Alpha Aiden And His Human Mate

Alpha Aiden And His Human Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: katiespheres
  • Chapters: 63
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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I cry as I cum harder in his mouth again, he's been doing this for 20mins now. This is the worst punishment I could ever wish for. Am sore from his fingers and my nub is so sensitive right now but he isn't stopping, another orgasm hits me hard and I sob. "Am sorry Aiden please stop" I cry begging him with my blurry eyes. I am covered with sweat and dried tears. My body is exhausted and I can't take this anymore. "I want you to know that I don't share what's mine, and you Melanie are MINE alone" he growls out against my core sending shivers throughout my body. "Yes Aiden am only yours, please am sorry," I breathlessly say hoping he'll stop. 18 years old Melanie is a human girl living with her single mum in the city. Apart from school, she also models. One day her friends invite her to their birthday party and there she learns they are not humans but werewolves. Still confused, their alpha walks to her calling her his mate. Things take a turn for Melanie and strange things start happening to her which leads to big discoveries she could've never imagined. Aiden is the alpha of the Red blood moon pack. Apart from good looks, he's a strong, fierce and ruthless alpha wolf. At 25 years, he's still unmated and it made him lose hope. So what happens when two of his pack members walk into his pack with a human girl who also happens to be his long-awaited mate? Who is the real Melanie? What is her purpose? Is she really human or something else? Join me to find out.

Chapter 1

Melanie POV

"So your birthday is on Saturday?" I ask my two best friends Liam and Lily. They are identical twins and we've been friends for 3 years now.

"Yeah" lily answers hesitantly, I don't know why but since we became friends I have never been to their place, we only hang out at mine. They never invite me to their birthdays either, this would be the first if am lucky.

Sometimes it gets lonely at home since mum is always travelling and working, so needing company from my two best friends isn't much to ask right?

"Am I invited this time round?" I ask pouting at them because I know they can't resist this face.

"Of course" Liam agrees to make me squeal happily.


"Yes" I beam hugging him tight and he chuckles making his dimple appear. He has one on his left cheek. Cute.

My two friends are really beautiful and you can easily tell they're twins, sometimes I envy their beauty. Not that am bad myself.

They are so lucky to have each other, I wonder how it would feel like if I had a sibling.No doubt amazing.

"Can jake come too?" I look at them hopefully, Jake is my boyfriend and we've been dating for 6 months.

We knew each other since childhood. We were great friends till late last year when he confessed he had feelings for me.

Being the soft person I am, I didn't turn him down for the fear of losing him and our friendship. Also, the loneliness at home contributed to saying yes to him.

Sometimes I feel guilty because he's a good person and he deserves to be loved back, hopefully, maybe in future I will learn to.

"I don't know Mel, my brother said strictly family, sorry," Liam says apologetically and I nod in understanding.

I hope I won't be intruding.

"Your brother, is he hot?" I wiggle my eyebrows playfully at them and they groan in unison.

"Easy there Melanie you have a boyfriend remember?" Lily hits my shoulder lightly while Liam shakes his head laughing.

I chuckle "What? am just asking, you know I hate surprises" I say scooping the salad into my mouth.

It's lunch break and we are in the cafeteria, I find school food disgusting that's why one of my guards brings me lunch every day.

Don't even ask me why I have guards because honestly, I don't know. Each time I ask my mum she brushes it off and the conversation is to never repeat itself.

My mum and I don't have a relationship at all, she's barely even at home. Being a fashion designer, she travels a lot and each time she's around she controls my life which sucks.

The food I eat, the clothes I wear, and everything else must meet her standards. She made me start working as a model when I was 10.

I started by modelling her designs and later on, I got offers from different companies because of her influence of course.

She also made me go to etiquette classes, Can you believe that?

Sometimes it's hard managing school and work, but that's not my mother's problem.

According to her, I have to figure everything out by myself, she says nothing comes easy and one has to learn to be independent earlier in life.

I think everything is always about money to her that's why I was raised by my nanny and guards, she had no time for raising her own child.

She stopped supporting me financially the day she made me start working. Am grateful for that though, because it made me realise how much I can achieve by myself.

I don't even know who my dad is, I have never met or heard of him.

I was denied a chance of experiencing a proper childhood, I never did what normal kids do. Instead, I was forced to mature at age of 10.

That's why am moving out of her house as soon as possible because it never felt like home, not even one's.

