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Alphas Betrayed Luna

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My life shattered when Alpha Jacob betrayed me and my own pack banished me. It felt like all the pieces of my existence had been torn apart. However, in the midst of my despair, a glimmer of hope emerged. Alpha Kaisen came into my life and took me under his wing, making me his Luna. He not only accepted me but also saved me from the brink of death, mending the broken fragments of my soul. Under his care, I began to heal the wounds of my past, slowly but surely. I made a promise to myself to open my heart to love once again, to embrace the possibility of healing. But just when I thought Fate had finally shown me mercy, it played a cruel game. I discovered that my former Alpha, the one who had betrayed me, was none other than Alpha Kaisen's own brother. One revelation turn my world upside down.

Chapter 1: Betrayed and Accused

I'm Nathalia Carter but everyone used to call me Thalia , the Luna of the Dark Moon pack, and Alpha Jacob's only mate. We've been mates for decades and promised each other to lead our pack together with immense love for them.

As I strolled through the enchanting Garden, I caught sight of him standing outside, lost in deep contemplation. A mischievous idea sparked within me, and I decided to surprise him. Slowly, I approached him, my hands ready to cover his eyes. However, my heart sank when he unexpectedly pushed me away.

"What on earth are you doing?!" he bellowed, his voice filled with anger.

Tears welled up in my eyes as shock coursed through me. I never anticipated such a reaction from him. He was never like this before, and I couldn't help but notice a sudden change in him. Restlessness consumed me, and I mustered the courage to confront him.

"What's the matter, Sweetheart?" I asked, my voice trembling.

"Stop pretending like you're clueless. Stop pretending like you're innocent," he responded, his words laced with emphasis.

"I'm sorry, but I don't understand where I went wrong. I only wanted to playfully tease you, just like we used to," I said, my voice filled with raw emotion.

"Just leave!" he hollered, his voice echoing through the air.

I couldn't comprehend why I felt suffocated in that moment. Why were doubts clouding my mind?

Deep down, I knew something had changed in the way he treated me. I sensed his arrogance, but I couldn't fathom why.

"I know something is bothering you, so please, tell me," I pleaded, desperately trying to reach him.

"Don't you get it?!" he snapped, his frown deepening.

His sudden outburst caught me off guard. Taking a deep breath, I locked eyes with him, searching for answers.

"F*ck off!" he cursed, his words cutting through me like a knife.

Unable to hold back my tears any longer, I turned and swiftly left. I half-expected him to chase after me, but his shadow never appeared in my peripheral vision.

As I strolled down the corridor, the distant conversation of two women caught my attention. Their words were not kind, and I knew they were talking about me.

"Luna Thalia is having an affair with one of our pack members. She doesn't deserve to be a Luna," one of them said. My heart sank at the sound of my name being dragged through the mud.

I couldn't resist the urge to confront them. I marched up to the two women and demanded to know what they were saying about me. "Did I hear right? You two are gossiping about me?!" I exclaimed, my arms crossed tightly over my chest.

The woman who had spoken before tried to defend herself. "That's disrespectful, Luna Thalia. But that news came from Ariana herself. Is it really true that you betrayed our beloved Alpha?" she asked.

I was hurt and angry. How dare they spread lies about me? "Ariana?!” I spat out her name with venom.

Without another word, I stormed off to confront her. My anger boiled over as I approached her room. But as I got closer, I heard something that made my blood run cold. A woman's moan and a man's familiar voice. I knew what was happening behind that door, and my world shattered into a million pieces.

Gasping for air, I felt as though a thousand needles were piercing my chest, slowly suffocating me. My consciousness slipped away, only to find myself instinctively lunging towards them, my fingers entangled in Ariana’s hair.

"Beasts!" I cried out, tears streaming down my face.

I charged forward, aiming to strike Ariana, but Alpha Jacob intercepted me, forcefully shoving me aside. Overwhelmed by his superior strength, I crashed to the ground.

"Enough, Thalia!" he bellowed, his voice dripping with anger.

"How could you do this to me, Jacob? How could you betray me?" I pleaded, my emotions raw.

Unable to contain my tears, I gazed into his eyes, the pain of his indifference cutting deep. Where was the man I once loved?

"The question should be directed at you. Why did you betray me?!" he spat, his anger palpable.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, bewildered.

