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  • Author: Tbag
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Amora is a high school girl that just moved to Deadwood City, South Dakota. Things begin to take a mysterious turn when she finds out that her late grandfather, who she barely knows had left behind a house in Deadwood and inside that house, she finds her 18th birthday marked with mysterious head notes. And it seems they had arrived in Deadwood at the wrong time, as a series of suspicious murders were going on and the predator was after young girls. Turns out, Amora's mother and family are hiding a secret from her, a very complicated secret. News about the suspicious murder and death of young girls has spread like wildfire in Deadwood city, this has become the topic on everyone's lips. Citizens of Deadwood city are panicking as the cause of death of its young girls is unknown. Fear engulfs the city, as young girls lived with the fear daily that they might be the next in line to die. Stefan is a lone wolf, abandoned by his pack. He comes to Deadwood to solve the mystery and gain the admiration of his pack once again. Amora is the next in line to become alpha but Stefan still wants his position. Things become rough when Stefan and Amora are to fight each other and the person left standing rules. Torn between his emotions for her and his deep desire to own a pack, Stefan with Adam's help begins to search for alternative means for Stefan and Amora, but things get even more complicated when Adam begins to develop feelings for Amora. During the investigation, an unexpected truth was discovered that has everyone thrown into a dilemma.


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