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When your mate chose your friend over you, the world could crumble down at that moment. Just like Maya, she endured the pain beneath her heart. She concluded to keep pushing for her love. However, Alice died. Unfortunately, she was the first to find her corpse. Not only that, Mason, her mate, found her with it. Mason would never forgive her. Her father rejected her for fear of Mason. She was beaten, taken advantage of, and tortured. She chose death. Death over further torture. She died. However, the moon goddess had a different plan for her. She was sent back to the time everything started. She needs to change the course of her life and also reverse the fate of her former life. However, things change so suddenly. This time, Mason loves her and denies Alice. The rejected stone is now the cornerstone. How will she manage to change the fate of disaster from befalling her? Can she love Mason this time around? Will Mason's love be for her or Alice's love will overshadow her? A werewolf romance story.

Mate rejection


I stood right before Mason, who didn’t seem bothered at all. Alice was standing right beside him with her hands holding his and a part of me was jealous. This was the man I was deeply in love with.

“Um… Mason…” I wanted to speak but I was lost for words. Mason was confused.

“What is it, Maya?” He asked calmly. I bit her lip and finally garnered all the courage I had and went ahead with it.

“I… really… like you, Mason.” I blurted. Alice was surprised but that was slowly replaced with a tint of disgust and annoyance.

“What?” Mason on the other hand was quite stunned. He had probably seen me as just a friend of Alice. Nothing more. He never showed that he held any sort of feelings for me and although I suspected he knew I was his true mate, he kept quiet about it.

“I said I really like you, Mason. And I wish you could mate with me and seal our bond.” I completed. At this point, Alice was so annoyed that she wanted to just lash at me. However, Mason held her back.

“Maya… can’t you listen to yourself? You sound like a wh*r*.” Mason said and this made my heart shake.

“What?” I muttered as I looked into Mason’s eyes with shock.

“Maybe I should make myself clear,” he said and moved closer to her before moving his mouth close to her ear, “You are nothing to me. Even though you’re my true mate, I will never see you as a mate. You’re just a wh*r*, and there’s nothing you can say or do, that’ll make me love you.” Mason scorned before leaving with Alice.

Mason’s words resonated in my head and I shuddered. I felt devastated and heartbroken. I looked at Alice and expected a bit of sympathy from her, but the latter gave me a look of disgust and contempt.

“Trying to take what isn’t yours, you’ve really sloped so low.” Alice scorned with a contempt-filled voice.

“Alice…” I wanted to speak, but she interrupted me.

“Shut up, Maya. Do you think just because both you and Mason are mated together, you can do whatever you want? Think again, b*tch. Mason is mine and mine alone.” Alice barked before turning her back on me.

I was so shocked that I couldn’t believe it. I was rejected by my mate, and my own friend turned her back on me. I couldn’t be more miserable.


Chapter one,

Some months later,

Maya's pov,

"Please, I just wish to talk to the Alpha." I implored with the guards assigned at the gate of the midnight pack.

"I imply you vacate instantly. You are a rogue and rogues are not allowed to step foot here." The guard retorted in a brutal tone.

This could be the third day I’d been suffering before them, arguing with them to allow me to see the Alpha of their pack, Mason Kane.

"I really don't have anything to do with the death of Alicia. It's a misunderstanding." I tried to explain myself, but all I received in return was disgusted looks on their faces.

They were disgusted by me. But what did I do?

I was being falsely accused of killing, or rather indirectly killing Alicia.

Alicia was the lover of Alpha Mason, my mate.

Yes, Alpha Mason is my mate. It's been months since I realized that he was my fated one.

He felt it too, the bond, he said so, but he ruthlessly shoved bitter words down my throat.

He said that he was in love with another woman. That the moon goddess made a mistake to make us mates.

It's one thing to be rejected by your fate, but it's another to know that he loves someone else.

Even the bond wasn't enough to bring to me.

A few months later, Alicia was found dead deep in the woods.

Without any evidence, I have crowned the culprit. I was termed a sinner for a crime I didn't commit.

Yes, on that fateful night, we had planned to meet, me and Alicia.

