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Twisted: Dawn Of Love

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Mostly students from wealthy homes attends Wearous High School (WEAlthy and prospeROUS). If you are not rich or you’ve got no connection or relationship with someone who is prosperous yet you are a student of the school, you’ll definitely have few or no friends but of course, so many haters. They’ll dislike you for no specific reason. At WHS, the poor ones relates with the poor while the rich relates with their kinds. * * * A love triangle between siblings, but they didn’t know that they were siblings. They were separated since they were little. One was raised in a poor family and the other was brought up in a rich family.

Meet Kyle And Audrey

Kyle’s POV I sang whole-heartedly

It is what I love the most,

what I almost cannot do without,

The only thing that gives me Joy.


🎶The moment I met you for the very first time🎵

🎶I remember that I'm out of breath

🎵Maybe you've heard it and still remember the day I was upset 🎶

🎶I like it when I hear your voice

🎵But I like it better when we walk together

🎶Yeah, there was a time, 🎵 there was a day when I loved you with all my heart.

🎵You are my first love every time

🎶I'll wait for you until the spring snow comes

🎵I thought I was drunk that night 'cause my heart was really strange and the wind blew.

🎵That night I was so sad and stumbled.

🎶You are my first love every-time

🎶Sometimes I feel like love is lonely and my life is always hard.

🎶I knew from the day we spent together, that; 🎵 there was a day I loved you with all my heart...

"Careless woman! " my father yelled at my Mom.

Oh! Not again.

Even though I was so engrossed with the music, they succeeded in interrupting me and making me miss a line.

It was a song I composed, my very first song titled ‘First Love’

I sang enthusiastically as if I were in love with someone. “Aw, I will sing this song to my first love” I smiled to myself.

"Bring it on! I'm prepared for you! " My Mom yelled back at him.

“Argh!” I groaned, stood up, and slammed the door. Ugh! It's gonna reduce their noise at least.

I can’t settle their quarrel, I’m already used to seeing them quarreling.



"Surprise!!" My Mom exclaimed as she untied the blindfold.

"Where are we, mommy? " I asked, surprised.

Staring at the beautiful room

"" I muttered, looking around.

"Yes baby" She replied smiling.

"This is our new home"

"Mom, don't tell me you used the loan you received to buy this expensive house. " I groused.

"C'mon Audrey, it's the smallest building in Wearous Estate" My mom stated.

"Wearous Estate? " I exclaimed then I rushed to a window nearby to check through it.

Afar, I saw a billboard with ' WEAROUS' scrawled on it.

I don't want to believe that my mom bought a house here in Wearous Estate of all Estates.

"Mom, how are we gonna cope? We don't belong to this environment" I complained.

"How do you mean? What do you mean by we don't belong to this environment?"

"Everyone here is rich, I mean extremely wealthy," I told her.

"Audrey, I trained you well, have you stopped believing that there is nothing impossible?" Mom said fed up with my complaints already.

"I know Mom, I'm simply saying you should have just bought a small house in a low-standard estate. OK, this is the smallest house here right but I'm pretty sure it is fvcking expensive. Later or even sooner, the bank managers would start running to you for their money. Think about it Mom, how do you intend to pay them? how are we gonna pay them? " I grumbled.

I don't know what's wrong with Mom.

We've been living a small but comfortable life with her friend, Bridget but she got married a week away. Now we have no choice rather than to find our own house and live our own life.

She pleaded for a loan which was reluctantly given to her. I expected her to get one mini-home on a low-key but she bought this small house which I could still classify as 'Expensive' because of its location. It's an estate for the Rich.

Wearous - WEAlthy and prospeROUS.


"It would take centuries before I'll find someone who is poor like me that even if there is one here," I said.

"How many times do I have to tell you never to look down on yourself, never to see yourself as a poor girl..? Your father is very rich. Why are you making it seem like it's wrong for us to live here?"

My Mom is single and I cherish her more than anything else in this world.

How could Dad be so heartless to abandon my mom after putting her in a motherly state? Huh, did I just call him Dad? Never! I have no father. Such a heartless man is not worthy to be called a father.

Mom told me it was her fault anyway.

She did what teenage girls do.

Because he was swimming in money, she flirted with him and then later fell in love with him but she fell in love with his money first.

She did everything to make him believe that she loves him to the moon.

When she found out that she was pregnant for him, she called him over the phone and told him she had a baby in her womb for him but he hung up the call instantly. Long story short, she hasn’t been able to contact him ever since then. He moved with his family to Italy and never returned.

That was how I came into existence, a rich girl with no father.

"It's wrong Mom, it is"

"I just broke the first news to you and you are grumbling. What if I say the other one? " Mom said.


"And what is it? "

"I registered you at Wearous High School" My mom announced.

I was shocked.

“Why Mom? Why? Of all schools, Wearous High School?”

"You'll be resuming tomorrow, I've got you the uniforms and everything you would need to look like a student of Wearous”

"WHS is meant for wealthy students from wealthy homes," I told her

"You are a rich girl remember?" My Mom repeated.

I scoffed, “Yeah, a poor rich girl.”

"Mom, aren't you the one always telling me to be myself and never to emulate what other people do? " I asked adamantly.

"Listen, Audrey, I know the school is well-popular for being prosperous and filled with wealthy students. Don't make it uneasy for us, if it is about the money, you don't need to worry about it because I've got you an after-school Job, it's not too far from Wearous High School"

"Oh Mom, you are doing so many things without my consent" I sniveled then intentionally fell flat on a couch.- It was... comfortable.

"I know you don't want it, that's why I did all these things without informing you first," My Mom said.

"And what if..?" I paused "What if I reject it all, I mean I refuse to go to WHS, I refuse to take a part-time job, or even refuse to stay in this house and its environment," I said and saw a rising unhappy-and-angry look on her face.

"You won't want to make me sad right? " Mom said already looking downcast

"I love you, Mom, sincerely I do. I don't want you to spend or go through too much" I told her.

"But I'm not complaining " She came closer and patted my back gently: “Please Audrey”

"Ok fine! fine! I’ll do what you want, I'll act like I'm one of the rich girls from a rich home when I get to school" I said sarcastically and mom heaved a sigh of relief 'cos the long argument finally come to an end. "Where is the kitchen, I'll go make dinner" I stood up.

I just want my mom to be happy and nothing more.


Wearous High School

Audrey’s POV

A small alarm chimed loudly, jerking me out of the bed, I yawned and stretched my hands.

Ready for school.

My new school is Wearous High School.

I took a deep breath and stared into the space gazing at nothing in particular.

Okay, Do I need to introduce myself? Nah, I already did that yesterday.

I still do not believe I could sleep all alone in this pretty room.

At Aunt. Bridget's place, my mom and I shared a small room., we have been managing our whole life.

But now everything changed so fast and it is unusual. Things aren't just moving the way I want it to.

I halt the alarm which won't stop ringing if I don't, I wore my flip-flop and staggard to the bathroom as if I were drunk.


The school uniform was Whao! , what else do you expect? It's expensive too yet mom got it for me.

I had to put it on anyway since there aren't any other options than to do what she wants.


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