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Alpha Ace and His Undercover Mate

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My name is Roxy Gilbert, and I'm apart of The Silent Moon Pack. When I was two years old, we were attacked by a stronger and more powerful pack. They took our home, our people, our land and our dignity...And I'm getting it back. *** Roxy and her twin brother, Aiden, have been training their whole lives to go undercover as spies in the pack that overthrew them. Their aim is to figure out the pack's weak spots, get enough information as possible about them, and attack when they least expect it. What Roxy doesn't know is that her mate is the new Alpha of that very pack, which leaves her torn between betraying her pack or her mate. Who will she choose? Let the tests of trust, love and loyalty begin... * And Special Bonus Chapters of the Alpha's Mate Series*

Chapter 1

-Beep. Beep. Beep-

I groaned in frustration as I silenced the alarm for the fifth time today, resisting the urge to throw it across the room.

Sometimes, I despised these early morning training sessions, but what keeps me going is the aim of this all.

One day, all our training would pay off and everyday that passed was a day closer to our redemption.

"Roxy be down in ten!" My brother, Aiden, shouted from behind my door. He was always up and ready to train. He dedicated his life to this mission and sometimes I fretted that he was in too deep.

I guess I could understand though; he was going to be the next Alpha so it was in his nature to be territorial and protective. After what happened to our pack, I knew he'd feel obligated to protect and lead.

Getting up, I threw on my training gear, pulled my hair into a low bun and dragged on my sneakers as quickly as I could before Aiden could get a chance to holler at me again.

It was 5:30 in the morning, so I didn't expect anyone except the three of us to be up. Grabbing an apple and my water bottle, I made my way to the training ground, seeing both Aiden and Phillip, my trainer and Beta, ready and warming up.

Even though I was never a girly girl growing up, they got used to my slight tardiness, given that I have more to do when getting ready.

"Well kids" Phillip started with a smirk. I rolled my eyes at him. Even at 20 years old he still considered us kids. "As you already know, your training will come to an end very soon, and you'll fulfil your purpose, making your father and I proud. Mostly me though" He winked and I laughed.

Phillip always made training fun. Being with one person 6 days a week for five years can get boring quite easily, and he knew that, so he always found creative and exciting ways to teach us. He was more than good at his job--he's the best.

"You've mastered all the skills needed to perform your mission, hence, the upcoming week will be one of crossing the T's and dotting the I's"

"Wait. So does this mean we will go on mission soon? Since we only have a week of training left?" I asked more than relieved and excited.

I loved training, because it was the only thing I did since I turned 16, but sometimes I just wanted to get this mission over with and move on with my life. But I knew I had a duty to my pack first.

"Yep. The Alpha has finalized everything, so you guys will get the introduction to the mission from him soon" He confirmed, while Aiden and I shared a happy look.

You see, eighteen years ago our pack was attacked by the Truemoon Pack. They took most of our land, our people, and left us weak and helpless. People died, some were kidnapped and my father, Alpha Blake, has done everything in his power to bring us back stronger than ever. The problem is, we had no knowledge of Truemoon's strength, and so going in blindly could be a suicide mission for us.

That's where Aiden and I came in.

My brother and I will go undercover in their pack to get as much information as possible, so that ultimately, we will be sure about how and when to attack.

At first, I wasn't too fond of raging war, but my father made it clear that it was the only way we would get back what's ours. All he has ever wanted was to have everything in line for Aiden when he takes over, so that he won't be leading a 'broken pack'. This made Aiden more determined about the mission.

We didn't exactly know what the mission will entail as yet. Our father dealt with all the planning, while Phillip dealt with all the training.

When we are of age and maximum preparation, he said he would sit us down and explain the plan with us.

He needed people that he could trust, and who better than his own kids? We had the same determination and drive as him, so he knew we were fit for the job.

Even though we don't exactly know what we were going undercover to do, he had much confidence that when we found out, we were going to be able to take on anything.

