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hi I'm Johari Lilan a fisherman I have a wife four children I used to write stories and I want to apply as a story writer


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  • Author: Nor03
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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YANNA RUSCON 20 YEARS OLD. I grew up in the province where I only finished high school, I wanted to go to college but my parents didn't have enough money for me to go to college. I thought of leaving the city to find a job. My friend who studies in the city just arrived. I talked to him to take me to the city so I could look for a job. They have a house in the city and he agreed to take me with him. Naki told me that when I have a job, I will also look for a place to live. Since he is my friend, he easily agreed. I woke up early because we were supposed to leave here early, Lucy. Everything I bring is ready. Mama was crying because we were separated just now. “be careful there! You're not used to a lot of people," said mom "don't worry mom, I'll always be careful and you, too, be careful here too, dad" Lucy and I left for the bus terminal at 6 in the morning. It was 9 o'clock when we arrived in the city. There are many tall buildings around. I looked around looking at the tall buildings. "Be careful, you might fall." Lucy said as I almost tripped "I'm sorry just now because I saw you with a super tall house." He nodded because he understood me. Because I haven't found a job yet. I helped Lucy with the housework as I thanked her for agreeing to take me here. He helped me to find a job but unfortunately he hasn't found anything yet. One week has passed. It was late when Lucy came from the party with her friends. Yanna, I found someone looking for a case assistant far from here. If you want I can apply there, he is my friend's cousin." Really? Go ahead and apply me even as a helper so I can have some money." Ok, I'll think of my friend so we can take you there." Lucy talked to me again saying that her friend talked to her and now before they go to school they will pass by my place of work. I was ready, not long after, Lucy's friend came to pick us up. I was amazed at how beautiful his friend was. He is obviously rich because he has his own car. do you know how to drive?" I asked in surprise He smiled "Yes!" I was silent while he drove. Maybe 20 minutes have passed but we still haven't arrived. Soon he stopped at a very large compound with a tall black gate. It's scary when you look at it. "Don't worry, the owner of this house is my cousin, so nothing bad will happen to you!" he said maybe he noticed the fear in my eyes


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