"Stop pretending to be innocent. I'm not a fool!" he declared, his words laced with conviction.

"I never betrayed you! What has this woman told you?!" I vehemently denied his accusation.

"That no longer matters, Thalia. It's best for you to leave before I forget you're even a woman!" he retorted, his arrogance seeping through.

"I refuse to leave!" I asserted firmly.

The thought of them together, engaging in their illicit affair, made it impossible for me to walk away.

"I never betrayed you!" I pleaded once more, my emotions consuming me.

"You're a shameless woman," I yelled.

"You've slandered me just to steal him away!" I shouted, my emotions spiraling out of control.

I couldn't fathom being accused of something he himself had done.

"Choke on your deceitful lies!" he seethed, forcefully pushing me away.

His face contorted with anger, it was evident that he no longer cared for me in the slightest.

My heart ached as I gazed upon Ariana, her smug expression taunting me. I couldn't help but scrutinize her from head to toe, wondering what she possessed that I lacked. How had she managed to captivate and steal the man I loved?

The pain in my chest was unbearable, but I knew I had to swallow my pride. Losing Alpha Jacob was not an option. He had been the center of my universe for the past ten years, and I couldn't bear the thought of losing him.

"Please, my love, let's mend this. I promise to forget everything that has happened, just don't abandon me for her!" I pleaded, my emotions pouring out.

However, he merely chuckled, dismissing my words. I watched in agony as he held Ariana’s arms, a clear display of his protection and affection.

"Take her away and put her in her rightful place!" Ariana commanded sternly.

The two men seized hold of my arms with a force that sent waves of pain coursing through my heart, forcibly yanking me out of the room. The agony was unbearable, rendering me feeble and incapable of escaping their clutches, no matter how hard I struggled.

Desperation filled my voice as I questioned them, "Where are you taking me?" Yet, my inquiry was met with an eerie silence. I attempted to break free, but their strength far surpassed my own feeble resistance.

In the distance, I caught sight of the entire pack, their presence raising suspicions within me. Had they orchestrated this cruel act, ensnaring me within their trap? How could he, the one I once trusted, subject me to such torment?

As I turned my gaze to the side, a shocking sight greeted me. A man, stripped of all clothing, stood before me, held captive by the guards just as I was.

"Allen?!" I exclaimed, my disbelief evident in my voice.

I glanced behind me, only to witness Alpha Jacob making his way towards us, his voice resonating through the crowd.

"Allen has confessed to your affair, Thalia. Your deceit can no longer deceive me," he declared with utmost seriousness.

"That's not true!"

"Allen, tell them the truth!" I demanded, my anger seething, but Allen remained silent.

In that moment, a surge of fury threatened to consume me. I could not fathom accepting their baseless accusations against me.

"I implore you, tell me the truth," I pleaded, tears welling in my eyes.

"No one will believe you, Thalia. Admit the betrayal you have committed against our beloved Alpha," Ariana sneered, her words dripping with sarcasm.

"I did not betray him!” I protested.

“Jacob, it is you who betrayed me!" I shouted, my voice filled with righteous indignation.

Yet, Ariana merely laughed, raising her hands to signal the pack's decision.

"The choice is yours our beloved pack. Will you allow this woman to betray our beloved Alpha?" Ariana manipulated them with her deceitful words.

I surveyed the bloodied and scarred pack that surrounded us, hoping against hope that this time they would stand by me, which they would believe in me. But my hopes were shattered as their voices echoed with the words they shouted.

Chapter 2: Save by the Alpha

The command was uttered with such force and authority, "Banish her, Alpha!" a man bellowed.

I gazed upon him, my heart heavy with sorrow, as my tears cascaded down my cheeks. I couldn't fathom the words that had escaped his lips. Yet, to my dismay, many others echoed his sentiment.

"Banish her! Cast out that woman to the dessert of death!" Those were the words that reverberated through the very core of my pack.

How could they, my own loyal pack, utter such words to their Luna? How had they found it within themselves to banish me?

I had dedicated my entire being to them, showering them with unwavering loyalty and boundless love. Was this to be my reward?

Why did they so readily believe the false accusations that had been hurled against me?

"I have not betrayed him. Please, believe me!" I pleaded, my voice filled with desperation.

"It has been a decade, Alpha. How could you forsake it all for that woman?

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