That's what we're trained for, after all.

We were swift, strong, intelligent and discrete. We were taught how to master acting skills, since we will have to do that a lot.

We learnt how to be fast and quiet on our feet. This was vital in our training since most of the mission will consist of us doing a lot of sneaking around.

We learnt how to be manipulative and cunning in order to earn the trust of the pack members. This wasn't my cup of tea, so I decided not to be either of those unless necessary.

And finally, we learnt how to be strong.

Strong in mentality, strong emotionally and strong physically.

We can’t, under any circumstances, get attached to anyone or feel guilty about anything. We aren't ruthless people, but we gotta do what we gotta do, right?

Days, weeks, months and years in and out of classrooms, gyms, training fields and testing grounds, in and out of wolf form, will finally be put to use. I am more than ready.

I shared another look with Aiden, and he seemed just as ready as me. Maybe even more.

"So when you guys are done having your twin moment, meet me at the clearing in five. We have some fighting to do" Phillip smirked once again before jogging away.

Aiden kissed my head softly and threw an arm around my shoulder, as we both made our way to the clearing. Aiden and I were the closest siblings you could ever find. Even though we are the same age, he always treated me like a little sister, but I didn't mind. It's good to be spoilt by at least one person.

Of course, I had other friends. Phillip's son, Jace, and daughter, Jane, were my closest friends. Jace was meant to be the future Beta, so him and Aiden were extremely close. Sometimes I got jealous of their relationship, but he always assured me that nothing is stronger than a twin bond, and so far, I believe him.

We arrived at the training ground to see ten very bulky men that I recognized as some of our warriors. I knew exactly what we were about to do and I dreaded the moment that I got out of my bed today.

"In the enemies' territory, an unfortunate incident of being made can occur at any given moment. We don't train you to be arrogant fools, we train you to be wise"

Phillip paused, eying us carefully while he repeated the speech we've heard too many times.

"So, today we're going to pretend that you guys were caught, and have to escape alive. Of course, you will have to fight before you can live. And remember, never surrender." He looked us dead in the eye. He could be scary sometimes.

"These men will be fighting you both, together. Never leave each other's side"

He didn't have to tell us twice.

"Your goal is to take them down and escape to the border of our territory alive." He ended with a nod to the warriors, telling them to attack.

I hated this exercise, I always ended up with some broken bones. We didn't master it until two years ago. We often 'died' in the fighting or on our way to the border.

Even though we learnt how to take them down and escape successfully, I still hated it.

But we had to do whatever it takes to get what we want. And if all we had to do was get a few broken bones, I'll do it.

Whatever it takes.


Three fractured ribs and a busted face later, Aiden and I were sitting at the border, enjoying the rush of the river as it tickled our toes gently.

I stared at the land across the river, the land that used to be ours. The land that will be ours once more.

I had a feeling that one of the reasons why we were sent to the border so regularly in our training, was to remind us what we lost, and what we ought to get back. It motivated us to train and to fight.

"We'll get it back Roxy. We'll get it all back" Aiden whispered, doing the exact same thing as I was doing.

Deep down I knew he said that to comfort me, but I didn't need comfort. I needed my home.

And that's what I'm going to get.

Chapter 2

The week of revision went by slowly and torturous. Every exercise was intensified twice as hard, just to be sure that we were indeed ready.

My father told us that we would hear the plan today, and that was the only thing that kept me from losing my mind from all the pain. We would find out when we're scheduled to leave, how long we are expected to complete the mission, and so on.

Aiden and I quickly made our way to Father's office, anticipating the news we will receive. Everyone who didn't know about the mission were sent out of the house before the meeting started. This was confidential information that could only be shared with people we could trust. Imagine having such information falling into the wrong hands? Detrimental.

Entering the room, we saw both Beta Phillip and our dad waiting with satisfied yet confident looks on their faces.

"My pups!" He beamed joyfully, causing us to groan as he embraced us


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