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Becoming Luna

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Danica Robinson was your average everyday teenager, at least she was until the night of her 18th birthday. Forced to go to a party that her friends insisted she attend, Danica is nearly killed by a creature that is only supposed to exist in movies and books. A rogue werewolf with blazing red eyes that are oddly alluring to Danica. Ready to accept her fate, she is saved by Mason Thompson, the local playboy that every girl dreams of. Only, he is also a werewolf and HE IS HER MATE! Thompson is the Alpha of the Cove pack and Danica has gotten herself in deep. Now a whole new world is unraveling before Danica filled with mythical beings and come to find out SHE IS The ONE TOO! Danica has to begin to grow from a cowardly supposed to be human to a Luna that is worthy of the Cove pack while fighting to keep evil at bay and uncover a conspiracy that is taking root. Will she be able to grow and become a Luna everyone can be proud of? Will she be able to defeat the evil that is lurking in the shadows? Only time will be able to tell.

Chapter 1

Danica Robinson lounged on her bed reading her best friend Amy's text.

'Everything is ready.'

It was Danica's eighteenth birthday and her friends had insisted she needed to celebrate it in style, after all it was her emergence into adulthood. At least that was what they had insisted despite her protests.

Huffing Danica got up from her bed and walked over to her vanity allowing herself to study her reflection.

Curly black hair surrounded her pale freckle covered face, golden eyes that were surrounded by thick lashes stared back at her with a look of annoyance in them.

Even reflection her was against her evening plans, she thought with a smirk that caused her cheeks to dimple.

No matter how much she examined herself she just couldn't possibly see the difference in 'child' Danica and 'adult' Danica.

From behind her, her bedroom door burst open allowing Amy and Heather her two best friends to come charging in. Amy had her long blonde hair up in a ponytail, her blue eyes bore pure excitement, as her lips curved into a smile. It seemed she didn't come to just hangout.

Beside her Heather's usual bored expression was in place, a total opposite to the overly excited Amy beside her.

Her hair that was currently blue had been freshly shaven on one side and the long portion that hung down on the other covered one brown eye from sight.

"Why are you two here?" Danica asked before her eyes zoned in on the makeup box that Amy clutched in her hand. "No," She said holding up a hand. "I agreed to the party, but I didn't agree to being your toy to play with makeup on."

Amy pouted her petite pink lips. "You're the hostess of the evening!" She whined. "You have to stand out."

Danica could feel herself inwardly cringing. She absolutely hated dresses and makeup, finding them to just be a superficial hindrance that was too much to deal with.

"Come on!" Amy begged stepping forward. "Just this once, please!"

Danica looked to Heather who had sat on her bed and was now engrossed in her phone for help. Not even glancing to her Heather shrugged in a 'You're on your own' manner.

"Traiter." Danica grumbled as Amy began making her way to her.

Heather chuckled, "Amy will do what she wants no matter what."

Huffing Danica crossed her arms over her ample chest. "Just this once." She conceeded. "After this, never again."

Squealing Amy rushed forward grabbing ahold of Danica and sitting her down in a chair before swiveling her around so she couldn't see her reflection.

"You aren't allowed to see until I'm finished." She clarified as Danica gave her a questioning look. "I want this to be an absolute surprise."

The helpless Danica remained seated as Amy began her onslaught of makeup brushes and tools. Even though they were meant to beautify a woman, to Danica they seemed more like a means of torture.

When Amy finished with her face she moved onto Danica's wild curls determined to tame them, but from the sounds she was making it was easy to tell that she was on the losing side of the battle.

After what seemed like hours to Danica, Amy finally finished with her work. She wore a satisfied smile as she clapped her hands.

"Now for the reveal." Beaming she swiveled Danica around so she could see her reflection.

The woman staring back at her was foreign to Danica. She looked s*xy and dangerous all at the same time with hooded smoky golden eyes and thick black lashes. Her matte red lips sat open in a surprised 'o' as she stared back.

Even Danica's usually unruly curls were tamed and fanning her face in perfect ringlets. She had to admit Amy did a d*mn good job.

"Well?" Amy urged expectantly. "Do you love it or do you love it?"

Rolling her eyes Danica couldn't help but smile, "I don't hate it." She admitted while still examining her reflection.

Clapping happily Amy jumped up and down, "Now to get you dressed."

Settling on a pair of black leather pants and white t-shirt that Amy modified so it was more edgy, paired with a pair of black combat boots, and topped with a black leather jacket Danica headed out with her friends.

They arrived at a clearing at the edge of town just as the sun was beginning to set.

