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The Unwanted Family

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Nor03
  • Chapters: 49
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 829
  • 6.6
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Why does he still want to break up with me? It's fine if he doesn't remember me as his wife, which even as his girlfriend is fine with me, but here... He wants to break up with me and we will end our relationship. Just because that girl wants it? Why else is that? Why does he still want that? Why does he need to separate me?.


Chapter 1Reolla Moon's Pov"Poirier, I'm pregnant," I stammered and my voice shook a bit.Poirier stopped what he was doing and looked at me with a frown. Can't believe it...The emotion drawn on his face was apprehensive. He is afraid because he is getting married to his fiancée. To the girl he first loved and they had been lovers for a long time before I even came into their lives.I know what we are doing is wrong. I knew it would happen I was afraid.And it happened... I'm pregnant... I'm pregnant and I don't know what I'm going to do and what decision Poirier is going to make. For me and for our future child..."It can't be," he said firmly and coldly. I bent down and tightly crossed my fingers.I feel like I'm going to be deaf from the force of my heart beating. There are negatives forming in my brain.Negative that I know in the end I will be hurt. As soon as he said it, it seemed to break my heart into pieces. Just from his eyes...I already know the answer...But I can't do anything, whatever he chooses. I accept. Whatever his decision will be I will accept it, I will accept it anyway and I have prepared for it.I have prepared this thing..."How did that happen? W-Why did you--" he didn't finish what he was going to say and stood up abruptly."Sh*t! This is insane! F*ck!" he was very cheap and he even managed to fix his hair."Sorry..." I cried at my promise and started to run as tears rolled down my cheeks. My chest felt heavy and the pain in my chest gradually drew."You know what we are... You know what we have, Reolla... You know we have no commitment to each other," he said emotionlessly. The words he uttered hurt me even more.Why do we do that thing? Even if we are both aware of the consequences?Why did he let me possess him when he knew he already had a girlfriend?Why didn't I stop him for that matter?Because we both liked what happened to us...But maybe... We were both carried away by what we say was called by the flesh? Sent in body heat?I know," I stammered and swallowed violently. My tears flowed one after another.I felt that he sat next to me and I could also feel his eyes staring at me. I heard her sigh.I don't want to look at him because I'm afraid... I'm afraid because I might be hurt by what I read in his eyes.Even at this time I am already hurting..."I'm sorry..." he apologized to me, breaking my heart.Seven letters, two words. This word has thousands of meanings. Just a simple word and my wounded heart was completely crushed. Who has been hurt for a long time..."I don't want to be a burden on you, Poirier I don't intend for you and my son to become an obligation.. Sorry... But Poirier, you know I can't bring the child in my womb to life... You know what I am... I have no education and I don't have a job... So...only you can help us..." I said sadly.At this point I met his eyes that were drawn with mixed emotions. Mercy prevails..."My child. The child you are carrying is also my child, Reolla... Don't worry, I will hold you accountable. I will hold you accountable but in a different way..."The next day we went to the hospital to check on my son's health. He did accompany me and he supported me completely. Even just this gesture of his, as if he was taking care of me, made me content and happy...He was referring to me being responsible but in a different way...He will give alimony to our child...even if there is no marriage. He will hold me responsible that he will take care of my expenses. From my home and birth.He will give us a monthly allowance but we will remain a secret from his family.He will hide us, that he is also afraid to find out about us. Because her and her fiancé's marriage will continue.I'm fine... Even if it hurts because...I know that I love Poirier, I chose his decision. The only thing that matters to me is his support for our child.Because if he wasn't there... If I didn't tell him I was pregnant and run away in fear...I can't bring my child back to life... I don't have parents anymore because they just died and Poirier took me in.He gave me a home... So after all, I owe him a lot.So that night he was drunk and something happened to us but those events happened again without alcohol hugging him.We forgot the reality... What we thought about that night was to both reach heaven... At least we committed a sin...When Poirier found out about my pregnancy, he immediately