After a long tiring literature class in which I got completely nothing, the bell finally rings signalling the end of the lesson and the day.

God knows how happy I am since today I don't get to work. I need a good rest because I barely sleep especially on school and work days.

Sometimes my schedule is so tight that I don't get enough time for myself. So whenever I get time is my lucky day, just like today.

We head to the school gates with my two friends who are in a hurry because they have a place to be apparently.

I think most of the time they act weird like they're hiding something from me but I brush it off, maybe am just being paranoid.

Besides my car, Jake awaits along with Axel one of my guards.

"Hey babe," he says immediately I reach him pecking me on my cheek.

"Hi, handsome" I give him a hug smiling at him lightly.

"Axel" I acknowledge him and he gives me a nod. Just because I don't like the idea of having guards doesn't make me act rude to them, I do respect them because I know they're just doing their jobs.

It has been that way since I knew them and am glad we have a great and decent relationship, better than the one I have with my own mother.

"Any plans for today?" Jake asks, brushing the hair from my face away.

What should I say, I want to take a long long shower and just sleep till tomorrow. I owe myself that much after too much overworking, good thing I have no homework today.

If I tell him am free he'll want to take me out on a date because he's been nagging about it for some time now.

I like jake but there is no spark on my side, and that kills me every time being around him. It makes me feel guilty for not returning his love.

Too bad we can't just love someone because we want to, it's a matter of our heart's choices.

So like always, whenever he talks about us doing something together, I bring something else up just like am planning to do right now.

God! I feel like I am a terrible person for lying to him.

I thought it was the best thing to do.

I didn't wanna hurt his feelings but now am regretting my decision, maybe I should've just come clean to him or maybe I should learn to love him.

" Today am going out with mum" I hate lying.

"Oh, I thought you might be free," he says disappointment lacing in his voice.

Now I feel horrible.

" Sorry Jake, what about tomorrow?" I have to make time for him because it'll lessen the guilt I feel every time I turn him down.

Sometimes I wish he was a jerk, maybe then I could have an excuse of rejecting him but Jake is different in every sense.

"Really? " he perks up with excitement, his previous sad face brightening like I just switched it on.

I chuckle "Yes, really"

"Thanks, babe, am taking you on a date tomorrow," he says with a toothy grin.

Oh goodness! I don't wanna take away that smile.

I smile back pecking his lips lightly.

"Can I go now?" I ask before hugging him and he hugs back holding me tightly.

"I will miss you, see you tomorrow, yeah?" he says staring in my eyes before he kisses my forehead.

"See you tomorrow," I say back smiling.

He opens the door and ushers me in my smiling softly.

He doesn't deserve me.

Jake deserves better and I feel like crap for lying to him.

Please just love him back, I plead with my heart.

He leans forward and kisses my cheek one last time before walking away and I groan silently tugging at my hair.

I hate lying because I know I will feel bad if someone I care about lies to me, and am doing just that to my boyfriend.

Am sorry jake.

The drive home is silent.

I wish I could talk to my mum about the boy's problems. I wish she was there for me when I need her. A girl can dream.

I look out from the window and weather outside is changing.

The bright blue skies are turning dark grey, a clear indication of the upcoming downpour. Hope it finds me home.

Resting my head on the backrest, I reminisce about the dream I have been having since my 17th birthday.

A silver wolf keeps appearing in my dreams. She's caged and every time I look into her eyes, it's like she's begging me to release her.

The strange dream keeps recurring but I always push it away. It's nothing serious, so I always thought.

If only I knew

Chapter 2

Melanie Pov

The party is today and Liam is picking me up anytime from now. Am wearing black ripped skinny jeans, a white crop top, a white coat and black sandal heels.

I let my silver long hair down and it flows freely down my waist, with a minimum touch of makeup. Am always confident with my looks, perks of being a model I think.

The doorbell rings and I know with no doubt Liam is already here, grabbing my black purse to match my dress code, I finally meet the grinning birthday boy.

" Hey Liam" I beam giving him a hug and a peck on his cheek.

" Hey, you look beautiful Mel" he complements looking at me.

" Thank you, happy birthday" I am feeling so much excitement that today I get to know something about them.

" Thanks, shall we? " he quirks an eyebrow

"Yes please", he takes my hand leading me to his car.

Of course Axel and Ryder trail behind, I have been convincing them not to co


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