

Aria my wolf seems to be sleeping as she doesn't do anything to defend me, which I do not blame her for, but I won't lose my hope on becoming the best female werewolf.

"I.. I'm so.. so..sorry mi..miss." I beg her as tears pool at my eyes and threaten to spill, but just like always, she doesn't care for my apologies or my pathetic condition and goes ahead to kick my curled form with the heels of her stilletto.

"Arrgh" I cry out and the tears I desperately tried to hold back fall freely.

"So pathetic." She tuts and walks a curve to face me before squating.

"I can't believe I'm bringing myself this low just to speak to you, but I understand that your earing abilities are poorer than an infant human." She says as she rolls her eyes and yanks my hair so my face levels up to meet hers.

"I hear well." I say despite the searing pain in my scalp. Coupled with the headache I felt after passing out, I fear that my head might really split open, but she needs to know…

"What did I hear you say?" She screams with saliva spewing out of her mouth. I know I've enraged her but she needs to know.

"I hear well." I tell her even though my voice is nothing more than a whisper and I have snot running down my nose.

"I hear well." I sniffle. I want to scream to her face and tell her she got this one wrong because I hear well even though it's the only thing I do well.

"Not for long " she says and slaps me with her free hand while she tightens her grip on my scalp.

It hurts so much. My face feels hot and I can still feel her five finger print.

I wish I was strong. I squeeze the tears out and try to open my eyes again, but they feel even heavier than they did earlier.

Then, I hear it, her hand slapping the air and about to hit my face again.

"Ple.." I want to beg her, but my stammering deters me, however, I am saved by the sound of a door hinge from the end of the corridor.

"Lucky you." She spits before releasing my natural blonde hair, not minding the loud thud that follows after my head hits the ground.

I wince in pain.

"Make sure you clean the remaining one, two, three…," she points her fingers to count the rooms left on the wing, "twenty rooms, else." Sabrina looks at me with scorn that I wonder how she manages to have so much bitterness in store for just one person.

She never seems to run out of it.

"Miss Sabrina." A voice calls from the other end of the hallway, a voice I'd recognize anywhere and everywhere.

My saviour's voice.

"What do you want, Sir Alberto?"

"I came to get Quinn." Sir Alberto casts a glance at me and gives me a small smile of reassurance before returning to his expressionless face. "And the Alpha is with his Beta."

"You mean Beta Jacob?" Sabrina holds her fist in front on her chest and taps her glittering gold heels on the ground. She has a look of excitement on her face enough to fool everyone that she has a crush on Beta Jacob and I'm almost convinced myself but the smirk she sends my way reminds me of how false her acting is.

If no one does, I know why she follows Beta Jacob everywhere, pretending to have a crush on him.

It's because of me, because she wants me to have nothing. It's because I'm her prey and she enjoys watching me beg while she snatches my things, but I won't beg this time.

I can't even date him despite his crush on me.

He is the Beta and I'm just a maid whose life is worth nothing, I'm sure he has seen better.

"Where are they? At the meeting room?" She asks as she hurries towards the elevator leading to the meeting room on the lower floor.

"Yes ma'am, but…"

"Thank you sir Alberto." She disappears through the elevator door.

"But they do not wish to be disturbed." Sir Alberto ends his sentence with a sigh because Sabrina was already out of sight and there was no way she could hear what seventy year old sir Alberto had to say.

He turns to face me, "oh my poor daughter, look what she did to your beautiful face." He has a look of concern on his face as he reaches his hands to steady me which comes just in time because I'm feeling very dizzy.

"Would you like some bread?"

The tears I was able to restrain until now rolled down my face as I nod.

He is so kind to me.

"B..but I..I have to c..cle..clean the rooms and h.. hallway."

"It's fine, you can clean it after eating. You also don't have to clean the rooms just the hallway is okay, I'll get others to do the rest." He helps me towards the servant elevator even though his rank is high enough to use the one meant for the clan members.

" don't have to do"

"It's fine, also, Beta Jacob also asked of you."

"He did?" I pause to see if he's trying to pull my legs, but his face of grey hair remains expressionless and I blush.

Beta Jacob who is the beta of the silver clan asked of me.

Chapter 2 Alpha Sebastian is ruthless

Chapter 2: .

Quinn's POV

Thanks to headservant Albert who adopted me when I was just a five year old girl helplessly wondering about the dark alleys of New York after my grandmother died, I am able to live a life better than that of a scrap collector.

I had enough energy to clean the hallway till it sparkled after eating some bread and milk.

The milk was getting stale and the bread had no yeast, but it's the best I've had since the past week and now, I'm going to do the rest of the laundry assigned to me before I run out of energy and pass out again.

I feel so excited that I'm taking the hundred-step-case instead of the elevator and huming my favourite song.

My granny used to sing it to make me fall asleep before she left.

The wealth of the Silver pack still amazes me even though I have been here for five years now.

Everywhere is laced with either Gold or Ruby or some expensive precious stone.

I skip t


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