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Anna had it all, a perfect life and a loving husband. But destiny has its own plans. Switching tickets with a young musician, her husband Marco dies in a plane crash and her world crumbles upon her. Unable to cope with the pain she remains locked in her house refusing to face reality until her nightmares come to life. Dreaming how people would die she has one week to track them down and save them. Now she has to begin a race against the clock and save as many as she can. Being overwhelmed she finds relief in listening to young saxophonist Enzo Buonaurio. Little did she know he had an unintentional final word in her husband’s early passing. What will happen when Anna dreams of Enzo's death? Will she be able to forgive and save him? Or let destiny play its card?



Since this was one of my last journeys, I was hoping it would be fruitful because it was for an international conference. I would be there together with all the other cardiologists from around the world. Throughout my thirteen years of expertise, I have learned a lot, but I have always prioritized a person’s life.

Even though I was a doctor and this meeting was crucial, I really would have preferred to stay at home with Anna. Her birthday was approaching. I didn’t even think I could travel a few days prior, so when the young artist offered to help me, I didn’t think twice. I had the opportunity to attend, and I genuinely believed I would get a promotion. This would change our way of life. All the very best for my Anna and our unborn baby.

I had to admit that flying always made me anxious. I’ve never adjusted to it, and this time won’t be any different. But every time, I overcome my worries by picturing my primary aim. Given that I enjoyed my work and that attending these conferences helped me become a better doctor, I will act accordingly.

In addition, I wasn’t alone. There were a ton of people on the flight. And thinking about my wife and my unborn child helped me to feel better. The first thing I would do when I got back was to hold a large party so that everyone in the neighborhood would know how delighted I was. I still had told no one that I was going to be a father.

I had made the decision that this would be the last conference because I was expecting the birth of my kid. I truly wanted to be involved in my son’s life and do everything I could to support Anna. My parents, who did not even know that Anna would become a mother, posed a significant issue. Even today, I wasn’t sure why they didn’t have Anna’s best interests in mind. Other than marrying the man my mother loved, Anna did nothing to them.

“Hello, this is your captain speaking. As we prepare to take off, we gently ask that everyone fasten their seatbelts! Thank you for joining us, and safe flight!” 

We followed instructions because it was our cue to make a safe choice. Even though I hated being restricted, I must accept this. Additionally, this flight would not take very long.

“Is everything okay with you, sir?”

I was trying to get comfy when I heard this friendly voice. 

“Oh, yes, I am... I will...” I responded in a trembling tone that I also didn’t recognize.

“You don’t need to be concerned about it! I’ll bring you an enormous glass of water as soon as we take off.” She tapped my shoulder to relax me.

“Thank you,” I muttered softly, focusing my already tense gaze on her.

“You are very welcome, sir!”

We’d been flying for an hour now. I received the water she promised me, so I was fine now. Then my mind drifted to Anna. I pulled my wallet from my pocket while I gazed at her photo. I could see two hazel eyes focusing on me. Three days ago, I didn’t even have a ticket, and I knew I had made a promise to her that I would stay for her mother’s anniversary. I believe I got lucky with this guy because he postponed his show in the US, so I bought the ticket from him.

“Is this your wife?” I heard another soft voice. It was a middle-aged woman, with early signs of wrinkling on her face, who appeared to be a little nervous about flying.

“She is, indeed. Anna…”

“That is a lovely name.” the lovely voice spoke again.

“Thank you!” I said while I shifted position to better see her. Thereafter, the flight attendant arrived with drinks and snacks. We stopped talking about it and had a nice supper. I really needed it.

Another hour went by, so I took a nap since I was getting tired.

I suddenly woke up to a tremendous shock and the abrupt but calm voice of the flight attendant telling us to remain seated and fasten the seatbelts again, since we were about to experience some turbulence over the ocean. As I was nervous about flying, these shakes were so severe and were driving me crazy.

I gently prayed in my head. As soon as panic set in, women and children started screaming at the top of their lungs. When I removed the small window blind, I was terrified to see that the plane was rapidly losing height.

It surprised me how composed the woman seated next to me was. She was also in prayer. As I watched her pray, a sinister thought flashed through my mind. We were going to die!

My dear Anna… I wondered what she was doing? Tears were coming down my cheeks, even though I wasn’t aware of them. I felt a sharp pain pierce through my entire being as I struggled to come to terms with the idea that I might never see her again; that she would suffer when they inform her I had passed away; that she would scream when she would realize I had left her all alone; and that she would feel terrible guilt for my untimely disappearance.

When she would have to bury me, or what would be left of me, she would turn into a ghost and a shadow of the person she once was. She would curse this plane until she could no longer cry. She would even curse God for allowing it to happen.

My God, it hurt so much, but at this moment, there was nothing I could do but accept my fate. What sort of destiny was this? Then I thought maybe I could still hear her voice. Was I being too self-centered? As I contacted Anna while concentrating on my phone, all of my courage was gone by the time a lovely voice said, “Hello?” What would I say to her, exactly? That she won’t hear me again after this? That the last song I would hear before I die would be her angelic voice? I was so shocked that I was unaware she was hearing every cry on the plane.

“Marco? Please, Marco, talk to me, baby! What is happening? Why are so many people screaming? Marco?” I knew it was the last time I would ever hear Anna’s voice because it sounded like it was from a dream.

“Anna… I love you,” I whispered to her, trying to make this goodbye as painless as possible.

“Marco, please no, hello? Hello…”

It ended in darkness, which was hot as hell, agonizing as death, and freezing as ice.



I didn't want to learn the name of the anguish. My life was so ruthless and unjust. But who was I to condemn life? I was Anna, or a ghost, or a shadow of her. Because that was all that's left of me now—a walking dead—I wondered if ghosts were alive and breathing.

Life was my expert judge, and it was passing judgment on me too soon. I was prepared to bid my soulmate, who had been my partner for the past five years, farewell. We were so in love when we were young. Age didn't matter in love.

My school was when we first connected. He came to give my class a demonstration lesson. Both the kids and I were giddy with excitement. Throughout the entire session, I kept an eye on this man, this Italian physician Marco De Mayo, who not only captured the interest of my class but also won my heart. Everything went well after that, and love guided our relationship. It was a happy time, and there was only one step left until we were united before God.


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