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Kapula Mangenda

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About me

🇿🇲A writer from Zambia Lusaka 🤐The introvert writer 🍕Foodie 🎮Gamer 📖Bookworm 💃K-drama addict 🎧Music addict


In My Darkest Hour You Are My Light
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  • 7.5

It's been ten years now and I've programmed my brain to forget her little did I know that I was deceiving myself. Things changed when I saw her. She looked different. She wasn't the same little girl I had fallen in love with. She was now a grown woman. She was gorgeous. I needed her beneath me just for one night. I'd get her out of my system and move on. That was probably a lie. Months later. Here I am drowning my sorrow in alcohol on my last night as a single man. I was getting married to a woman I never truly loved. Tara gave me a shy smile as she approached the aisle with her father. Kelsey looked away and ignored me. I was about to slide the ring on Tara's finger and her father's voice stopped me. "Stop." I turned around and faced him. Tara grabbed his hand angrily. "Dad what are you doing?!"

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Just as Willow is born a ghastly car accident claims the lives of her parents leaving her an orphan. 17 years later she grows up to be a young spirited girl who aspires to become a ballet dancer. Her chances of becoming a renowned ballet dancer are burned to ashes when her aunt sells her to an Italian family to work as a maid. Willow is indulged in a life of treachery, revenge,and secrets. ***************************** Willow curses under her breath as she treads more than hundred stairs clutching to a bucket filled with soapy water and a mop. She pushes the door open and a gasp escapes her lips when she sees a man in a towel wrapped around his waist, his body covered in droplets of water. His white eyes meet hers. "chi è la?"He mutters in his heavy Italian accent. Willow swallows hard and realizes that the man is blind. "posso sentirti respirare". Willow starts to back away and the man pulls out a pistol aiming it precisely at her head. "fottuto discorso idiota"he mumbles in Italian. Willow closes her eyes tightly. "Don't shoot, it's me, the new maid!" She blurts out in a panic. Adelio withdraws his gun, scoffing in annoyance. "What is your name?" "Willow..." She softly whisperers. Adelio requests Willow to be his new caretaker. Will Willow survive the clutches of the ruthless blind mafia don?

Devil's Daughter
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  • 7.7

SPARROW POV "I seem to have the worst luck in the world and on top of that my own mother loathes me and curses the day I was born." "And of course she decided to ruin my life by naming me after a goddamn bird!" Sparrow Evans has a fetish for chaos; she causes trouble wherever she goes. Her mother considers her daughter a mistake and a burden. For years the young girl grows up yearning for her mother's love but a secret from the past threatens to ruin her new life. The identity of her father is revealed to Sparrow and the truth is a slap in the face when she discovers that the man she is in love with is her annoying Stepbrother. The first lady's son Khoas. Conner placed the blue coloured file on the desk. He was Sparrow's bodyguard. She looked up meeting his gaze. "What's this?" Conner sighed deeply. "It's classified information about your stepbrother." Sparrow opened the file and found one name and picture on the list. Her name and photo crossed with a big X. "What's this supposed to mean?!" She yelled angrily tossing the file away. Conner picked up the file. "It means that you're a walking target Sparrow." "A lot of people want you dead, including your mother." Khoas hides a secret that threatens the existence of humanity itself. Will Sparrow ever find out?

A Royal Scandal
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  • 5.1

Desperate time's call for desperate measures right? After the death of her parents and brother Karliah had to move on with her life despite the pain. Fleeing away from her abusive aunt's home leads her to New York where she starts her life anew but meets some royal blood along the way. Her encounter with a handsome stranger leads to a one night stand. Karliah finds herself in the palace fighting for a place in Prince Nicolas's heart but the arrival of princess Lisa makes her think otherwise. Lisa is another princess in the game and she is quick to sweep Karliah off her feet.


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