set a schedule for my son and I to check up with the doctor he knows and trusts."You really are, Poirier, eh... I think your wife is younger than you," commented the female doctor. Because of what he said, I couldn't help but both my cheeks turned tomato.Wife, how would it feel if Poirier called me that? But I'm just a fantasist because that will never happen.It's impossible and just a dream. He can only say that word to others and not to me.I was sad but I tried to be happy."Lie down here, wife," the doctor told me softly and smiled at me, which I responded quickly.Poirier helped me lie down on the hospital bed and even adjusted my position.I felt the application of cold liquid on my belly and stomach.After a while, the doctor showed us something and when I saw that little drawing, I became emotional.I don't just feel him now, because I can see him even though he is not clear and complete.I smiled with tears on my cheeks."Oh... the baby is 8 weeks old. We will find out his gender next month... Congrats, Mommy and Daddy..."I saw Poirier's reaction. Like me, I also saw the edge of his tears and he looked happy."Thank you..." he said and took my hand. He kissed the back of my palm."Thank you too, Doctor...""I will list here the things that Mommy should not do and the foods that she should eat and are not allowed... Also her vitamins," the doctor told us with a smile.I looked at the ultrasound again and held my stomach."My baby..." I said smiling...It's a different kind of joy when you know you're going to be a mother and have a child to call...It's so much fun that it's hard to the following days, Poirier stopped taking care of me because he also found out that his fiancé was pregnant.He paid more attention to the girl he loved and that's all...I also felt that my son and I were just an unwanted family...I'm Reolla Moon, I got pregnant by a man who belonged to someone else but I don't regret what happened to us because my son came into my life...He is my source of strength and only childThe next day I woke up early and got ready right away. To myself. Or it's correct to say that I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop crying last night.I only found out about Poirier and his fiancée by accident. That today is the day they will get married. My chest was very heavy when I found out and it felt like a knife was stabbing me in my heart.I really love Poirier so it hurts me. I'm hurt because he's getting married to the girl he loves and it's not me...I will never be the woman he will be with until he grows up and even for life and it's very unlikely that that thing will happen. Punch the moon.Maybe if he asks that if he lives in the world again, he will still choose Ameefa in his life. That this is the only one he will love, no matter how many times he is born in this world or even in the next life.I don't even know when and how I really fell in love with Poirier. Why does my heart beat for him when he already loves someone else.It's like someone already owns her heart and they are set to get married. I was the only one who stood in their way, so Poirier also chose to keep me a secret, about my pregnancy with his child.Maybe there was only one good thing in my life... To have my own child who is the father himself...I know what I'm going to do now is stupid because I don't even know where I got the courage to go to his wedding... Even though I's not possible.I learned that their wedding will be held at the Manila Cathedral and that all their guests will go to their big hotel after the wedding ceremony.I just wore a simple white floral dress and flat sandals. I just let my waist length wavy hair hang loose. It's like I'm getting married because I did so much preparation. I didn't put lipstick on my face. My lips are naturally red and it's like I've put eyeliner on my eyebrows because of the thickness of it and my black eyes. My cheeks are also red even though I don't put blush on.To Be Continued...

Chapter 2 Married

Chapter 2Poirier didn't call me for a few weeks to ask how his son and I were doing. Which he used to do often.At first I was also wondering why...he doesn't call anymore. It turned out that he was preparing for his wedding.In the past, I overheard the conversation of two maids, who I was with at the time. I was just coming down from the stairs when I heard them talking."Lorda, don't you wonder why Sir Poirier rarely calls on the phone and even visits?" asked a confidant of Poirier's housekeeper.They were currently cleaning the living room and they still managed to talk. That's not a case for me and I can handle their jobs, but Poirier told me that I should rest and not move too much in the mansion because I'm pregnant.He said he just doesn't want our son and I to have a hard time. So she hired two maids whom she trusted completely.So it won't be a problem for him about us. His hiding from me who wa


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