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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Wolfy
  • Chapters: 393
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 343
  • 7.0
  • 💬 5


Suddenly she came into another world... She's got r*p*d... She left to another man by her soul mate... She's shock, trauma, suffering... She's pregnant... and, it turns out, the man who's fathered the child she's been carrying. Secretly always guarding and watching her without her knowledge. Patiently waiting for a second chance to be with her, make amends for the mistakes he made. ⚠️⚠️⚠️WARNING This is POLYANDRY NOT POLYGAMY!!! Want to know how exciting it is to have four partners at once? First mate by accident The second mate is the one she loves. The third mate with the permission of the second mate The fourth mate is both reciprocal and political Curious about the bittersweetness of having four pairs under one roof?! NB: Hello readers, thank you for stopping by the first novel I wrote in 2021. A GIRL FOR THE BEASTS is a novel that I translated from my own Indonesian novel WANITA UNTUK MANUSIA BUAS. The novel finished in Chapter 395. I also apologize if there are typos. For example, GRAMMAR or HE/SHE which sometimes will be turned upside down because I missed it when I checked it. You can leave a comment. I will try to give my best. I also have no doubt that I will revise it as long as it is possible. I'm also translating some of my other stories, into English. Among them is the sequel to A GIRL FOR THE BEASTS, the title is THE LIONESS IS MINE. Tells the story of MALIA, the great-granddaughter of Anindira and Hans, who crosses over to the modern world. There are also other stories that are still in the process of being translated, I haven't published them in english yet. MY UNCLE MY HUSBAND BRINGING MY WIFE BACK SLANG TEACHER AND THE RECKLESS STUDENT I CHOOSE MY HUSBAND BY MYSELF MY LOVELY BEAST HUSBAND My beautiful and handsome readers... I am very grateful to all of you who have visited to read my novels and took the time to view my profile. For more information, you can follow my social media account... My YOUTUBE Chanel: UCjY4YhkfCPF3VwQ_ncCBKog Thank you, happy reading.

001 Lost


''WOLF WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!'' Halvir screamed.

A killing aura was evident around him, Gavriel even got stopped by what he saw from Halvir just now. But, a moment later, Gavriel continued his steps back to immediately take Lila from Halvir's arms.

The Wolf Man responded to Halvir's anger very calmly, then a moment later, Halvir and Gavriel were both shocked. Neither Halvir nor Gavriel was momentarily stunned, as the wolfman turned around.

''*Sapphire!'' they both screamed, inside, in shock.

Gavriel, who had put Lila somewhere else, immediately turned into a Beast Human form. Halvir remained standing straight, but the aura around him turned sharp and piercing. Seeing the glint in his opponent's eyeballs, Halvir knew the *Sapphire-ranked Wolf in front of him was far more senior than him, but that wouldn't faze Halvir, just that he needed to be more vigilant and careful.

''You guys are her spouse?!'' cried the Wolf asked, ''It turns out she has a *Sapphire by her side...'' said the Wolfman again. He greeted the arrival of Halvir and Gavriel while smiling casually, but the charisma he had was clearly felt, very authoritative.

''GAVRIEL STOP!'' Halvir screamed sharply. He immediately stopped Gavriel's steps, ''Don't be careless! Anindira is pregnant...'' Halvir added only a second before Gavriel jumped to attack the wolfman.

The passionate young blood of Gavriel, who is still a young teenager and lacks experience, makes him not think long. He only felt that Halvir was the same as *Saphire as a 'backup', and felt he could do anything as long as Halvir was with him. He didn't think that if a battle broke out, with Anindira still in the middle, it would be too dangerous for her.

Halvir and the Wolfman stared at each other intently, neither loosened up at all, the two fierce auras that collided with each other were truly suffocating. Gavriel, who was about to attack, now felt cramped in front of the two *Safirs who were burning with each other's arrogance.

On the other hand, Hans felt something was wrong in the direction where Anindira was. Hans, straining all his senses, then immediately shot towards Anindira's place. How shocked he was, when he saw the situation that was happening, just like Gavriel, Hans also shuddered at the two *Sapphires in front of him. Hans now could only take a stand and see every opportunity that arose.

''WHAT DID YOU DO, WHY DID YOU LEAVE HER?!'' shouted Halvir, rebuking Hans without turning to him.

Hans was shocked and could only remain silent and not answer. His legs were almost weak and helpless to feel Halvir's anger, which was clearly aimed at him.

''Jaguar... Calm down!'' cried the Wolf Man, ''I'm just trying to help your woman,'' said the Wolf Man, explaining. He then relaxed his aura, knowing that the three men were beside the woman in his arms now. .



Harry and Fanny were again taken aback. They were taken aback by Halvir's assertive statement. Harry, who usually would intimidate the other person, this time did not move. Halvir looked calm with an expressionless face. However, it was clear that he was being serious without any hesitation. The aura around him was also very firm, even Harry, who was used to this kind of situation, trembled, feeling the pressure of authority shown by Halvir and Aefar.

''Ha?!... What do you mean?'' asked Fanny, who was surprised by Halvir's words, ''Don't you already know what the consequences will be if your relationship is known by the public?!'' Fanny exclaimed confirming her statement with an angry face and also pitifully, she was instinctively afraid of the two men in front of her, but as a mother, of course, she wanted to protect her daughter.

“We understand that very well, madam. But, we've done that before and have for a dozen years. We are not like you, who can break up a husband and wife relationship just like that. Once we are bound, then we have to live with it for the rest of our lives,'' Halvir replied, trying to keep himself as calm as possible so as not to frighten Fanny with his authority.

"It's in your World, but not in this World!" shouted Harry, jumping on Halvir's words, as soon as he regained his composure.

