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The Unwanted Marriage

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Allysa Chloe Hernandez is a college student. She seems to have everything and has been living a comfortable life. She came from a very conservative family, where good daughters never say no to their parents. Her peaceful life has been suddenly shattered when she knows that she will marry the only son of the famous business tycoon. Dave Arkiel Enriquez- a spoiled brat, a womanizer that every girls dream. Despite the marriage were they are involved. They never let their parents decide who's the person they gonna love. They are willing to fight for the person who love them dearly. She promised to herself that she will marry the man that she truly love but soon she find herself captivated by the Casa del Rio heir.


"Why did you do that Allysa Chloe? You ruined the reputation that we had. What will your Daddy say when he finds out?"

My Mom asked angrily when we got inside our house.

"As I said Mom I really don't know why that answer key ended up in my bag."

I explained to her while sitting on the couch.

"Are you going to lie to me as well? If you had previously convinced the faculty members that you had nothing to do with what happened. I can't, and please can you stop giving some excuses, when are you going to stop lying?"

"But I'm just telling the truth. Whatever they said earlier that's a false accusation, Mom. I really had nothing to do with what happened and why would I do that? Do I look like I'm thirsty for academic validation? You know me Mom, I'm not that kind of person. Since I started studying, all the achievements that I get in school have been working hard for them Mom, so why would I do something that will ruin me?"

I explained to her.

"You should explain it to your Dad Allysa Chloe and be ready for the consequences. We can't solve this problem if you don't tell us what really happened. Go ahead and rest. You can go to school early tomorrow because there is community service still waiting for you."

"But that's the truth Mom, if you don't want to believe me. Fine, I won't force you."

Then I went upstairs. Well, I have no choice but to follow her, she's my Mom after all.

After showering, I changed into my pajamas. Today is very stressful. I never expected this to happen.

While I was doing my school work, Bea-my best friend suddenly called.

"Hello Allysa, how are you? I'm sorry I didn't visit you earlier because Ma'am Joy didn't let us out."

She said on the line.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me. The important thing is that I know myself that I didn't do anything wrong."

I answered her.

"Yes, I know that and another thing I know is that you will never do that. So what happened? Are you doing community service? Because that's usually what they ask the students to do when there are situations like that, right?"

She asked.

"Yes, because that's what they discussed in the faculty earlier and my Mom agreed to that idea since the dean has not yet made a final decision about the incident."

"Ah, is that so? Don't even think about that because it's really not your fault, okay? Go ahead and get some rest. Good night."

"Alright, good night. Thank you Bea for always checking on me."

"Of course, what are best friends for? Go to bed now. I'm going to rest. Bye."

SHe said on the other line.


Then I ended the call.

When I finished the school work I was doing, I went downstairs to eat my dinner. Mommy isn't at the dining table yet, maybe she's finishing up some work while Dad texted that he will be late for dinner. I don't know his reasons, but I hope he’s okay.

That's their routine almost everyday so there’s nothing new to me. I'm used to it, eating alone whether it's breakfast, lunch or even dinner. As far as I remember, we have never eaten together unless there is an important thing that we need to discuss.

After I ate I went to the rooftop. One of my favorite places in our house apart from the very peaceful surroundings, there’s no one really notices whether there are people from upstairs or not. I sat on the side, I put my face on my knees while hugging my legs tightly. There I shed the tears I had been holding back. I feel like what happened earlier, I'm still the one at fault even though I say I'm really innocent.

Is that hard to understand or do they just not understand me? I used to be a strong person, I used to hide my emotions so they wouldn't worry but now I can't, they accuse me for things I never done and the worst part is the people I thought would defend me are the ones who don't believe the things that I say.

Chapter 1

The next day

Today is Saturday and I woke up early because I have to go to school. My community service will start at 6:00 to 10:00 am. I don't want to do this because I know to myself that I am innocent but my Mom has agreed and I can't say no to her. I also don't want to embarrass her with our dean yesterday and I will only get scolded even more. I know I'm a bit stubborn but I'm letting it go and I depend on the situation I'm in.

I prepared the bag that I will bring. I brought an extra t-shirt, towel and jogging pants. I also carried a tumbler with cold water and a sandwich while leaving the house. When I saw Manong Jose, He drove me to my university.

When I arrived at the university, there were few people and also the security guard who was guarding the gate of our university.

Before entering I asked our security guard.

"Am I the only one scheduled to do community service today?"

"For the regular s


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