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Tonight, My Brother and I

Tonight, My Brother and I

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Emily and Evan are siblings. Emily was adopted as a baby. Meanwhile, Evan is a very warm and responsible brother who is strict with Emily. As time goes by, Evan's view of Emily changes. One day Emily woke up but why was Evan also sleeping next to her under the same blanket without clothes! Emily and Evan are siblings. Emily was adopted as a baby. Meanwhile, Evan is a very warm and responsible brother who is strict with Emily. As time goes by, Evan's view of Emily changes. One day Emily woke up but why was Evan also sleeping next to her under the same blanket without clothes!

Chapter 1

The bedroom door opened slowly. The light from the corridor made a man's shadow appear on the dark floor of the room. Straight in stature, he stood in the doorway before his feet stepped inside. His footsteps stopped near the single bed. Then he sat on the edge of the bed. His gaze was fixated on the sleeping face of a girl there.

The man just stared at her silently. He noticed the girl's eyelids were closed peacefully. Her eyelashes were curled, hiding beautiful gems in them. Then the girl's lips look slightly parted, making her sleeping face rather cute and seductive. Flirting with this man. Until one hand was on the girl's lips.

The man's thumb stroked the soft surface of the girl's lips. Her lips are small but slightly thick, giving a sexy impression on her face like an angel.

These small lips also often urge the other side of a man to feel it. Yet another instinct was screaming, trying to keep itself sane. Due to the fact that this girl was his sister, he kept fighting inside himself.

When the young girl frowned, her slight movement made the man flinch in realization and immediately withdrew his hand from those plump lips. The man took a deep breath, then stood up abruptly. Embarrassed, he walked towards the curtain to open it. Sunlight also burst into the room measuring four by four.

You can see the contents of the girl's room clearly.

It sure looks messy. The condition of the room is inversely proportional to his room. This girl's room was filled with piles of game tapes on the floor, books and comics that weren't neatly stacked on the shelves. Even snack trash is still lying on the computer table.

The man sighed. I don't know what time she slept last night. Impossible to sleep under ten o'clock.

Must have played online games on the computer last night, then went straight to sleep. That was how he thought of his younger sister's habits.

"Emily, wake up. You could be late today!"

called the man firmly to wake up the sleeping princess.

The girl named Emily only moaned, then turned around while pulling the blanket up to cover her head to avoid the bright glare of the sun.

The man checked his watch. They can be late. Finally he moved to the end of the bed to tickle the soles of Emily's feet. Suddenly the girl squirmed awake. The tickling sensation made Emily's smooth legs kick the air.

"Okay, okay, bro! I'm up!" Emily shouted in surrender. So, the man's small efforts succeeded in getting him to wake up.

"Now, take a quick shower!" Evan ordered, met by Emily's pouty lips.

"I'm still sleepy~" she whined spoiledly.

Then Evan returned to the side of the bed and grabbed Emily's arm, until she sat up. "What time did you sleep last night, huh?" he asked sitting on the edge of the bed.

Emily became silent. "I don't remember," the girl replied with a grin.

Instantly the man's face became flat. "I knows you just slept early last night. Do you need to report it to mother?" he threatened.

"Don't do it Evan! Later my allowance will be reduced," said Emily.

"Okay, now hurry up and take a shower. Sis, wait at the dining table," said the man, getting up.

Meanwhile, Emily, who was still sitting in the bathtub, looked sullen with a wet face staring intently at the bathroom door. "You annoying brother! Even though I only slept at three in the morning...." she complained.

"My eyes must be like pandas!"

Thirty minutes later Emily was coming down the stairs with her backpack on her shoulder. She approached his brother who was seen sitting waiting on a dining chair. Breakfast is lavishly served on a table.

Emily sat in front of Evan by placing her bag on the side chair. They eat without speaking. Every now and then Evan's eyes would glance forward only to pay attention to the little sister.

"Emily," Evan called.

Emily looked up from her food.

