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The Ruthless Rockstar

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Music is his life, he is stunning and wealthy... but he is also egotistical, instead of blood, arrogant and dope of fame runs in his veins... Ryan Smith, the ruthless rockstar. Across the seven seas far from him, She is sweet and confident, living a simple life. Tara Sharma is an engineering student. Her life faces up and down when she unintentionally collided with Ryan.

Chapter 1


“I am sorry…”, her head bowed in guilt, her eyes looking down as she does not want to gaze at him directly, she knew that she has made a blunder and she must have to correct her gaffe.

“Sorry…!!!....”, by puckered his angular eyebrows, he fisted the glass in his hand so firmly that it gets broken, then he marched toward her and stands in her proximity due to which she flinched back, “You really think…. Everything will be fine just with your sorry..!!!!, gnashing his teeth, he whimpered.

She steps back to maintain distance between them, “I know it….But…Please…all these things are now affecting my studies…and I want to pay full attention to my career…I have achieved this scholarship by working very hard…Please try to understand…”, she pleaded with her beautiful black doe eyes, some loose length fell on her face, her lips parted for request, this sight of her making him erect as his blue orbs glued on her luscious lips.

“Ok… then there is a way…. you can free from this contract and …We don’t have to see each other again….”, he said calmly, while listening to his words a smile appeared on her face, “How…???...”, she asked him in contented tone.

He looked at her from head to toe with an intense gaze that chills down her spine,? a new emotion evident in his blue orbs making her nervous, he steps forward to get close to her while his forwarding steps create an unknown fear in her, but she fisted her palm and relaxed herself, tried her best not to show her apprehension.

He stands in her personal space and gawking directly at her black doe eyes which clearly hint at her uneasiness, his lips raised into a malevolence smirk, he leaned down and inhale her fragrance which makes him insane, her eyes open wide when she feels his hot breath on her cheek, but a shocked emerged on her face when he whispered near her ear, “Just… Pleasure me tonight…”.


Goa, a land gifted with inconceivable natural beauty, included waterfalls, green forests, tremendous beaches, and sunshine. People from all over the world come here to enjoy their vacations, as it is the fun capital of India. Through the climate was hot, but the sight of the beach was mind refresher, the waves moving up and down like it wants to play with air, many fisherman moving into the sea throwing their nets to catch some fish, many people are enjoying this fabulous sight some playing in the water, children's making sandcastles and ran around,? interseted ones went for a swim, peoples are enjoying with their families while some with their friends, but she sitting calmly away, under the shadow of the coconut tree and exploring the beauty of the beach, her beautiful luscious lips raised in a heart taking smile which made the endearing dimples on her soft cheeks, her eyes blinking several times because the wind was blowing a little fast, but she adjusted her vision to glance the fabulous sight, slight anguish appear when she gazes at some peoples who comes with their family, “I wish…I had brought mom, dad, and Preeti with me…How much do those enjoy here…!!!.. But I hope so…one day I will give them all the happiness they deserve…”, she murmurs to herself.

Tara Sharma, a girl in her around twenty-one’s, studying in her graduation year of engineering, comes to Goa on her college trip. First, she doesn't admit to the trip, for her it’s was a squander of money and time, she likes to study more even on vacations but on her best friend, Neha’s obstinancy, she had to come and moreover, her parents also sought after her to go for Goa trip and live and relish her life like other students.

Tara belonged to a simple family, her parents working hard to fulfill their daughter's requirements as they aspirated to give them a preeminent future. Tara is responsive about it, How much her parents uphill struggle for their studies..!!! despite being busy with their hard slog, they tried their best to give their daughters time and teach them the importance of love, family, and relationships and gave them good ideals and principles. Tara may be a modern-day girl but she has unwavering faith in her values, she is aware that she was a pride of her parents, wants to compete in the world with her modesty and ideals, and no matter What happens…!!!, she never compromises on her main beliefs.

She was so engrossed in her thoughts, that she was not listening to the voice, who called her from behind several times.

“Tara….”, a young girl around twenty, yelled from behind, “Taraaa….”, the girl shout out of her throat, finally the voice reached her eardrum and she turns behind.

“Neha…What happened?... Why are you shouting…???...”,? Tara asked her calmly.

