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Babysitter for the CEO

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Vanessa, a 24-year-old finance undergraduate, is left orphaned with no job and the possibility of her landlord throwing her out of her small apartment. On her way to her interview, she collides with a kid whom she cares for till the father comes to get his kid. The father is nothing to write home about and when she gets home; she receives alarming news about her bestie from a phone call. Meanwhile, Lisa, who had been hit by a fleeing criminal, is at the same hospital as Vanessa's bestie. She (Lisa) is on the brink of death and Vanessa, who strangely feels a connection faints after she passes by the recovery room. After waking up, Vanessa wants to find the person she feels connected to despite being temporarily paralysed. She later discovers that it is the little girl. Vanessa somehow brings her back to life and faints. This reveals the true self of the little girl as she turns out to be wiser than her age. After Vannessa recovers, Lisa's dad asks her to be his little girl's babysitter, but she refuses, wanting nothing to do with him. The unhappy man decides to trick her into signing a contract to be Lisa's babysitter. As stated in the contract, she is to move into his home the next day and carry out her duties efficiently.

Chapter 1

Vanessa a slightly tall blonde-haired lady took one more look at her apartment before rushing down the stairs.

Getting down stairs, she could see the busy road and people.

"Vanessa, you can do it" she encouraged herself and then looked at her purse. The money in it isn't enough to take a taxi. Well then, she'd just go to her destination on foot.

Vanessa just turned 24 this month; still single and unemployed.

She had been fired two weeks ago from the restaurant where she formerly worked because she had upset a rich customer by accident.

Since then, she's searched for a job and finally found one as a cleaner in a small company. She was going for the interview today by 9:20 am.

It's currently 8:20 am, so she still has an hour left to get there. She pats the creases on her white gown and sighs again.

She then starts her journey admiring some things that she sees on the way.

30 minutes later,

Vanessa decided to cross over to the other side of the road since her destination was on that side. She looked at the traffic lights and saw that it had turned green.

Yes, she can cross now.

With that, she began to cross but halfway she was nearly hit by a car that transgressed the rules. The driver didn't even stop to say "sorry" before speeding off.

"D*mn it!" she cursed.

"These rich people have no manners. Just because they are rich they think they can do anything. May heavens punish that devil" she said as she completed her crossing.

It's good she didn't wear high heels today or else it would have been a different story. She looked at her watch and saw there was 26 minutes left so she began to jog hoping to get there faster.

When she was about to make a turn, she collided with a little girl. Both fell down and the little girl started weeping.

Vanessa got up and stared at the girl. She wasn't good with handling kids so she could only ask:

"Where are your parents? How could they leave you alone?" she asked.

The little girl got up from the ground and hugged Vanessa's legs.

"Mama, you're back" the little girl muttered.

"Mama, carry me. Lisa wants a hug" the little girl said.

Vanessa stared at those big eyes of the little girl.

"D*mn it! Why does she have to be so cute? And why is she calling me mother?" Vanessa pondered.

"Alright then! I'll carry you. Where are your parents?" she asked as she lifted the little girl who could be no more than 4 years old up.

"My daddy is bad. Lisa don't like him. Lisa run away. Lisa lost. Mammy carries Lisa" the little girl replied.

"Ok then I'm already carrying you," Vanessa said with a sigh.

Man! She's running late but then, she also needs to deliver this little guy here to her home.

"Mammy, Lisa hungry" the little girl whispered as she rubbed her tummy.

Vanessa sighed.

"Fine then, I'll feed you," she said to the little girl.

"Yay! Mama is the best. Lisa love Mama" Lisa exclaimed happily and kissed Vanessa's cheek.

Vanessa looked at her and smiled.

"Let's go eat" she muttered as she walked further into a restaurant. The very one she worked at formerly.

She saw some of her workmates stare at her in pity while some laughed at her.

"What would you like to eat?" a slim lady walked to her dressed in the same white gown as Vanessa's.

"Please give me a plate of rice and err... salad. Lisa can you eat that?" she asked the little one.

"Yes, anything. Lisa loves Mama" the little girl said cheerfully.

"Oh, and who's this pretty one?" the slim lady asked.

"Lisa Mama" the little girl replied before Vanessa could even speak.

"You are her mother. To think you already opened your legs to a man 4 years ago. I admire you. Who's the father?" the lady asked again as she pinched Lisa's cheeks.

