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Just as Willow is born a ghastly car accident claims the lives of her parents leaving her an orphan. 17 years later she grows up to be a young spirited girl who aspires to become a ballet dancer. Her chances of becoming a renowned ballet dancer are burned to ashes when her aunt sells her to an Italian family to work as a maid. Willow is indulged in a life of treachery, revenge,and secrets. ***************************** Willow curses under her breath as she treads more than hundred stairs clutching to a bucket filled with soapy water and a mop. She pushes the door open and a gasp escapes her lips when she sees a man in a towel wrapped around his waist, his body covered in droplets of water. His white eyes meet hers. "chi è la?"He mutters in his heavy Italian accent. Willow swallows hard and realizes that the man is blind. "posso sentirti respirare". Willow starts to back away and the man pulls out a pistol aiming it precisely at her head. "fottuto discorso idiota"he mumbles in Italian. Willow closes her eyes tightly. "Don't shoot, it's me, the new maid!" She blurts out in a panic. Adelio withdraws his gun, scoffing in annoyance. "What is your name?" "Willow..." She softly whisperers. Adelio requests Willow to be his new caretaker. Will Willow survive the clutches of the ruthless blind mafia don?

Chapter 1

ROSA POV My husband and I didn't have the safest jobs in the world but we always enjoyed what we did and we were happy but one thing was missing.We didn't have a child of our own.Erik gave me a stern nod because we were on the verge of taking down one of the most wanted mafia don's in the world.For months we had to go undercover to the extent of changing our identities for our own protection. We weren't allowed to use our own names."That moron probably figured out that we placed a tracker on one of his men."I shrugged carelessly and peeked outside the window."I don't think so Erik."I got my laptop and typed in the codes we used to hack into any account and just in a matter of seconds the guy's location popped up."Bingo."Erik smirked at me and his lips lingered on my cheek.He wrapped his arms around me."So do you suggest we take down this guy tonight? Like old times it will be just the two of us."I rolled my eyes at him."And get ourselves f*ck*ng killed? We don't even have backup."He raised a questioning brow at me and I sighed deeply.Jeez.TWO HOURS LATERI still have no idea how Erik manged to convince me to come with him on this suicide mission.It was for better or worse might as well just get on with it.I held on to my pistol like my life depended on it and placed a silencer on it.Erik took a different direction while I went the opposite way and suddenly gunshots were being fired.I took cover panting heavily.This couldn't be good.Erik soon joined me and I gave him the "WTF" look unfortunately he was just as confused as me."capo abbiamo degli intrusi!" a man wearing a black suit yelled and pointed his gun at me."Not today buddy" Erik smirked and shot the gun in the head.I rolled my eyes at him."We have to abandon this mission. He already alerted the others and we won't be able to take them on all by ourselves."Right on cue dozens of men wearing black suits swearing at us in Italian surrounded us.And I was done playing the good cop for tonight it was time for some f*ck*ng action.Erik gave me a knowing look and covered me while I shot anyone in sight.Some dude fired at me luckily I was wearing a bulletproof vest.Erik was immediately furious."Hey buddy you almost killed my wife!"He tossed a grenade at them and my eyes widened in shock."Oh sh*t!" Erik was quick to shield me during the explosion.A wave of silence hit us and I slowly got up taking a quick scan of the surroundings.I coughed out and covered my nose.Smoke?Erik grabbed my hand and the house was engulfed in flames."The house is on fire, we have to get out of here Rosa."I stopped in my tracks when I heard a child's cry."There's a baby in here!"The sound was coming from upstairs and everything else seemed to fade out.Erik was screaming my name but I rushed upstairs despite the flames that threatened to burn me.I could hear Erik following me and I kicked the door open only to find the crib was moments away from catching fire.Inside lay a baby girl and her brown eyes met mine mine.Who would be so cruel to abandon such a beautiful baby to such a horrible fate?Erik picked up the baby in one swift move and he grabbed my hand."Come on, I have a feeling that this place is about to blow up."I nodded quietly and followed outside. I let out a gasp when the whole mansion burst into flames.Erick handed me the baby and he smiled at me."I'm glad that you didn't listen to me Rosa . We have a daughter."My gaze lingered on the golden pendant that was around her neck which was in the shape of a familiar tree."W-Willow?" Erik wrapped his arms around me."Rosa we have to go. I have already alerted the American embassy and they'll send the authorities right away."Soon enough we were back at our small apartment with a baby.I still couldn't believe it."Do you know what this finally means Erik? We don't have to put our lives in danger every freaking day.""We have a kid to look after and to protect, don't you think that this is fate?"Erik handed me a cup of coffee."Are you sure about that? You really love your job honey."I looked at Willow with pure bliss."I'm definitely sure Erik."He kissed me on the lips."You know we can always change her name and give her a new identity."I sighed deeply."I know that Erik but we need her to stay true to her origin. One day she'll find out that was adopted and I don't want to keep her in the dark."Erik smirked at me."Willow is a pretty good name. I like it."We may not have completed our last mission but we saved the life of an innocent baby.When we returned