Tables for food and drinks were setup on one side. In the middle of the middle sat large pieces of wood ready to be set ablaze for a massive bonfire. Two large speakers were set to either side of the clearing to play music so the party goers could dance. Again Danica had to commend Amy on her handywork.

Danica spotted Chase and Greg Amy's two twin older brothers, busying themselves setting up a few kegs. Raising an eyebrow Danica turned her gaze to Amy's.

"What?" Amy asked simply. "This is a party, of course alcohol has to be present."

"What if the police end up showing?" Danica asked worry flaring. "We are underage you know."

"You need to learn to relax girl." Amy huffed. "We are celebrating all the way out here so there won't be any noise complaints."

Still not so sure Danica tried to calm herself as the first couple of party guests began to drift in.

Within an hour the party had begun to rage as many people Danica recognized but barely knew from school gathered in the clearing.

Danics's eyes scanned the troves of people who danced, ate, and got drunk feeling terribly out of her element.

She had never been the social butterfly instead enjoying her space and tranquility away from irritating social gatherings.

That was why she had been confused when Amy had insisted they should throw her a birthday party and invite all their classmates.

As she continued to take in her surroundings she heard the sound of a snapping twig from behind her.

Turning she squinted into the woods that lay along the edge of the clearing spotting what looked like red glowing eyes.

She couldn't quite explain it, but she didn't feel fear as she stared into the red glowing orbs, instead she felt curiosity, and then an indescribable need to move towards them.

Allowing her feet to begin moving she inched towards the forests edge as a large black figure began to form.

As she drew closer the figure that had taken shape to look like some strange animal had begun to back away as it purposely drew her further and further into the woods.

When Danica finally snapped from her trance she was standing a good three hundred feet in the woods and the creature that had been temptingly drawing her had disappeared from sight.

Shaking her head to clear it she looked around. Confusion as to why she was in the woods and no longer in the clearing where her so called birthday party was still going strong consumed her.

Turning to head back she heard movement just to her right. Shifting her gaze in its direction she once again found red eyes.

As she stood frozen they began to draw near allowing her to finally see the large black wolf that they belonged to.

She knew she should turn and run, that standing there like a sitting duck was a terrible idea, but she just couldn't will her legs to move.

With lightening quick speed the much too large wolf lunged forward mouth open wide ready to sink its razor sharp teeth into Danica's neck.

Closing her eyes Danica waited for the pain that was sure to come once the creatures mouth found her, but to her surprise it never came.

Opening one eye to see what was going on she found that she wasn't alone anymore. Standing in front of her was a large golden wolf.

Eyes widening she took in the scene in front of her as the two wolves locked in battle snarling and biting at each other. It didn't take long for the Golden wolf to overpower the black one.

Sinking it's teeth into the black wolves throat the Golden wolf jerked it's muzzle ripping the black wolfs throat open.

Once the golden wolf was sure that the black wolf was no longer a threat it turned its green gaze to Danica who had remained unmoving the entire time.

Realizing she was now the golden wolf's soul focus Danica began to slowly back away.

The sound of bones cracking filled the forests eery silence as what was once a wolf was beginning to contort into a humanoid creature.

Pinching herself Danica tried to wake from what had to be a dream as a naked man occupied where once stood a wolf. Not any man, but Mason Thompson, the neighborhood playboy.

He sniffed the air while examining the area to make sure there were no more threats before finally turning his attention to Danica.

"I finally found you." He smiled as his golden eyes that had locked onto her face filled with joy and longing.

"What..." Danica tried only to find she was unable to come up with words.

Mason was coming closer to her. Reaching out a hand he attempted to touch her.

As his fingers grew near Danica's vision blurred and a white hot searing pain ripped through her skull. She could just barely make out Mason moving forward mouth moving to speak before her entire world turned black.

Chapter 2

"Danica," a gentle voice reached to her through the darkness.

She felt like she was floating as the darkness continued to hold her. It was almost as if her body and conciousness were completely separate from one another.

Somehow she felt connected to the voice, not just on an emotional level, but on another level that was hard for Danica to quite fathom.

As she tried to determine just what that feeling was she could feel herself begin to fall. As she fell she felt her mind and body reconnecting once more, before finally becoming one entity.

Now she could understand why she had the feeling of floating. Two strong protective arms were carrying her.

Prying her eyes open she waited for her foggy vision to clear so she could see exactly who was holding her. She could make out the outline of a strong chiseled jaw with dark stubble peppering it, then full lips that sat in a frown, followed by high cheekbones that sat underneath blazing green eyes that hel

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