"So soft," the lady thought in admiration.

"You are bad. Lisa hate you" said Lisa as she hugged Vanessa tighter.

"Mara, just get us what we ordered, "Vanessa said impatiently.

"Just tell me who's the lucky dad?" the lady asked.

"In heaven" Vanessa replied.

"Papa is bad. How can he go to heaven? Papa carries Lisa by ear. Papa, a demon," said Lisa stunning Vanessa.

Why would this kid refer to her birth father as a demon at this age?

"So the father is an evil man, and he's dead? So pitiful," Mara lamented hypocritically.

"That's it!" Vanessa got up from the seat and made to leave

"Where are you going?" Mara asked.

"M..M.. Mara, a sl*t, sc... scumbag, sh*t," Lisa cursed at Mara.

Vanessa's eyes widened.

This kid!

What has her parents taught her that she actually knew this dirty words?

How old is she?

"You little brat!" Mara wanted to tear this pretty babe to pieces.

"Vanny, so this is how you train your child. I should applaud you" Mara said in anger.

"There are some breed of women who look like a gorilla when angry. There are also some who are prettier when angry. Take a mirror and study yourself. Which group do you fall into?" with those words, Vanessa left the restaurant leaving a fuming Mara.

Lisa stuck out her tongue at Mara before they exited the restaurant making Mara clench her fists.


After they found another restaurant to settle in, Vanessa questioned the little one, but all she said was "Lisa love Mama" making Vanessa almost pull her hair in frustration.

This was somebody's kid and just from her dressing, she could tell her background was not ordinary.

Gosh! This is a big problem.

For sure, she won't be getting the job.

What should she do now? Her rent was due next week. Gosh!

Suddenly, the restaurant's door burst open and a very handsome man dressed in a green suit rushed in.

He is 7ft tall and slim.

Seeing him some girls gasped but his focus wasn't on them.

On seeing Lisa, he rushed to them and snatched her from Vanessa.

She wanted to protest but seeing the striking resemblance between the two; she knew immediately who he was Lisa's father.

Lisa was throwing 'fierce' punches on her dad's chest but he didn't mind.

"Put me down. Lisa hate you. Papa, a demon," Lisa cried.

"You... what did you do to her?" her father questioned Vanessa.

"She ran into me and i took her here for food" replied Vanessa.

"So should i thank you for keeping her alive?" the man asked angrily.

Vanessa looked at him and picked up her purse.

"It's good that you found her.I've done my duty and I'm leaving" she said and then took her leave not minding Lisa who was struggling to get out of her father's hands.

"Be quiet, ugly," the man said in a baleful manner and she immediately stopped struggling.

"Now that's a good girl" the man muttered as he walked to the counter and settled the bills.

When he got out of the restaurant, he saw that his car tyres were flat.

He need not guess the culprit. It was Vanessa who was currently hiding in a person's home.

Lisa's father made a phone call and soon a jeep rolled over and he entered with Lisa.

Then the car drove away at full speed.

"D*mn it! So Lisa's father is the one who nearly ran me over. So ungrateful and evil. May the heavens punish him" Vanessa thought.


Lisa whom her dad thought had fallen asleep suddenly screamed loudly startling her father. could this happen when he was on his way to a vital meeting?

What did that woman feed her that she turned out like this?

"Ugly monkey stop screaming" he yelled, but she suddenly bit his neck hard and opened the door.

Before her dad could react, she was already out of the car.

The driver immediately stooped the jeep, and both got out of the jeep.

A fleeing criminal had run Lisa over.

At once, her dad ran over to her and carried her bridal style.

"I want my mummy" Lisa said before fainting.

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Chapter 2

Vanessa sighed after throwing her purse on the bed. She massaged her forehead and stared at the ceiling.

Today was just bad. So bad!

She couldn't even make it to the interview and the little one she saved had a terrible guy for a dad. No wonder she calls him a demon.

"Such a man doesn't deserve to have a child like Lisa in life. Gosh!" she said to herself frustrated.

What would she do now? Would her landlord throw her out if she can't pay her rent?

"I wonder how that little Lisa is doing. Forget it! Why worry about someone else's child?" she scolded herself and then closed her eyes to think but she got kidnapped by sleep.


McDermott hospital...

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The surgeon suddenly came out demanding for her father's blood. Her father has been waiting outside the surgery room. He


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