She had texted me, telling me that she wanted to see me.

She said she had something to tell me about Alpha Mason, my mate.

She also said that she had a way to help us become close because she already found her mated one and didn't want to stand between us.

Like the fool I was, I made my way to the woods, to the exact point we agreed to meet.

But when I arrived at our designated place, I didn't find Alicia waiting for me.

When I actually saw her, she was lying on the ground, dead.

She had deep claw marks on her chest, showing that whoever killed her was In a hurry.

I crouched down to feel her breath when Mason and other warriors arrived, branding me as the killer.

I saw anger flash in his eyes as he held Alicia's lifeless body in his arms, crying his heart out. I felt an excruciating pain that I thought I would die.

All my attempts to explain myself were futile.

He carried her away like she was a treasure in his kingdom and left me without even sparing me a second glance. Of course, minus the look of disgust, he flashed at me.

My heart was broken and I struggled to walk back home.

When I arrived at the border of my pack, the Silvermoon pack, the warriors stopped me from setting foot in their lands again.

My father, Alpha Kyle, chose to sacrifice me so as to make peace with the Midnight pack.

I was informed that only one thing could remain.

It was either the Silvermoon pack or me and it dawned on me what my father chose.

He decided to choose the pack over me, his own flesh and blood.

With nowhere to go, I could only make my way to the midnight pack, hoping that Mason would listen to my side of the story.

It'd been three days and he still refused to see me.

Three days of not eating, bathing or even catching some sleep. These were the three worst days of not life.

From a princess, I was reduced to a rogue. I was now homeless without a pack to call my home, I had nowhere to go.

I was also aware that no pack would be willing to take me in. Nobody would want to offend the mighty Alpha Mason Kane unless they were tired of existing...That meant the only way to survive was to beg Alpha Mason to listen to my side of the story.

I was innocent and I would never plead guilty to a crime I didn't commit.

"It doesn't matter how long you kneel and beg, the Alpha won't see you. He is still grieving the death of his lover." The guard said the words that hurt the most.

Those words were more painful than all three days of torture combined. They tore down my heart to shreds. He was mourning the death of Alicia? What about me, his mate who was falsely accused? Who would mourn the pain I  have endured the past few days?

What did I do to ever deserve this kind of treatment? Was being mated to him really my doom? Why did the moon goddess give me a mate who would hate me? These thoughts passed through my head and I couldn't help but sob silently.

The flash of lightning and the sound of thunder indicated that I would be in for a long night.

Over the past three days, I kneeled at the entrance of the pack, hoping that Alpha Mason would feel my sincerity and see me. But all was in vain. He didn't give a d*mn whether I died or I lived. I bet he would be so happy if I  ended up dead.

To him, I was nothing but a jealous freak who killed his beloved. I was nothing but a cold-blooded murderer.

For the past three days, I have endured harsh weather. The chilling nights accompanied by the heavy rains hit my skin.

The blaring sun burned my skin. But all these were nothing compared to the pain in my heart.

"Let's just leave, he won't believe us either way." my wolf, scar advised.

I could feel her distress, her pain.

"Leave? leave to where? We are basically homeless now. Nobody will take us in." I reminded her and I could feel her whimper.

Where could we go? Not unless we accept that we were rogues and join the other rogues.

But life as a rogue was not something I ever imagined.

"At least we won't have to suffer like this," Scar said, reading my mind.

Death wish

"I won't leave until he listens to me. I am innocent, I won't run away." I retorted.

It didn't matter where we ran to, Mason would always find us. I was an Alpha daughter and despite everything, something about me didn't change. I never run away and always keep my head high, despite my situation.

"You are stubborn." Those were the last words I heard from Scar, my wolf before she retreated to the back of my mind.

Yes, she was right. I was a stubborn one and that's why I would continue to stay here until Mason granted me an audience. If I could not succeed, at least I would die trying.

My stomach growled loudly, reminding me that I hadn't had anything to eat for days.

I didn't feel hungry nor was I in the mood to eat anything, not like anyone bothered to give me anything to eat.

According to them, it was better if I ended up dying of hunger. The night passed and morning came. I could feel my bod


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