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Alpha’s Human Mate

Alpha’s Human Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Tbag
  • Chapters: 4
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 46
  • 3.0
  • 💬 1


Alpha Prince, Jack Gagnon was loved and adored by his pack, the Golden Crescent Pack, which was the most powerful pack ever known. He had a perfect life and was ready to be crowned alpha. Suddenly things fell apart. The neighboring packs around Golden Crescent Pack were under attack and being invaded by rogue wolves. Golden Crescent Pack is rumored to be next in line to be attacked. In other to overcome this incoming danger and threat, their Alpha needs to find his mate and future Luna of the Golden Crescent Pack. This is because an alpha without his Luna is vulnerable and a vulnerable alpha means a vulnerable pack. Claire, a student of Chestnut high school, has been having weird dreams ever since she reached puberty. The dreams become more intense and look real as soon as she clocks 18 years. Unknown to her there's a world where supernatural beings existed, beings she thought only existed in movies.

Chapter 1

“We don't want those monsters on our lands”!

“They bring nothing but death wherever they go” said a man in blue jeans

“Our children are not safe outside anymore” a woman chipped in

“Gabriel, it's all your fault, you let this monsters into our lands”

Alright, sighs “I will talk to their Alpha and see what we can do about this situation” Gabriel said

“That's all you've been doing, talk! talk! and talk!... We want results, Gabriel”, another woman said

“Yes! we want results!”another man said

“You guys should give him a break, it's not easy having a decent conversation with those wolves,” Tristan said

“I know I've been saying I would do something about this whole situation for a while now, but believe me, this time around would be different”. I,Gabriel Rawlings, promise you.


“Alpha Blake, you need to call your pack in order, my people are not happy about the rate of killing, they are angry and this can lead to…”

“I understand Gabriel, we've been trying to track down those rogue wolves killing humans, no one in my pack would do such a thing, we've all sworn an oath not to eat humans, anyone in my pack who eats humans would choke on the blood, '' Alpha Blake says.

“Then you need to act fast in catching those rogue wolves, because…”

“I know what I'm doing Gabriel, you've nothing to worry about, my son and his squad are on the lookout for those rogue wolves”.

“Alright Alpha, but just do something fast. The human's Patience is running thin”.

“By the way, how's your family doing?”

“They are fine Blake, the tension is getting to my family too”

“Don't worry, we have it all under control. In the next few weeks, all this would be history”.

“I hope so, Alpha, I seriously hope so, '' Gabriel said, bowing his head.

“Alright, enough with serious talks”, let me offer you something to eat.

“I... I'm not sure that's a good idea”.

“Cut it off Gabriel, you and I have known each other for how long now…you don't have to be so formal”.

“Alright, Alright.”

“Omega Leslie!”

Omega Leslie runs in, “yes Alpha”, while kneeling.

“Bring me my specialty, Gabriel is an important guest”

Gabriel smiles

“Yes Alpha”, Omega Leslie answered.


“Where's my son Jack?” Alpha Blake asks

“He's out on the field training with his squad,” omega Leslie said

“Get him for me”, now's not the time for that.

“Okay Alpha”, omega Leslie answered.

“Alpha, you sent for me”

Yes I did, “what progress have you and your squad made in tracking down those rogue wolves”

“We are almost close…”

“Almost close?” Is that all you have to say, Alpha Blake said using his Alpha tone.

“No Father, I mean Alpha, we were able to trace their trail to the border, after that we lost it”

“You lost it? What the hell do you want me to do with that information? The deadline I gave the humans for this killing to end is already around the corner, what do you expect me to say to them…that you lost the rogue wolves track?..”

“No Alpha, I've stationed some of my squad outside to keep a lookout and to report any suspicious movement to me immediately”.

“What is it I always tell you, Jack?”

Uhmm…"if you want to get something done right, do it yourself".

Exactly, and it seems like you've forgotten all that.

“No Alpha, I will go to the lookout now”.

You better, and anything you notice report to me directly, because this rogues situation is not something you leave for children

Jack leaves the room.


“Yes Jack”, the squad answer in unison

“We are leaving for the border now”.

“Yes, Jack”, they answer in unison.

“Evans”. Jack calls out to his best friend.

“Yes, Jack”.

“Any update on tracking the rogue wolves?”

“Their trail still leads to the border. We haven't gotten much since then”.


At the border

“Jack! Jack! we've found the rogue wolf, you won't believe who it is”, Evans says

“Who is it? Bring the person to me now!”

“Yes, Jack.”

“Here he is Jack”, Evans says.

Frank tries to fight back, but Jack overpowers him and cuffs his wrist with silver handcuffs. Frank is struggling to break free but it's of no use, silver makes werewolves weak.

“You were banished from the pack, that does not give you the right to kill humans. Jack says

Frank begins to tremble with fear. "Pls I'm sorry it won't happen again," he says.

“You've made countless promises like this in the past Frank but you never change, you're still the same old Frank”, Jack says.

Frank tries to escape but Jack's squad is holding him down. He tries so hard, but Jack's squad is too strong.

Jack grabs Frank by his neck and Frank is struggling to free his throat from Jack's grip. His feet start shaking and within seconds Frank starts suffocating. Jack and his squad took Frank to Alpha Blake.