On listening to the words of Tara, a lumme spread on Neha's face, with wide eyes she muttered, “OH, God…Tara!... How long have I been calling you from behind…!!!..And you …your attention was somewhere else…Where were you lost, Tara..???...”, Neha said with a shaking voice as she still to some extent puffing.

Tara observe her state, going towards her, Tara stroked the back of Neha, “Relax, Neha…First calm down…”, Tara whispered by fondling her back with gentleness, “Are you fine …now..”, she asked with a smile on which Neha nodded her head.

“First, tell me where you were lost, Tara...???... Have you seen any handsome boy..!!!...”, Neha winked at Tara and smirked, while Tara glared at her, “No..!... Miss. Neha, I am thinking about my family….”.

Neha slammed her palm on her forehead in incredulity, “Oh, Tara…you are impossible!!!...there are so many handsome boys roaming here…But you don’t care about any of them…”.

“Anyway, …Neha, you came to tell me something, didn’t you!!!...”, Tara cut her in middle.

Suddenly, Neha's mind clicked, and with exhilaration, she said, “Oh, Yes…!.. I forget to tell you…”, Neha takes out two small size paper which were looking like a pass entry, “Look, Tara…Tonight’s Rock Concert VIP pass…We both are going to the Rock concert this evening… Are you excited!!!...”, her face lit up, with a bright smile she declared.

“No.....”, Tara replied.

“No!!!...”, Neha face down when Tara denied, “But Why???, Tara..”, She asked with a crying face.

“First… this type of concert will start at midnight, not in the evening…and second, you know very well that I don’t like rock music…So there is no question about going there, Neha… If you wish, you can go…”, Tara folded her arms?and informed Neha about her decision.

Neha’s face surfaces with grief, “Tara…Please, come with me… you well aware that I was not allowed to go alone…My Dad gave me permission for Goa's trip, only when he came to know that you are also coming with me…and if I go alone, then definitely I will in trouble…Please Tara…come with me…”, Neha started pleading.

“No, Neha…I can’t…and If you don’t want to go alone so take someone else with you…. So many students have come to this college trip…”, Tara denied going to the concert in a serious tone.

“Someone else..!.. noway, Tara… I take VIP passes for both of us…Please, Tara…Please…tomorrow evening, we are all going back to our hometown, Please Tara…come with me…for once…Please…Please…”, Neha pleaded with puppy eyes to which Tara render down, “Ok…fine … I come with you…”, Tara agrees to Neha's demand.


The stage has been set,? as the crowd built up, it moved toward the stage, a pale mist cover the stage, the light went dark without the warning,? the inconspicuous sound of music could be heard just over the chatter of the crowd, the adrenaline went through the roof, and the crowd becomes crazy, a live concert was started, a man looking around twenty-eight with a guitar entered into the stage, the atmosphere becomes phenomenal when he starts the performance, and the crowd started to chant or said screams out of the throat, “Rockstar…Rockstar…”.

“Rockstar!!!…”, a puzzled emerged on Tara's face, she doesn’t understand Why the crowd drive so crazy…?... and Who is the Rockstar…?... Tara gazed at Neha, who standing beside her and lost in that man, “Tara…He is so handsome…Look at him…”, she said seductively while biting her lips like she was alluring over his Greek God-like body.

“I am not interested….”, Tara replied angrily as she put her palm on her head, she feels a headache because of the atmosphere, that only filled with noise and loud music, as the dark was spread felt her like throttle, she tried to leave but Neha holds her hand tightly, “Neha, Please…I want to go out for a while, I feel suffocation…”, Tara said to Neha, but the music is so loud that it can’t be heard clearly, “What..???... What are you saying..???.. Tara, I can’t get it…Just enjoy the performance of Rockstar…”, saying it, Neha holds Tara’s one arm and started to wave in the air, “I love you…Rockstar…”, Neha screamed and was enjoying the music but Tara gets frustrated by the loud music, an artificial mist that spread into the atmosphere, Tara started to coughing.

Tara and Neha both are opposite and had the contrary life, where Tara was from a working-class family, struggle to achieve her dreams while Neha was a flawed daughter of a rich businessman, all her wishes and need could be fulfilled in a pinch. Tara and Neha are very good friends despite being so different they are enclosed with each other.