to the United States it took a lot of paperwork for Erik and I to be the legal guardians of Willow but thanks to a few strings and our boss we officially adopted her.Erik didn't waste any time to arrange the nursery in our penthouse in New York.Willow was fast asleep in her new crib which I built thanks to my handy woman skills.Erik wiped the sweat off his forehead."My aunt will be coming over while we handle the official paperwork for us to resign."The mere mention of her arrival made me wince in pain.I did not like that woman at all."Lucy?" Erik chuckles softly."Come on Rosa, you know that she practically raised me when my parents died in that plane crash."I gave him a small smile."And your aunt did a very good job. I'm a lucky woman to have a wonderful, badass husband like you."He smiled at me and offered me his hand which I grasped."So just bare my aunt for a few days and after that she'll be gone."I nodded quietly.The day seemed to go by in a flash and before I knew it I was leaving Willow in her crib to go and answer the door.I took a deep breath and opened the door and Lucy smiled at me.I forced a smile as we exchanged hugs."You do know that Erik isn't here right? We really don't have to pretend to like each other" I muttered quietly.Lucy rolled her eyes at me and walked past me.She was still rude and I hate her guts.I closed the door and I found her in Willow's room. She was holding my little girl in her arms."Lucy you might wanna put her down, she gets fussy when someone disturbs her nap."Lucy narrowed her eyes at me."Oh honey you've only been a mother for like five minutes and you're suddenly the expert?" She taunted a sinister smirk curving her red coated lips.Lord, give me patience to deal with this woman.I crossed my arms over my chest.She sighed softly."I'm a mother of two kids. Rosa motherhood is something that you'll never understand because you don't have biological children of your own.""Sure you're a cop, your job pays you well but this baby will never be your daughter because you're not her mother and you never gave birth to her."Tears threatened to roll down my cheeks but I held them back despite the unbearable pain I felt inside.Lucy was deliberately pressing my buttons.I closed my eyes and opened them again.I didn't want to give Lucy the satisfaction of seeing me in my vulnerable state."Look I know that I'm supposed to respect you but don't cross the line I'm only putting up with you because you're Erik's relative."I held Willow in my arms."You're right about one thing, Lucy Willow might not be my biological daughter but I will always consider her as my own and I will love her."Before Lucy could think of a fitting reply Erik walked in and she was back to acting like mother Teresa.She wrapped her arms around Erik acting like she actually cared about his day but I knew from day one that she was just after the money Erik's parents left behind."Aunt, I have a favor to ask you."Erik kissed me on the cheek."Rosa and need to head to the office for a few formalities before we resign."Lucy nodded quietly."And I presume that you're asking me to babysit my niece?" Erik nodded quietly."It's just for one night and we'll be back tomorrow morning."Lucy had agreed to babysit Willow and all long this awaited trip I had a bad feeling.I didn't want to leave her alone with that woman but I didn't have much of a choice.Erik grasped my hand."We'll be back home before you know it and Willow will be in your arms again."I smiled at him.It was dark outside and we were on our way to the airport.I closed my eyes and slowly drifted to sleep. It had only been a few minutes before I felt Erik calling my name.My eyes snapped open when I heard gunshots being fired at our car. The back window shattered and I let out a scream."Keep your head down!" Erik ordered.I checked the glove compartment and found a pistol."How long have you known that we were being followed?" I asked curiously."Thirty minutes."I stared at him in disbelief."Why didn't you wake me up sooner?!" I aimed my gun at the car behind us firing a few shots until blood splattered on the glass.The car went out of control but I had a feeling that this was just the beginning.Two more black BMW's were gaining on us.One of the cars hit us trying to knock us off the highway.I couldn't shoot any of them because I was out of bullets.Everything happened in slow motion, one of them shot Erik and then we went off the highway."Erik!"I slowly opened my eyes and winced in pain. The car was filled with smoke and I could taste my own blood.The car was upside down and I could hear someone approaching."Erik..."Tears filled my eyes.I wiped the blood off his forehead and my lips trembled in fear.He wasn't responding.I choked on a sob and salty tears streamed down my cheeks.I could hear voices outside."La donna è ancora viva."I immediately knew that he was speaking in Italian.The man got on his knees and his eyes met mine."maledetto americano."He fired the gun at Erik, shooting him twice and he directed the gun at me."Please..." Bang!

Chapter 2

LUCY POV It was past ten in the morning and Erik and Rosa's flight should have landed two hours ago but I haven't even received a phone call or text from them.On top of that they're ungrateful brat wouldn't stop crying.I was on the verge of losing my mind.I left Willow in her crib because someone wouldn't stop answering the doorbell."I'm coming, I heard you!" I didn't need another person to drive me crazy.I opened the door ready to yell at the stupid person but I stopped in my tracks when I saw two police men.I forced a smile."How may I help you officers?" "Are you Lucy Williams?"I nodded quietly."Yes I am, is anything wrong?"One of them handed me an ID and it belonged to Erik but it was all burnt up."We found this at the crime scene."I gave them a puz


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