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Alpha Clause

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In a land of werewolves where Lycans are their superior. The Lycans are five and they rule the lands ensuring peace. Among them, there is one known as Alpha Clause. Fay is a werewolf that has grown up hearing about the five Lycans, but she never thought that she would ever meet them, especially not the one that was known to be fierce in battle and strict. Alpha Clause. They can't seem to pull away from each other which means only one thing. Mates. Alpha Ross is a Lycan gone Rogue who is attacking the werewolves and trying to separate them, but will he succeed? Can they defeat him before he defeats them? Will Fay be able to be Luna while other shewolves are challenging her authority so that they can be with Alpha Clause? Can they really be together when so many obstacles keep coming between them or will they drift apart? Read to see what happens!

The Mating Ceremony

The day has come for Fay, the day that she was supposed to meet her soulmate and true love. Werewolves held a mating ceremony each year for young werewolves that have come of age to find their fated mates. Each werewolf could find their mates from the age of twenty as was Fay's age.

Their five Lycan leaders or The Five as they were called attend the ceremony each year to celebrate with fellow werewolf citizens. They ruled their werewolf lands with iron fists and maintained the peace. They were Alpha Nathan, Alpha Sloan, Alpha Wyatt, Alpha Mason and Alpha Clause. Alpha Clause was known to be very fierce and strict that no one dared to cross him.

Fay was walking down the stairs of her parent's two story building with her best friend, Amy to attend the mating ceremony.

"I can't believe that we are finally going to find our mates! And we're going to see The Five up close too!" Amy squealed as they landed on the ground, making Fay laugh at her happiness.

Her excitement was contagious and Day was also excited to finally find her mate. She wanted to meet her other half and have pups of her own. "Yeah, but it's happening and we're going to enjoy it."

"Running off without saying bye?" Fay's dad, Thomas said with a grin on his face as he came out of the kitchen which was beside the stair case.

Fay grinned back at him as she knew he was joking while Amy let out a small laugh. "Of course not dad, we were just about to look for you."

"That's my girl!" He exclaimed and enveloped her in a hug then released her to ruffle Amy's hair in a playful gesture. "You're my girl too."

"Thanks, Mr. Thomas." Amy replied with a grin as Fay moved to enter the kitchen, but the doors opened and her mom, Selene walked out wearing an apron.

"Fay, is it time already?" Selene asked as she came to stand in front of her.

"Yes, mom. We're about to go to the town square for the ceremony." Fay answered as she smiled at her mom.

Selene wrapped her arms around her too and sighed, "I hope you find your mate there."

She released her from the hug and hugged Amy too, adding, "Both of you."

"We hope so too." Fay replied and Amy nodded with a large smile.

Fay looked at her dad and mom as she said, "We have to go now so that we won't be late. See you when we come back with our mates!"

"Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas!" Amy added.

Thomas and Selene replied to them both,"Bye, see you then!"

Fay nodded as she and Amy turned around and rushed to the door. They closed it after coming out of the house. Amy hooked her arm in hers and pulled her to walk faster to the town square which was only a block away from Fay's house. They passed houses on the streets that looked like Fay's house and some shops that were bustling with people.

"I wonder who my mate would be, would he be like I imagined? Handsome, tall and toned?" Amy said as she almost skipped in her steps out of excitement.

Fay let out a laugh, "Or he could be ugly, short with a pot belly or skin and bones."

Amy laughed too at Fay's joke as they rounded the corner to the street that led to the town square. As she looked around at the people going in the direction they were going, Fay said, "Looks aren't everything, sure we want a gorgeous mate, but we also want one with a kind heart and good personality."

"Yes, yes, I know, but if he has a good personality and doesn't have a gorgeous appearance, I doubt I can love him." Amy replied with a frown as they watched people gather in the town square.

"He's your soul mate and fated love, you have to love him no matter what." Fay let out a chuckle as they reached the town square where the people talked amongst themselves. A stage was set up at the front with five chairs there.

"Yeah, you're right, but I hope we get all the package. Looks, personality and status."

"Me too." Fay replied just as five limos pulled over and the doors opened at the same time.

Both of the girls' attention went to The Five that each came out of their own limo. The five Lycan Alphas were all so good looking and toned that all the girls had their eyes on them. They moved through the crowd with grace and powerful auras as everyone there cheered for them.

They climbed up the stage using the steps on the side and made their way to the front of the stage to address the werewolves. Alpha Mason stood on the left, then beside him stood Alpha Nathan. Alpha Clause was in the middle with Alpha Wyatt beside him and Alpha Sloan on the far right.

Alpha Mason was known to be the oldest and was the one that usually spoke in these ceremonies. He raised his hands in a welcoming gesture with a friendly smile on his face, "Welcome, young wolves. We are elated to be here with you on the day you are to find your mates and be complete. May the mating ceremony begin!"

Everyone cheered again as Alpha Mason brought out a red stone from the inside of his jacket and turned to the other Alphas as they held it out to them. The crowd quieted down to watch in awe as the other four Alphas placed their hands on the red stone. The stone started glowing and the four took their hands off, leaving it in Mason's hands. It was still glowing in the night as he placed it on the podium on the stage.

The red light from the red stone suddenly glowed to the sky, hitting the moon. The sky became orange mixed with the dark blue of the night sky and all the werewolves started humming a tone as they started looking for their mates among the crowd.

The Long Awaited Mate

What the Alphas did with the red stone was what made werewolves find their mates. So as soon as the red light hit the moon, every werewolf there started feeling a pull towards their mates. The need to find her mate increased inside Fay as her eyes turned red like the stone and every werewolf's eyes there.

She didn't know where Amy had gone because she was too busy trying to find her mate as the red moon guided her. She heard other werewolves murmur 'mate' to each other as they found their mates.

As her eyes moved through the crowd, she felt them suddenly snap to Alpha Clause on the stage like someone had turned her head to look at him. He was already looking at her and their gaze locked. She couldn't pull away from his gaze as she felt so drawn to him, she wanted to run to him and mark him then and there. From the look in his eyes, he felt the same way.

Alpha Clause walked down the steps of the stage, still holding her gaze and made his way


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