The crowd appreciated the performance and enjoying as well, as the song continued, the rockstar began to dance a bit around the stage, interacting with his other guitarist, bassist, and drummer individually, when he shows the mic pointed at the audience directly, the entire audience had been started to screaming the lyrics along with him. The audience loudest screaming now made Tara’s condition worst, she just wants to run from the spot and hide in some calm place where she heard her heartbeat because this earsplitting atmosphere only accelerated her heartbeat, she feels the vibrations of speakers inside her like any time her heart must come out by ripping her ribcage.

After some time, the performance was stopped, and the music slows down to which Tara take a breath of relief, “Thank…God…..It’s all over…”.

“Over..!!!...No, Tara …it is just a beginning…”, Neha informed her joyfully.

“What..!!!...there’s more…”, Tara yelled frustratedly, to which Neha nodded her head happily.

Some journalists also covered this Rock concert as this is the first time When Rockstar performed in India, the journalist asked a- few selected audience about the concert, and the reply was acceptable as the majority of the audience was Rockstar fans.

Tara was now in her tolerant line when she heard that the concert was not finished yet and it has been three hours long, it was her last straw..!..

Tara's temple started to throb, she feels instant pain and muscle tightness in her head, discomfort in this atmosphere, the sensation of pressure across the forehead, tenderness on her scalp, she just wants to leave as her face was looking like a volcano filled with burning lava and it maybe explodes out at any time.

“Tara, look… that journalist maybe come toward us…If they asked me What I would like to say about Rockstar.!!!.... Today, I will announce clearly how much I love him…!...”, Neha said, a blushful smile floating upon her face, she was lost in her dreamland with the Rockstar, while Tara gawked at her reprehensibly.

The journalist comes near them, but despite Neha, they put the mic in front of Tara, “So, how do you enjoy this Concert?... And What do you want to say about your Rockstar..???..”.

“My Rockstar!!!...”, a wave of stunning anger suddenly appeared on Tara’s face, already she was getting distressed at this concert but the journalist's words add fuel to her fury, her face flushed with intense rage, “Fate hue dhol ki taraf ghata hai woh..!!!..”, Tara yelled, on which journalist shocked, “What..!!!!...”, the journalist said with a puzzled face.

“Yes, The Rockstar…He sings like a torn drum….”, Tara expresses the frustration that builds inside her since the concert started,? In a second she feels extreme silent all over the concert, and Tara looks around as she doesn't understand Why suddenly there was so much hush..???.. She gazes at Neha, who with an agitated look point towards the left above direction when Tara look toward her pointing site, her eyes enlarged, lips open in a circle, a stunned emerged on her face, there was a jumbotron, which shows her and audible the words that she just said a while ago, “Yes, The Rockstar…He sings like a torn drum….”

“He sings like a torn drum…”

“…like a torn drum…”.

Tara gasped, she put her palm on her mouth as all this was unacceptable, she looks around all the people that surround her, stared at her in a flabbergasted way, But his blue orbs exploded into wild fits of anger, he craked his knuckles to control himself, raising his angular eyebrows, he gawks at the jumbotron screen, her face now registered in his mind and her words, “He sings like a torn drum…”, sting his self-worth.


Chapter 2

Three Months Later

“Yes, I got it…..”, she yelled joyfully, so that the whole world listen to her, the happiness of her triumph does not remain in her heart, in gladness she bounced off on the mattress of the bed with a piece of paper in her hand, chanting only, “Yes…Yes… I got it…”. Hearing the holler, her parents come to her room, when they reached the stunned and riddle both assemble on their faces, they don’t understand What happened to her..???... Why is she reacting like this..???.

Tara turned her face in the route where her parents stand with baffle, she stopped her bouncing and immediately jumped out of the bed with exhilaration,? swiftly enfolding her parents in enthusiasm, “Mom…Dad...I got it….”, she squealed gladly.

“Ok…Ok...Tara beta (daughter)…tell us What happed???.... What have you got…???..”, her mother asked with difficulty in a muffled voice as Tara enfold them tightly. When Tara noticed her parents state, they have slight trouble breathing as Tar


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