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Alpha Lance's Hybrid Mate

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I grab his neck and hungrily kiss him. My hands glide all over his body, his naked chest, stomach, and arms just the way I have been imagining. Lance kisses me back with the same hunger completely forgetting we have an audience. I feel myself fading away and I try hard to get back control before I do something am not ready for. Lance grabs my *ss and squeezes it harder making me moan in his mouth. I need to stop this, it's like we are completely possessed. My hands traces the waistline of his pants and he doesn't stop me. Instead, my mate growls approvingly. In the paranormal world, hybrids are known to be powerful creatures. Their blood is believed to cure all kinds of illnesses and also makes one strong. That alone puts their lives at risk. Ariel was born hybrid and her devious father is out for her blood. To add to that,she's mated to a sadist Alpha who doesn't want a mate. Join me through her chaotic life and find out how it goes.

Chapter 1


I turned nineteen two days ago. Before I could enjoy my birthday, a vampire invited himself to the party and grandly introduced himself as my father.

I thought my dad died through a rogue's attack, can you imagine how shocked I was? that is not the shocking part, he drugged and kidnapped me.

I don't know what serum he injected into my system but my body is paralysed.

I have been laying in this bed for two days being used as his blood bank.

I stiffly stare through the window watching how the heavy drops of rain hit it and slide down. The outrageous lightning matching my misery.

Life comes with different encounters, We don't choose where and how to be born, no. Because if that were the case, I will rather be born human.

Looking around his laboratory, he has arranged equipment to collect more of my blood, like my existence doesn't matter at all. Only my blood does.

My body is weak, but my mind keeps telling me to fight on. I have to.

I always hated the idea of being a damsel in distress but now that am here am not proud of course. At this moment I could only pray for a miracle if they really do happen.

The only thing I can do is watch the man take my blood and transfer it to the kids he keeps bringing with him.

The sick f*ck has been kidnapping little werewolves kids and using them as lab rats. He says he wants to create as many hybrids as possible.

The man seems to be doing it wrong because the poor kids keep dying, that doesn't stop him though, he goes for more instead.

Speaking of which, the door opens and he enters with three crying little kids, a boy and two girls.

The big muscled vampire with clear red eyes, black hair and dark stubble watches me with amused eyes. He must be sick in the head.

" Hello daughter, I brought you company" he smirks evilly at me knowing I can't talk or move.

When I get out of here, I will gladly rip his throat out with no ounce of mercy whatsoever.

"Stop crying little brats" he snaps tying the protesting lanky boy to the bed where a deceased was lying this morning.

"Am trying to make you strong, you should be thanking

me" he grumbles doing the same to the girls on the other two beds.

"I want my mummy" the blonde little girl cries kicking about but he injects her anyway, ruthlessly silencing her.

He's a nut case, I swear.

"You know" he chuckles amusedly walking towards me " your mother was so easy" he laughs and I groan angrily but no sound comes out.

"I killed her mate. When she was sad mourning, I gave her my shoulder to lean on, and boom, she's pregnant" he laughs loudly and I look at him with hate.

No way we share the same blood, I refuse.

"She was so beautiful and alpha's daughter. Just what I was looking for to create you" he runs his big finger on my jaw roughly and I scowl at him.

My body is still and I can't move away even if that is what I want to do so bad right now.

"Your blood is gonna make me rich. If these little things die again, I will have to keep you for breeding. I want more hybrids" he snickers pointing at the helpless kids who look scared to their bones.

I feel a tear of defeat roll down from my eye. If someone doesn't get me out of here, am definitely doomed.

Thinking about it, I don't think my mother cares enough to worry about me. F*ck, maybe she's not even aware am missing.

He starts singing loudly and out of tone, grabbing his tools and blood bags and paces towards me for more.

Am sure nothing is even left in my system. My throat is so dry and my stomach is empty as f*ck.

I don't want to imagine what my body will feel like when this drug wears off. He seizes my palm and turns it around to observe the veins. He stops for a minute looking at my face with furrowed eyebrows.

" Oh! my bad" he laughs obnoxiously" how could I forget to feed my own daughter, forgive your father honey," he fakes sympathy smiling slyly at his words.

The things I will do to him, I can only pray he forgives me when his *ss rots in hell.

He takes a glass of blood and roughly places it on my dry lips. I thank the moon goddess for the few drops that go past my throat. This f*ck*r surely doesn't care if am having any or not.

"There you go, I just rubbed your back and it's your turn to rub mine" he hums injecting a needle into my vein and connecting it to an empty blood bag, I feel nothing.

I watch pathetically, as my blood flows from my body filling the bag with every drop, this is it for me. I am gonna die here.

Minutes away, noises are heard outside and the man quickly rushes to the window. What he sees out there makes him cuss out all kinds of profanities, and he starts grabbing his stuff hurriedly.

" They found me" he chants putting the blood bags in one big backpack.

If they found him that only means someone might save us. The kids are whimpering on their beds.

They are scared if they release a sound, they'll end up like the little girl who lays cold on the opposite bed.

"Don't worry honey, your dad is gonna leave but he'll be back soon okay?" he smiles cheekily kissing my forehead.

I want to puke my guts out. I will remember to scrub that part with a whole bottle of soap when I get home, hopefully.

The doors to the room bursts open and the man leave through the back door. With a vampire's speed, no wolf can match him meaning his chances of escaping are high.

"Sh*t" a cold voice growls out. The man walks to me, his eyes changing from black to green. A werewolf.


Heavens! If s*x on legs had a name, it would certainly be him. My jaw drops while I gawk at the magnificent creation staring at me in awe.

"Mate" he growls in a deep husky voice as his darkened eyes stare at me in disbelief.


Chapter 2



I stare at the man in disbelief as my heart threatens to burst out from my chest. He carries himself with dominance and his presence reeks of power.

Fuck me.

Goddess, I can stare at him all the time and never get bored, I wish my beasts were present.

"Where is my baby?" my mother's fake voice interrupts the moment and she hurriedly approaches my bed followed by two men.

Looking at their red eyes, it only means they're vampires. What is my mum doing with vampires?

The first one has short blonde hair with a lean figure and his friend is more masculine and has black hair.

"And what do you mean mate?" she harshly snaps at the wolf who still has his eyes on me but now with an emotionless face. What changed?

"She already has a mate, him" her voice brings me back to the conversation and I watch her point at the one with blonde hair and I stare at them sceptically.

His sharp jaw

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