“Alpha!”they all greet in unison while kneeling.

“Good job guys, now we can finally have some peace”, alpha Blake says. “Go to the pack's winery and enjoy yourselves for a job well done”.

Whoo! Jack and his squad jubilate excitedly.

“Also, tell omega Leslie to give you guys the alpha's treat”, Alpha Blake says.

Yeah!!!! they also said in they head for the door.

“Jack, wait behind I have something to discuss with you”, Alpha Blake says.

“Okay Alpha”, Jack replies.

Son, "are you sure Frank is the only rogue that kills humans"? Alpha Blake asks

“Yes father I'm sure. He was the only one by the border, apart from my squads”, Jack says.

“Alright. I just hope this rogue issue is settled once and for all, cause it almost affected our peace alliance with the humans”, alpha Blake says.

“Dad, why do we even have an alliance with humans in the first place, what can they possibly offer us? We are stronger than them and…”

“You will understand better when the time comes son, for now just do as I say”.

“Alright, father”. Jack says.

“You are dismissed”.

“Thank you alpha, Jack says and he leaves the room and heads to the pack's pub”.

“Jack! Jack! over here”, Evan's calls out to Jack as soon as he enters the pub.

“Hey man, what's up why's your face suddenly like this? you should be happy man, he bumped him on his chest, we just caught the rogue that has been killing humans”, Evans says.

“I'm happy no doubt about that, but my problem right now is why are we in alliance with the humans, what can they possibly offer us”, Jack says.

“You are thinking too far man, this is how things have been right from our ancestors, we just have to follow in their footsteps”. Remember "the goddess is wise," Evans says.

“Hey Jack, try this new drink, I came up with it myself, one of Jack's squad members walked towards him with a drink in his hand”.

“Alright. Jack drinks it, hmmm…this is nice. Are you sure your calling is not to be in the pack's pub?”

They all laughed


“Gabriel!” Alpha Blake calls out excitedly, “I'm happy to see you, I've got good news.”

“Alpha Blake”, Gabriel says while kneeling.

“My son Jack and his squad have taken care of that issue we have”, he says proudly.

“That's good alpha, I'm afraid the humans' patience has run out, they want to break the alliance…”

“What!? We settled the issue and I'm very sure it's not going to happen again”, Alpha Blake says furiously.

“I'm sorryAlpha, this is beyond my control, they had a vote and came to the conclusion that this alliance is causing more harm than good”, Gabriel says.

“Wow! Just Wow! my son is right,you humans are of no benefit whatsoever to us,” Alpha Blake says angrily.

“I'm sorry…”

“Get out! Guards!”

“Yes Alpha, the guards runs in”.

“Take this man out of my sight”, he says while pointing at Gabriel.

“Alpha I did my best, it's just….”

One more word from you and you'd be sorry”, Alpha Blake says with his Alpha tone angrily. “Get me Jack now!”He turns to his guards.

“Yes Alpha”, they say in unison.

“Jack! Jack! the alpha wants to see you immediately”, one of the guards calls out to Jack.

“What could be wrong?”Evans asks

Jack shrugs, “I have no idea. Let me go find out”.

“Alpha”, Jack says while on his knees.

“Jack, go to the mountains and call me Nimue”.

“Wh..what?Nimue? Permit me to ask what's this about”.

“Jack!do as I say and don't ask me silly questions”, Alpha Blake says angrily.

Jack has never seen his Dad this angry before. “Yes Alpha” he says and leaves the room.

“Evans! Evans!” Jack calls out to Evans in the training field.

“Yes Jack, what's up is everything alright?” Evans asks while looking at Jack's face for any form of clue.

“We have to go to the mountains and get Nimue”, Jack says.

“Nimue? the sorceress” Evans asks startled. “Why,what's going on Jack? Tell me buddy”.

“I don't know, but whatever it is seems pretty serious for my dad to ask for Nimue”, he says.

Jack and Evans came back with Nimue. “Here she is Alpha”, Jack says.

“Thank you. You can leave, and close the door behind you”.

“Alright Alpha”, Jack leaves the room.

“Alpha”, Nimue greets without kneeling.

“Nimue, my greatest fear is coming to light, the humans…”

“I told you this was going to happen, you can't avoid it, It is destiny”, Nimue says.

Alpha sighs, “is there nothing that can be done about it?” He asks

“I'm sorry Blake, it's destiny” she says.

Alpha Blake sighs.

Chapter 2


I groan as I hear my alarm go off. I feel a migraine splitting my head apart as I  reach for my phone. “Where did I put it?”

I roll over and groan. “Fuck! I have to get up, today is the day we are supposed to move to Chestnut city in South Dakota”. I mentally pushed myself up and went to the bathroom.

God! I hate the idea of relocating but what can I do, mom's made up her mind already according to her"a fresh start is a good start ''.I wonder where she got that phrase from. I'm putting my hair up when I hear a knock at the door.

"Claire, are you ready?" my mom calls out to me.

Sighs, “Almost ready mom” I say.

“Alright honey, when you are done come downstairs, okay”, she says.

“Yes, mom”.

I went downstairs as soon as I was done. "Good morning mom," I say.

"Morning honey, how was your night?”she asks.

“To be honest mom, not fine”.

“Why honey, is it the dr


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