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You tried to kill me!

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: SMW
  • Chapters: 13
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Based on a woman, who thinks she is so outgoing and put her trust in someone she trusted, only to meet someone who sweeps her off her feet, a chance encounter makes it the most spectacular time of her life, however jealously and heartbreak can be her undoing, Can she survive the tragedy that ruins her.

Chapter 1



"Jo I don't want this to be awkward, I don't know why I don't like you that way, I just don't"

That was the f*ck*ng sentence that flipped my life upside down, broke my world and turned me into the raging alcoholic, mess, and its not cos I was rejected f*ck no, I am too strong for that, it's because of the f*ck wad who said that to me, what he did to me.

Curious well stay tuned because this sh*t goes from fun, lust, love to dark, broken and sick.

Celine - "omg Jo stop being so f*ck*ng boring, my cousins opening a new club, family rates, free entry and sh*t cheap drinks, it's a Friday night, so shave your minge and let's go"

Jo - oh for f*ck sake fine but I am wearing a jumpsuit not shaving my legs for this.

Celine - jesus fine but I am doing your make up and hair.

Jo - perfect I can't be arsed anyway.

Celine - I am calling Ada and Georgie, make a girls night of it.

Jo - I will call Arthur and he can bring a few mates to show I am fine with his rejection. (Chuckles to herself) I have known him 8 years.

Celine - fine invite limp d*ck but I am not getting him in he can pay.

Jo texts Arthur 'going to a new club tonight with a few ladies, you and some boys should come, make a group'

Arthur replies " sounds great, I will bring 3 mates along, txt me the location, meet you inside, I can always find the girl out dancing half the club lol'

Jo - I ain't that bad, see you soon, we will be there at midnight.

Arthur rings a few mates chuffed that his best mate is fine with him after she told him she wanted more out of their friendship and he didn't want it.

The club it on fire, it's amazing décor perfect, adequate seating, a cool VIP section and music is r'n'b, hip hop and reggae Jos favourite kind.

Arthur gets there 12:30 with his mates and Jos on the dancefloor with her friends he spots her, goes behind Whispers in her ear " shock your dancing away" and she laughs "me and the boys will be over there need to get a few drinks in before we dance"

Last last by Burna boy is playing and Jo is going hard with her friends, she an amazing dancer, the reason she comes out, but men can be annoying and draw to her like a moth to a flame.

Noah POV

So I have to come to this club opening as a show of good faith as we are supplying the security for it, especially the VIP section. So I am stood peering over the balcony at 101 people dancing and she stands out from the crowd, this beautiful black haired raven, dancing like no one is around, and all these little boys trying to get their leg over, god she's impressive she is basically telling them to f*ck off but in the politest way possible.

After staring at her like a creeper for about 15 min I decide I need to talk to her, so I tell my crew I am going down, my mate/ business partner Jeremy comes over, "so Hawkeye who's got your attention?" And I point to my little raven.

Jeremey - she beautiful and has an *ss for days but she doesn't look like she wants someone with her jumpsuit on and ninja arm movement against all these Playboy's "

Noah - let me go introduce her to a man then, and he smirks.

Jeremy - oh Christ Yeh go for it big man and laughs.

I walk down to the ground floor and she dancing with her friend, there both doing the same dance move and laughing, her smiles infectious.

I walk up to to her "hello, my name is Noah, I was wondering if I can have a dance with you?"


This unbelievably handsome man comes to me, dressed like a god, so tall and my god I can see his muscles through his shirt, unlike all these other f*ck boys he's come with such manners and asked me to dance, god I am wet just looking at him, his jaws flawless I was so bite it.

I gesture my finger telling him to come closer I am 5ft 8 but this guy's much taller over 6ft, I whisper in his ear "I am Josephine but you can call me Jo, and thank you for asking, I would love to dance"

It's like the DJ knew and Mi gente by J Balvin is on, he smiles grabs my hands and whips me in a circle, moving our feet back and forth, he dips me and I laugh, he definitely has swagger.

He's keeping his distance trying to be respectful and I appreciate it so I intertwine my hands with his and I swings my hips closer looking up at him. I feel his breath hitch. I am surprised he can't feel the steam for my p*ssy.

After a few more songs and we are getting closer as dancing has a way of doing that, one dance by Drake comes on, and I twist so my back is against his chest, I start swaying my hips in a circle so he can follows my movements, he puts his arm around my stomach and moves with me, I think F*ck it and I shove my *ss into his crotch and start grinding. I can't help myself. I am one horny b*tch.

Noah POV

After a few songs we are getting closer, her friends have disappeared, and she starts grinding her succulent *ss into my d*ck. And all I can think is f*ck don't get a boner and jab her in the *ss. As much as I want to drag her into a private room and punish her p*ssy.

I talk in her ear, "shall we go sit down, get a drink, talk?" And she nods yes and smiles. She starts heading to a booth and I grab her hand gently and point upwards to VIP.

As we go up the stairs and thru the door the music is half the noise so we can hear and talk. She laughs "well impressive, got a little pull in here don't ya?" I laugh she says "so what are you a drug dealer, human trafficker, hired muscle, actor?" And I laugh "I am ex private service and retired so I am running my own um.. muscle for hire business"

I take her hand and we go sit in a private booth, she smiles " retired? I mean you can't be any more than 25 so how? And I laugh, "in that line if work over 25 is old, I am actually 27. How old are you? If you don't mind me asking?

Chapter 2

I was a bit worried asking her age but I wanted to know, if she was like 19-20, would be a bit wrong.

Noah and Jo's conversation

Jo "I don't mind at all open book, I am 25"

Noah - what do you do for work? Do you work?

Jo - my job is not as exciting as yours, I am admin for a private foster service.

Noah - oh wow how rewarding that must be.

Jo - I would like to do more but I can't afford a social worker degree and I don't want to be in debt till I am 60. She laughs

Noah - that makes sense, shame though you can't reach for a dream.

Jo - it's fine, so what brings you here tonight? Alone? Or is there a gf who going to claw my eyes out.

Noah laughs - no gf, no wife I am free as a bird, we are supplying the security for here, what about you any man I need to worry about? I did see some guy staring at us, who your friends when to speak too?"

Jo - well no male in my life, and I don't like secrets so a few we


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