''Sir, in fact, in our world or even in this world, *Our partner bond still exists and has not disappeared, our relationship still exists, even in this world…'' Halvir answered firmly.

For the last two days, neither Halvir nor Aefar has either been studying the system and the ordinances of how they will live in this world. They both try to remain calm, to respect Harry and Fanny as his female guardians.

"I won't allow that!" cried Harry in a raised voice.

''Sir, Dira is your child and we respect you, as parents who have given birth and taken care of her all this time. But, the fact is that Dira has become the wife of four of us. Until we die, that won't change,'' Halvir said in response to Harry's refusal calmly but firmly.

''I, as his father will not allow it, you are no longer allowed to have any relationship with her!'' cried Harry, who was also strict in giving his warning.

''Sir, we will take Dira from you by force, if you don't give us support….'' Halvir said seriously. This time, the authority that Halvir had suppressed began to be released slowly.

''Are you threatening me?'' Harry shouted, straightening his body, and getting up from his sitting position, he was surprised by the heavy aura that appeared from Halvir, but his emotions had reached the top of his head and could no longer be restrained, increasing his adrenaline. He was fearless of facing Halvir and Aefar, who were proposing to his daughter.

''We didn't do it to threaten, but if that's what you think, then yes, we threatened... We will do anything to be able to bring Dira with us, no matter what!'' cried Aefar, he finally spoke up.

He responded to Hary's threat by remaining relaxed on the sofa, but like Halvir, he also began to release the heavy, authoritative aura he had been trying to suppress earlier.


First Chapter: LOST

Sometime, somewhere. A family was seen on an excursion. They were enjoying their FAMILY TIME in a shallow river, in a mountain.

They are a small family who is having fun camping. You can see the father who is busy assembling the tent, and the mother who is focused on cooking over the firewood but her mouth doesn't stop humming. A happy husband and wife are enjoying their free time after several months stuck with files and documents.

Not far from a busy couple, two young men were seen who also did not want to be outdone by their parents. They busied themselves on the banks of the river. They were happy to help their parents. One of the two young men was cleaning fish on the bank of the river and the other was busy looking for giant prawns that were comfortable hiding between the rocks.

Apart from the two of them, there was another teenager who was still very young. He was engrossed in collecting sticks from trees and bamboo groves not far from the tent where his father and mother were busy with their activities.

They carry out their respective tasks happily. They were engrossed in chatting and joking happily without leaving their respective duties. However, their joy was suddenly diverted by the screams of the youngest. A teenage girl who is also very young. Previously, he was playing in the water on the rocks, in a shallow stream that was only ankle high.

"ARGH... BROTHER!" Anindira cried shriekingly, she screamed, calling in a voice that sounded hysterical.

"AKH... BLR... URRPP..." she screamed again in a muffled scream. It happened because she repeatedly swallowed water, and her hands looked as if she was always reaching around trying to find a grip.

"What are you doing Dir?" her mother asked, surprised to see her youngest child's cute behavior while continuing to stir the food in the pot. Not the least bit suspicious of her behavior, her only daughter.

"Don't mind her, mom..." said Raffa, her older brother, who was busy looking for shrimp while laughing. He also felt that his little sister was playing around and was just being nosy to play a prank on them.

"Just an act!" continued his older brother, who was cleaning the fish while shaking his head. Like the others, he also didn't notice there was anything odd about his little sister, who was fighting for her life.

They all ignored the youngest while chuckling, thinking that she was free and wanted to make fun of her family. They didn't think at all that the youngest was struggling with all her might to get to the surface of the water, because her body was sinking and being pulled by something invisible.

The water in the river where Anindira was playing before was very shallow. Even though Anindira's body is only 145 cm high, the water level will not go past her knees. Even though Anindira can't swim, if she just slips in shallow water like this, it's impossible for her to drown, her family thought.

Anindira is a very tomboyish daughter in the eyes of her family. For a girl of the same age as her, Anindira is quite strong. She is an independent, tomboyish girl who doesn't like whining over trivial things.

Among them was only Gavin, Anindira's twin brother. Only he, who realized that Anindira was in trouble, maybe because they were twins, his and Anindira's connection was so strong. He immediately ran towards Anindira with a panicked face and was very worried.

"DIRA!" Gavin shouted, calling his twin sister.

They were all surprised to respond to Gavin's panic, which was like being chased by a devil. They were transfixed because of that, but, in the end, they soon realized. Then, at once, they all rose to their feet in unison to look at Gavin. They also immediately moved towards Anindira as soon as they caught up with Gavin.


The hot sun is starting to dim, and the sun is starting to go down and will soon be replaced by the beautiful full moon that will soon rise tonight.

The police, SAR team, as well as local residents, have been deployed, but what can they do? Let alone other people. They (Anindira's family) who were there, witnessed it before their eyes and could not believe it. Right before their eyes, the family's only daughter vanished without a trace, without warning. Leaving a thousand questions unanswered, who knows how long?


002 Strange forest

In another world, in some part of the universe. Anindira stood flabbergasted. She looked around in amazement. The horror she had just felt was forgotten by the natural scenery she saw now.

Her ears were very comfortable hearing the sounds of various kinds of summer insects calling to each other. The sound of rustling plants whose leaves rub against each other, as well as the chirping of various species of birds boisterously, were heard.

The sun's rays beautifully come in, highlighting the dim forest with the shady leaves covering the beautiful wide forest. Even though the sun is very bright and dazzling, it illuminates the forest, but the air feels cool and clean. Sustainable forest with a distinctive forest smell. The smell of leaves, the smell of earth, feels very comfortable and refreshing because the air is very cool. Anindira's eyes lit up, her mouth gaped open and it was difficult to close it again. She was amazed by the scenery around her. The beautiful


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