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Naznin Kazi

  • 👁 23.7K
  • 7.5
  • 📚 2


The Ruthless Rockstar
  • 👁 9.4K
  • 7.5

Music is his life, he is stunning and wealthy... but he is also egotistical, instead of blood, arrogant and dope of fame runs in his veins... Ryan Smith, the ruthless rockstar. Across the seven seas far from him, She is sweet and confident, living a simple life. Tara Sharma is an engineering student. Her life faces up and down when she unintentionally collided with Ryan.

Endless Love
  • 👁 14.3K
  • 7.5

A story about two different people who bind with each other with endless love. Virat Singh, is a 26 year young, handsome, brave, intelligent military officer, a very rough, disciplined, and serious person


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