"Your hair doesn't look good when it's tied up like that. Take off your hair tie," Evan said, pointing at Emily's hair. The girl's hair was tied in a ponytail. For Emily it was normal. But he rarely did anything other than just let it loose.

"Why?" she protested.

"You've got an ugly face," Evan sneered.

Emily glared in shock. "No way. It's summer now, I get hot easily," Emily evaded her order.

Then, Evan took something out of his trouser pocket. The man handed a few dollar bills to his sister.

The money totaled nine hundred dollars. Given by Evan's hand from the front. Because of that, Emily looked at Evan with a gleeful expression.

"The money is for your allowance in a day except for holidays," said Evan. The amount of Emily's pocket money increased by two sheets from normal.

"Really? Cool!" Emily immediately took the money. She counted them again with a big smile. Five hundred dollars, quite enough to buy her hobby needs later. That's what Emily planned when she received more pocket money from her older brother.

"Thank you brother!" carefree Emily is so happy.

But wait, why did her older sister suddenly add her pocket money? Emily suddenly became suspicious of Evan. Is there a hidden meaning?

"By the way, here. Bro, what are you growing up?"

she asked.

"That's in addition to your personal money. So, use it wisely. Remember, neither I nor your father and mother taught you to waste money in vain," Evan said, reminding their parents' advice.

"Yes brother!"

A genuine smile graced Evan's flat lips.

They set off together in a black Bugatti car.

When her speed stopped in front of the school gate which was crowded with students, before stepping outside, Emily kissed Evan's cheek very quickly.

To the extent that Evan froze silent until the car continued its pace again. He secretly held the left cheek where Emily's soft lips had just touched.

Meanwhile, Emily soon met her best friend named Sherin, and they walked together towards the school building. "Did your brother take you again?"

asked Sherin, after catching a glimpse of Emily's older brother in the car earlier.

Emily nodded firmly.

"Yes, why?" She asked.

"Can your brother's handsomeness be divided equally? How can you have a brother as handsome as an actor like that. You know, it could be dangerous if a child at school finds out."

Her name is Sherin. She is Emily's best friend since her freshman year of high school. Her short hair and a jacket that doesn't lag behind her waist characterize Sherin as a tomboyish girl.

Emily frowned. "Aren't there lots of handsome men who they often see on the internet as actors or idols, right? Seeing garden men is normal for them."

Sherin shook her head in response to Emily's opinion. "They like handsome men. Moreover your brother really looks like a perfect animated figure that is impossible to live in this world."

Sherin had seen Emily's older brother when she first came to her house to do school work together.

It was predictable how Sherin reacted at that time.

Emily just snorted out of her thoughts.

Emily rolled her eyes in embarrassment.

The praise of her older brother made him feel even more resentful. "Don't be fooled by my brother's good looks. Actually he's really annoying," Emily sneered.

"Although it sucks, you really need it, don't you?"

teased Sherin with a smirk. Emily glanced up in shock as if her words sounded ridiculous.

"Yeah! I need it for me to put it to good use~" Emily whined giving up. That's not wrong either, but as a younger sister, Emily is often irritated by Evan as an older brother who sometimes acts as he pleases himself as well as ordering her for things that don't matter at all.

Chapter 2

Emily was terrified. Standing alone in the middle of the back alley of the school. While in front of her, two men looked fierce.

"Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose," Emily said regretfully. A few seconds ago she ran into the two of them, then the pot in the man's hand was scuffed to the point of falling and shattering. Now the plants and pots looked miserable in their midst.

"Wow...." The slightly fat man seemed to be unacceptable. He scrambled around the waist.

"Wah...." The slightly fat man seemed to be unacceptable. He scrambled around the waist. "The word sorry is not enough to replace this precious plant!" he snapped.

Emily curled her shoulders. He lowered his head in fear, while fiddling with his own hands. "I'm sorry...." Emily couldn't help but apologize.

"Young man, do you know how precious this plant is?" said the second man. "It's so precious, this pla


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