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Too Late To Realize

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Weeby knew that Marcell was an annoying boy. His daily job was to annoy her. Unfortunately, Marcell was in the same class as Weeby, and that boy also doubles as a peer. However, when Resti arrived. A sorting student from another class, Weeby was annoyed by one fact that she knew from Resti. There is one very important fact that Resti is hiding from Marcell, a fact that will plunge the boy into the trap that Resti has set. How can Weeby tell Marcell about it? On the other hand, she was sick to death of his behavior. But, if Weeby doesn't tell him what Resti is hiding, Marcell will be in grave danger.

Chapter 1 : The Rose

Like a thunderbolt that strikes the sky in broad daylight, the crowd of students crowded in the school corridor immediately fell silent and stepped aside, not forgetting that they always held their breath when the group of people came.

With a sense of ignorance and its typical haughty style, THE ROSE gang walked arrogantly in the middle of the students. They didn't care if anyone sneered or called them ugly behind their backs.

All they know is that THE ROSE is a gang they should stay away from, especially women. No doubt, if they had to deal with Resti, the leader of the gang, it would be a long affair like a snake's tail.

It's during breaks like this that they always hang around with their jean jackets wrapped around their bodies. The "rose" is a symbol they hold dear. It's no wonder that the jackets they wear must have that image as their trademark and identity.

Are they beautiful? Don't ask. That's the truth, the three gang members have pure white skin.

"Move aside, I want to sit here!" Resti snapped at the two girls, who were enjoying their break by eating dumplings in the cafeteria.

Spontaneously, they both looked up, and suddenly their eyes caught the figure of their seniors, who were always avoided by most students.

Not wanting to stall any longer and not wanting to get into trouble with Resti, to be more precise, they immediately lifted her *ss off the chair and quickly moved away from there.

Resti's sardonic grin was immediately imprinted perfectly, and not long after she watched the two girls leave with a look of fear, making Resti even more powerful. She didn't expect to be feared like that.

"What do you want to order, Res?" asked Indah, Resti's best friend, who was now sitting to her left.

Letting out her breath slowly, Resti's eyes turned to stare at Indah, "just like usual," she replied briefly.

Reflexively, Resti and Indah turned their heads to the right as Lina rose from her seat and rubbed her buttocks.

"Well, where are you going?" asked Resti in surprise. Her eyebrows were almost perfectly linked.

Lina gave a small snort and said, "I want to order some food, you two wait here first, okay?" she said as she began to walk towards the cafeteria.

Before Lina had taken two steps, Resti's fist managed to stop her. Lina immediately looked back, staring at Resti with a confused expression on her face.

From the look in Lina's eyes, Resti already knew that her best friend had a big question about why Resti had stopped her footsteps.

Resti smiled a little, and then a second later she said, "No, come sit down," she said as she patted the bench beside her, motioning for Lina to sit back down.

Before she had time to comply, Resti deliberately pulled Lina's hand so that she could land on her *ss again, because according to Resti, Lina was too slow to comply with her wishes.

"Duh, you can slow down, right Res? My *ss hurts," Lina complained with a long grunt.

This provoked Indah's laughter, and she immediately opened her mouth wide to see Lina, who she thought was so funny.

"Go to the doctor, ask for rheumatic medicine, your bones seem to have been crushed," Indah ordered, accompanied by a chuckle from Resti.

"You're so mean, Res. I'm still sore." Lina was still complaining of the pain caused by Resti's actions a few seconds ago.

"So, we're not going to order now?" Indah asked, changing the subject. Correction. Back to the main topic, rather.

"So we did," Resti replied quickly. It wasn't long before she was casting her eyes around, looking for someone.

The corner of Resti's lips soon reappeared, and she smiled sarcastically. "Hey you, the girl drinking iced tea," she shouted loudly at the girl across the bench, who was chatting with her friend.

Reflexively, the girl swept her gaze around, not seeing anyone else drinking like her. With a flash, she looked up into Resti's face as a flat look appeared on her face.

"You called me?" she pointed at herself.

"Yes, I called you, who else is drinking besides you?!" Resti rolled her eyes lazily.

"What's wrong, sis?" she asked again, her voice hoarse. Needless to say, she looked very scared.

"Resti is calling you, don't be impolite like that. If you're called Resti, it means you have to come to the person immediately." Indah lectured the girl in a booming voice.

Without waiting any longer, the girl immediately got up from her seat, and with a pounding heart that still enveloped her body, she began to walk anxiously towards the table that was now occupied by THE ROSE gang.

"What's wrong, sis?" she asked after taking a seat in the chair, right in front of Resti.

Suddenly Lina glared, her eyeballs almost popping out of their sockets. "Hey... who told you to sit down? Stand up!" Lina scolded firmly.

With a feeling of alarm, the girl immediately gasped at Lina's words, now she began to stand up and look down.

"I want to talk to you, look me in the eye!" Resti said Resti in a sharp voice.

With the rhythm of her breathing still rushing, the heartbeat that still hadn't subsided made the girl even more confused. The girl spontaneously looked into Resti's eyes. She was scared out of her wits.

Resti smiled a little and said, "Order us meatballs, three sweet iced teas, one with less sugar and two with more ice cubes. Oh, and the meatballs, one with vinegar, and one and a half spoons of chili sauce. Don't forget to add more sauce, plus ... ask for big meatballs," Resti said at length, making the girl frown. She was confused by what Resti had just said because she spoke too fast. Of course, she couldn't grasp the explanation all at once.

"Here's the money." Resti handed a red bill to the girl who was about to become her servant.

Reluctantly, the girl entered the cafeteria, cutting through the crowd of people waiting in line. It annoyed her, but what could she do? No one had ever dared to resist Resti's will.

"Oh wait!"

Spontaneously, the girl looked back as Resti's voice pierced her senses.

"I have more soy sauce, and for the iced tea, I asked for a purple straw. You have to have it, if you don't have it, you have to look for it in the cafeteria next door," she said again with an innocent smile.

Letting out a long breath, the girl was forced to smile. Although her feelings were now very much on fire, In her heart, she was already cursing THE ROSE gang relentlessly. Who wouldn't resent being treated like that at the drop of a hat?

Resti, Indah, and Lina could only laugh loudly. They didn't care about the other students who were watching them with intense and relentlessly piercing eyes. Ah, Resti was always so ignorant about that. She really didn't care about them. For Resti, this was her life, and she had no right to patronize them.

Chapter 2 : Punishment

"Cell, lend me your pen, I'm stuck," Weeby pleaded with Marcell, her seatmate. Not forgetting to put on a puppy-eyed face so that Marcell would help her.

Forced to stop copying notes, Marcell immediately turned and stared at Weeby with deadly eyes. "No, eat the pen, thank you!" Instead of lending Weeby the pen, Marcell cursed the girl beside him severely.

Snorting, Weeby rolled her eyes. As always, Marcell was an annoying guy. And Weeby didn't like that trait. If only Mrs. Rena, the counseling teacher who was in charge of her class, didn't arrange the seating, Weeby would have been very reluctant to sit next to Marcell. She was forced to comply.

"But my pen is stuck, you're really mean to me, I'm a girl and you're a guy, how can you not give in?" Weeby said passionately. Exasperated.

"What the hell, it's my pen, and I have the right to do whatever I want," Marcell replied sarcastically


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