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Alpha Dean

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What happens when Alpha Dean discovers that the girl he thought was a lonely wolf is actually a Luna from another pack? He rejects Linda, the girl he was supposed to marry, just to be with the lonely wolf girl. However, now he realizes it was all a lie. What will happen to him now? Will he chase her out of his kingdom, or will he make her regret ever lying to him? Alpha Pack Series Beauty And The Lycan Beast book 1 Alpha Dean book 2

Chapter 1

*Quick Reminder*

Before you start reading do know this is a book 2 of the Alpha pack series. To get more understanding about the book please read the Alpha Pack Series book 1 ( Beauty And The Lycan Beast).



Dean pov..

"I uttered those words, asking Sierra, 'Will you be my Luna?' In that moment, my heart poured out all the emotions I had been holding inside.

Anxiously, I waited for her response, hoping with every fiber of my being that she would agree. The anticipation of her answer made my heart race, as I yearned to hold her tightly if she said yes.

Uncertainty gnawed at me, questioning the rightness of my decision. Yet, the overpowering emotions within me refused to be silenced.

Linda stood beside me, her face a reflection of the pain she felt when I uttered those words to Sierra. Although Linda was my fiancée, her presence had become unbearable. Since meeting Sierra, my heart longed to win her love and spend eternity by her side.

Sierra, a lonely wolf carrying a child, had endured years of solitude without anyone's support. I had promised to care for her, but when she tragically lost her baby, doubt clouded my mind.

She gazed at me, her eyes filled with a mixture of longing and defiance. Her desire to leave and start anew was evident. However, by making her my Luna, I could ensure she would never be alone.

"Dean," her soft whisper barely reached my ears, tears streaming down her face, "I'm sorry, Dean, but I can't marry you."

Her words pierced through me like a thousand needles, and for a moment, the world seemed to disappear, leaving me in darkness.

As she turned to walk away, I held her hands tightly, still on one knee, my heart heavy with sorrow, and looked up at her.

"Please, Sierra, even if you can't be my Luna, just stay."

The thought of losing her was unbearable, and I refused to let her slip away.

But just as we stood there, locked in this heart-wrenching scene, my hands were wrenched from hers. I turned to see Linda, her face twisted with anger and tears, staring at me in fury."

"I can't believe you're repaying me like this after everything I've done for you."

Her hurtful words didn't affect me because my attention was solely on Sierra.

Determined, I stood up, facing Linda, and tightly clasped Sierra's hands against my chest.

"Sierra will be my Luna now, so it's best if you leave my castle."

My voice reverberated with such intensity that it felt like the words were resonating within me.

Linda's gaze pierced me, brimming with evident pain, causing Sierra to shrink back and lower her head, too afraid to meet her eyes.

"F*ck you!" Linda spat out angrily as she distanced herself from us. "I'll make you pay," she yelled, turning on her heels and fleeing from the castle, leaving Sierra and me alone.

After a minute or so, I directed my attention to Sierra, still with her head bowed. With gentle hands, I lifted her gaze, meeting her eyes as I spoke.

"I know she's been tormenting you all this time. Now that she's gone, there's nothing to fear. Please, stay."

Her eyes remained fixed on me, and I found myself drawing closer, our faces inching toward each other until our lips met.

The warmth of the kiss enveloped me, and I hesitated to break away, yearning for it to continue.

As Sierra clutched her hastily packed suitcase filled with clothes, ready to leave, it slipped from her grasp and fell to the ground. In response, I pulled her even closer to me.

With her pressed against me, my hands explored her figure, relishing the soft and supple sensation, longing to etch her gentleness into my memory.

Lost in the ecstasy of the kiss, I surrendered myself to bliss. Suddenly, she forcefully pushed me away, her hand connecting with my cheek in a resounding slap.

Fear and shock emanated from her eyes, as if they were windows into her deepest emotions. I yearned to calm her racing heart and soothe her troubled mind, but she abruptly fled up the stairs, her footsteps echoing against the wooden steps. The sound of the door closing behind her filled my ears, emphasizing the finality of her departure.

Regret overwhelmed me, and I couldn't help but raise my hands to my head and strike it forcefully. I berated myself for my hasty decision.

"Come on, Dean, think," I whispered, the words escaping my lips like a fragile plea. I furrowed my brow, searching my mind for a solution, desperate to fix the mistake I had made.

Moving across the room, I sought comfort on the cozy couch. Yet, the weight of my foolishness clung to me like a heavy burden. Why did I always act this way? What was wrong with me?

I stood up and started pacing, each step an attempt to navigate the maze of my thoughts and find redemption. After what felt like an eternity of self-reflection, a realization sparked within me. This time, I would sincerely apologize to her, without any more foolish mistakes.

With measured steps, I climbed the staircase, pausing at times, torn between the urge to retreat and forget about apologizing, and the determination that fueled me. Eventually, the latter prevailed, propelling me forward as I continued my ascent, with her bedroom door as my destination.

Time seemed to stretch as I stood there, exhaling slowly, trying to calm my nerves. Finally, summoning all my courage, I raised my hand and prepared to knock gently, hoping for a response.

"I hope she answers," I thought silently, my mind filled with anticipation as my knuckles tapped against the door, each sound echoing in the quiet hallway.

Minutes passed, yet no reply reached my ears. Undeterred, I knocked again, but there was only silence in the empty air.

Just as I was about to leave, my pride wounded, I heard the door creak. I turned around to face her. She was staring at me, her eyes searching mine for answers. Her face showed both vulnerability and curiosity.

"Do you really love me?" she asked softly, her voice filled with raw sincerity that made my heart ache. I approached her slowly, never breaking eye contact. The unspoken words hung between us, like a delicate web.

"Yes, Sierra," I replied passionately, "I love you so deeply that it almost drives me mad."

Without saying another word, she rushed toward me, closing the distance with a single stride. Our lips met in a passionate kiss, a collision of emotions that left me stunned. It was a role reversal that caught me off guard.

"I love you too, Alpha," she whispered, her words reaching my ears with tenderness. It warmed me from within. A smile appeared on my lips, reflecting the same joy in our embrace.

I gently held her delicate waist and guided her closer to me. With a soft sigh, I closed the door behind us, immersing ourselves in an intimate world where only our love existed.

Chapter 2

Linda pov.

I couldn't believe he would betray me like this, after all the support and sacrifices I had made for him. He callously rejected me because of her.

With a heavy heart, I dragged myself to the local bar, hoping that drowning my sorrows in alcohol would numb the pain and help me forget what had transpired.

I slumped over the bar table, tears streaming down my face. The murmurs and whispers of the curious onlookers filled the air, but I paid no attention to them.

Anger surged through me, overwhelming my senses. How could he have so little regard for my feelings? He left me stranded in a vast ocean of sorrow and despair, with no compass to guide me.

The glass in my hand trembled as I clenched it tightly, unable to contain the fiery rage coursing through my veins. In a moment of pure frustration, the glass shattered into a thousand shards, mirroring the shattered fragments of my heart. My eyes burned with an


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