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The World of Mafia Kings - Vol.1: Medici

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A hot kiss with a stranger in a taxi? Done An equally intense kiss with a random man in a club? done Do I have the phone number of one of them? Sh*t... I knew I'd forgotten something! My name is Dr Isabella Bronte and for the past two years everything in my life has been absolutely predetermined. I'm the youngest professor in any faculty and I teach Ancient and Medieval History at Cambridge University. In order to afford my life, pay off my mum's debts and cover the costs of her care home in London, I'm using my further degree in art history to certify paintings for Christie's. Because there's nothing worse for one of the world's most famous auction houses than auctioning off a counterfeit. My life is not really interesting. Kissing 2 men within 3 days would be the highlight for weeks. I don't feel guilty, because the likelihood of seeing either of them again in London, a city of millions, is close to zero. Now the summer holidays are just around the corner and I've managed to get a lucrative tutoring job - with a rich Italian family who attach great importance to secrecy and pay for it. But I could never have imagined that my temporary employers would be the two strangers who have been occupying my dreams for days now. The brothers Adriano, Lorenzo and Cesare are the heirs to the historically world-famous Medici family. I only know them as bankers, but the underworld recognises them as one of the oldest mafia families in Italy. And even though I swear to myself that it's just a simple job, our meeting will set in motion a development that neither of us had planned and could cost each of us our lives!

Preface and Triggerwarnung

"Unhappy is, who does not know

what it means to love."

Teresa of Avila (1515 - 1582)


This work is pure fiction. The names of individual persons are not connected to any historical figures. Each book in this series is a standalone. You don't have to wait for a second instalment to find out if there is a happy ending.

The Medici, Sforza and Borgia are famous Italian families who influenced the history of Europe both nationally and internationally. The Renaissance was a period that took place in north-western and southern Europe from around 1400 to 1620. People rediscovered the ideals and beliefs of the ancient world and a unique form of art and literature was developed. It was also a lifestyle. The Renaissance was supposed to produce the perfect, universally educated person - but in return it was also one of the cruellest eras in European history.

My story is set in our modern world. However, any references or allusions to actual events are not always in the correct chronological context. The story takes place around 2017/2018.

I hope every reader enjoys my work and the characters.



This book contains explicit content on the subject:

- physical violence / torture

- r*p*

- murder

Dear reader, please only read my story if you are mentally and emotionally up to it.

As much as I appreciate every single reader who reads my work, your mental health is more important, so take care of yourself first and foremost.

With love your


Prologue - 10 years ago -

Adriano - 10 years ago -

Beep.... Beep.... Beep

This sound was both a dream and a nightmare. That was the sound of the ventilator of Ludovico de Medici, 61 years old and my father. Nobody could ever touch him. As the unbeatable underground ruler of Tuscany and one of the most powerful men in the Italian mafia, he was feared, hated and adored at the same time. But despite his wealth, power and supremacy, one thing ultimately brought him down and that was cancer.

For the last three years, he just vegetated. A path of slow infirmity, accompanied by operations, chemotherapy and repeated attempts at a cure. He had tried every new therapy that was anywhere in the early stages. He donated millions to the church, consulted esoteric prophets... but nothing prevented the cancer cells in his two lungs from growing further and so we sat here and watched his last breaths.

I wasn't afraid of his death, because I had already made peace with th


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