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Alpha Logan's Chosen Luna

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My birth brought death to my mother, and my father grew to hate me for it, leaving me vulnerable to the abuse of my stepmother and stepsister. My mere appearance served as a constant reminder to my stepmother of the woman my father once loved the most - my mother. Consumed by jealousy, she relentlessly sought to destroy my life, but will she succeed? "Sign this contract, become my Luna, and after the contract term ends, you will receive generous rewards and freedom." "What do I need to do during the contract? Sleep with you?" "You just need to play the role of my Luna. We will only pretend to be a couple in public, and there's no need for marking each other," "It seems arrogance is indeed a common trait among every Alpha," "What?" "Alpha Logan, what makes you think I would readily accept your proposal?" I continued, my voice now laced with a mix of anger and defiance. "Just because I'm a wolf-less unwanted daughter? Or do you think you're so noble and handsome that I should be grateful and accept your offer for a large sum of money?" "I didn't mean it like that," he stumbled. I once thought the man who saved me was just an insignificant nobody, but little did I know he was the most ruthless Alpha on the entire continent, responsible for killing his own Mate. What stunned me was that he wanted me to become his Luna?!

CHAPTER 1 Shame of the Pack

Cynthia's POV

"Oh my god, what is Cynthia wearing? She should know better! She's an Alpha's daughter, for goodness sake!"

"She's so pathetic. Is she that poor that she had to wear a nightgown to attend the party?"

"If I were here, I'd be too ashamed to show my face in that rag."

They made sure I heard my comments by saying them through the pack link for everyone to hear and chime in. I've grown accustomed to the cold ridicule of those around me, but I couldn't help but look down at my dress after hearing their words.

The dress wasn't as outrageous as they claimed, but it wasn't high quality either. It was a birthday present I bought for myself on my 18th birthday last year. It was all I could afford.

It used to fit perfectly, but after a year of hard labor, I lost weight, and now the dress hangs loosely on my frame.

The commotion of those that ridiculed me caught the attention of Silver Bow Pack's prized possession, Nancy, my step-sister.

She was like a high and mighty princess, with she-wolves attempting to win her favor and a crowd of warriors vying for her attention. When she noticed me looking at her, she raised her head proudly, smiled smugly at me, and mouthed the word "shame" at me.

I returned her fake smile and flipped her off as a birthday gift.

Seeing her humiliated expression, my fake smile became a little more genuine.

Satisfied, I turned around and took the plate from beside me. I started picking delicious foods from the buffet that was set up on the table. As I was searching for a quiet place to sit after making my plate, my plate was suddenly taken from me.

I looked up to see Nancy's friend Ada glaring at me. "Cynthia, I want you to apologize to Nancy right now!" she growled in my face.

I looked at her coldly and calmly say, "You have no right to command me."

Nancy's flunkies saw what Ada did, and quickly spoke up to to aid her in harassing me.

"Apologize! You have no right to ruin Miss Nancy's 18th birthday party! You've already killed your mother and shamed the pack. Haven't you done enough?"

"That's right! Miss Nancy is so kind. She was kind and merciful enough to invite you. How dare you offend her!"

"Kind?" I scoffed before turning to the she-wolf who last spoke. "If she were really so kind, she wouldn't have threatened to destroy the necklace my mother left me to force me to attend this stupid party. She only invited me to continue to torment me!"

Afraid of what I might say next, Ada immediately interrupted.

"Nancy would do no such thing! That is slander! If you don't apologize, I'll tell Alpha Aiden about this. He won't be merciful for insulting his daughter on her birthday!"

Hearing Alpha Aiden's name made my heart ache as I fought back tears.

The man who gave me life and whom I once called my father allowed my stepmother Luna Sandra and my stepsister Nancy to force me into the basement and treat me like a slave. He stood by and did nothing as they trampled on my will to live. I only anticipate more suffering from him now.

I snatched the plate from Ada's hands, much to her surprise, and growled, "Tell him. Now, get out of my way."

Although Ada was infuriated, she could do nothing in front of everyone. She had to continue with the facade that she and Nancy were such kind she-wolves. The thought of that almost turned me off my food.

I found an empty corner near the door and sat there to enjoy my food. It was delicious. It was food that I rarely got to eat.

Suddenly, a glass of champagne was placed in front of me. I looked up from my food and saw a skinny man before me. He has dark circles under his eyes, which makes him look like a drug addict. His scent confirmed that he was and hadn't bathed in a few days.

"I'm Mike. What's your name?" he asked.

His eyes wandered lustfully over my body. I was repulsed by his leering stare.

"You don't know who I am. You shouldn't be talking to me," I said, moving away from the champagned he offered me and take a sip of the drink I made for myself.

"I know you're Cynthia. You're the 19-year-old she-wolf that hasn't shifted," he said.

I unconsciously clenched my fists at being humiliated so effortless by a stranger.

He continued, studying my face and body. "You must have found it difficult to attend this party wearing such cheap clothing."

"What do you want?" I asked, looking at him in disapproval.

"I've slept with all kinds of women but never with an Alpha's daughter. I wonder how you taste? You're probably still a virgin," Mike said and took a deep inhale of my scent, "Definitely a virgin, but I don't mind. Virgins are so much better than women already broken in." He licks his lips in anticipation and I wanted to vomit at the idea of him touching me. He hands me a room key. "You're so beautiful. I'm willing to give you a chance to make your life easier. You don't need to do anything, just tend to all my needs."

I felt more humiliated by his words than by all the beatings I had ever endured. I immediately wanted to pour the champagne on his face.

But if I did, Nancy's party would certainly be ruined, and I wouldn't be able to get my mother's necklace back from her. So I had to put up with it.

I tried to leave, but he grabbed my wrist, stopping me.

"If you agree, I will make the prostitute waiting for me at the hotel leave or perhaps we can have a threesome," he said.

I glared at him angrily, resisting the urge to slap him. Then I noticed a man standing not too far behind Mike, staring at me. He was tall, handsome, and dressed in a custom-made black suit that fit his clearly muscular body.

As our eyes met, the man seemed visibly stunned that I caught him staring. I furrowed my brows slightly, wondering how long he had been silently watching this scene unfold.

I glanced at Mike, then back at the other man, and an idea struck me.

"I already have a mate," I said, snatching my wrist from his grasp.

"Liar! No one would willingly be with a wolfless she-wolf," Mike argued.

"You do," I said and pushed him aside. I walked towards the man watching us.

I grabbed the man's tie, forcing him to lower his head slightly, then stood on tiptoe and kissed him, praying he wouldn't push me away.

CHAPTER 2 Be My Luna

Logan's POV

I sat in my study dealing with pack matters when sudden knocking on my door took me out of my focus.

"Come in," I said after making a note on the document I was reading to remind me where I stopped.

Adam, a member of the Elder Council, entered my office. He bowed to me in greeting and I nodded in approval. He walked up to my desk and respectfully placed an invitation in front of me.

"What is this?" I asked, picking up the invitation and leaned back in my chair.

"This is a birthday party invitation to Luna Sandra of the Silver Bow Pack. Before you refuse, my Alpha, remember it is important that you attend such events to meet potential she-wolves that could fill the Luna vacancy within our pack," Adam explained.

I frowned after hearing his response. "Elder Adam, as an Alpha, I do not need a Luna. I manage the Night Walker pack alone."

"Alpha, you are an excellent leader, that's without question," Elder Adam said. "However, you are

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