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About me

I am a writer who loves Werewolf and Mafia romance... Please, give my books a chance. I believe there is always room for improvement.


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One night of wild pleasure brings two dangerous hearts together. When Nicole leaves the room the next morning, she can't erase him from her mind but decides to forget about him, because it's the best option. 'He won't accept me if he knew the kind of life I live' she consoles herself as she drives home. He doesn't believe love exists. The only thing he knows how to do better is to kill and earn more money. When his eyes look into hers for the first time, he instantly resolves that she's the one he's gonna spend the rest of the night with. Only when morning comes, Alessio Fernandez is unwilling to let her go. A month passes with no sight of her and when he is on a mission to kill some unspecified target, can you imagine the surprise he perceives when his target turns out to be Nicole Valdez? What choice will Alessio make? And how will Nicole handle the truth about who her one night turns out to be? Find out more in the book.

Alpha Lance's Hybrid Mate
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I grab his neck and hungrily kiss him. My hands glide all over his body, his naked chest, stomach, and arms just the way I have been imagining. Lance kisses me back with the same hunger completely forgetting we have an audience. I feel myself fading away and I try hard to get back control before I do something am not ready for. Lance grabs my ass and squeezes it harder making me moan in his mouth. I need to stop this, it's like we are completely possessed. My hands traces the waistline of his pants and he doesn't stop me. Instead, my mate growls approvingly. In the paranormal world, hybrids are known to be powerful creatures. Their blood is believed to cure all kinds of illnesses and also makes one strong. That alone puts their lives at risk. Ariel was born hybrid and her devious father is out for her blood. To add to that,she's mated to a sadist Alpha who doesn't want a mate. Join me through her chaotic life and find out how it goes.

His Mafia Queen.
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"Are you okay, did I hurt you?" he whispers, gently running his thumb on my flushed cheek. His eyes are so tender and the way they stare down at me, makes my heart swell with immense joy. I can't believe I just did it, and it was amazing. "No" I shake my head leaning into his touch. Fuck! I love him so much. I want this man to myself all days of my life. "Thank you for trusting me, baby. I..I...i" he quickly looks away when he couldn't complete his sentence, and I know why. "You don't have to tell me anything" I whisper pulling his head to my lips. "It doesn't matter to me, Rico. You are all I want, with your every flaw and the darkness that surrounds you" "But you deserve so much better sweetheart, you deserve the world" "Then be my world. I don't want to exist in a place you aren't " I sincerely murmur and it silences him. For the first time since I met rico, his eyes hold a different emotion other than the obvious ones. Determination. They are both lonely with troubling pasts, they both have walls built up so high and won't allow anyone to notice the pain behind their eyes. Can Mia Vulcan and Rico Moreno help each other overcome the demons hunting them? Find out.

His mafia princess
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WARNING!( MATURE ) "Are you touching yourself?" he voices in a husky murmur startling the hell out of me. I hastily sit up and look at his amused face, "" I stutter in embarrassment. "Let me see" Carl crouches in front of me and grab my hand to inspect my wet fingers. Kayla is a Santino's american mafia princess.In the world of guns,an enemy is bound to knock on your door anytime. What happens when her fathers enemy knocks on their door? And what happens when kayla learns that she's betrothed to a ruthless italian mafia boss Carl Moreno? Also known as the sex-god. And to add on that,a man of many enemies . Join me to find out

Alpha Aiden And His Human Mate
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I cry as I cum harder in his mouth again, he's been doing this for 20mins now. This is the worst punishment I could ever wish for. Am sore from his fingers and my nub is so sensitive right now but he isn't stopping, another orgasm hits me hard and I sob. "Am sorry Aiden please stop" I cry begging him with my blurry eyes. I am covered with sweat and dried tears. My body is exhausted and I can't take this anymore. "I want you to know that I don't share what's mine, and you Melanie are MINE alone" he growls out against my core sending shivers throughout my body. "Yes Aiden am only yours, please am sorry," I breathlessly say hoping he'll stop. 18 years old Melanie is a human girl living with her single mum in the city. Apart from school, she also models. One day her friends invite her to their birthday party and there she learns they are not humans but werewolves. Still confused, their alpha walks to her calling her his mate. Things take a turn for Melanie and strange things start happening to her which leads to big discoveries she could've never imagined. Aiden is the alpha of the Red blood moon pack. Apart from good looks, he's a strong, fierce and ruthless alpha wolf. At 25 years, he's still unmated and it made him lose hope. So what happens when two of his pack members walk into his pack with a human girl who also happens to be his long-awaited mate? Who is the real Melanie? What is her purpose? Is she really human or something else? Join me to find out.


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