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The Royal Prince

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“My title and duty as the future heir of Midon should be placed above all things but my love for you will always be first and foremost, no matter what. " Noah Doyle, the dashing and future heir to the throne in the Kingdom of Midon is deceived into an arranged marriage to a Duchess he arbored and to make it even worse, he was threatened with a merger that could save or ruin Midon. But what happens when he's intrigued by the simple, sharp-tongued and impulsive Ashley Boark whom he met one fateful night and again, through unfortunate circumstances. Fate decides to play tricks in their lives through different events and certain stumbling blocks. What happens when a tale of masks, feelings, feud and deceit began to co-exists between them?

Chapter 1


Crystal chandeliers coiled down from the pale blue ceiling, illuminating the white walls, and my eyes traveled to the polished floor that showed my reflection. My mind imagined masks of extraordinary colors, fragrances that I could smell a mile away, not to mention luxurious tuxedos and expensive dresses that revealed half of the bosom.

"You look so majestic and you have added some weight." My older sister, Ruby remarked with her hand slapping my bottom.

"Stop doing that. We are not kids anymore. " I pouted, wrapping my arms around her shoulders playfully. From my childhood, Ruby loved slapping my bottom at every slightest statement she made towards me and I was surprised that even as an adult, she hadn't grown over it.

Ruby laughed while drowning a glass of wine in her mouth, her pink lipstick smearing the tip of the wine glass.

"Don't get drunk. There's a ball right outside. " I whispered as I slanted my masked face closer to her ear.

"I'm not going to the ball, Noah. I have been to countless and you weren't there. This one's for you. Stop acting concerned." She patted me on the chest before walking away.

I turned around while looking at her retreating figure and I let out an inaudible scoff before placing my hands into my pants while dusting my tuxedo.

A familiar hand patted my shoulder and I turned around, my eyes landing on my mother, Queen Victoria.

"You ought to go in there, my son and live a little. This is your first ball as an adult.You know that, don't you?" I heard her say, persuading me with a smile as I stood, holding a glass of wine, "—and dear goodness, I hardly recognized you through that mask."

"I know, Mother and besides It's simply a ball."

If there was anything that I was indifferent about, it was the numerous balls and the random parties that the palace threw. I was always absent and hidden away in my chambers but this was the first ball I was attending since I was twelve.

My mother pinched my shoulder and I pretended it hurt for a moment before shooting a playful glare at her. I lifted my neck and through the slightly opened doors, my eyes looked fixedly at my father who was seated on his helm of authority while his gaze darted to each and every corner of the ball room like an eagle.

"Your father has lost a tremendous amount of weight over the past few months." My mother spoke with a hand on my shoulder. It was as if she read my mind like a sage.

"Or perhaps he is just getting older. " I muttered.

My eyes hampered on the well prominent wrinkles that was depicted on his face. The people in the ball would most likely not notice but to me, his distorted eyes and trembling fingers betrayed him.

It was the first time I had seen him like this in several years. He often had an intimidating look, but now he looked very different from the person I knew. My relationship with him had been strained for many different reasons since childhood, so we hardly spoke to each other unless we were at the table.

"You should interact with princes from the neighboring kingdoms since you're back. " My mother spoke.

A small chuckle escaped from my lips as I adjusted my mask.

"You know I won't. I heard all they do is laugh over tea and talk about women." I shook my head.

My gaze darted back to my mother who had a smaller golden crown above her brown hair. She wore no mask but she looked as elegant as she often did in a saffron ball gown.

"It's been eight months since I saw you last, Noah," My mother ruffled her hands through my midnight black hair, "But it seems like a year without my sweet son. "

I laughed once more, the mask echoing it.

I was reminded of the golden crown made of emerald crystals that was postioned on my father's bald head, it was meant to be handed down to me, his first son the same way my grandfather passed it on to my father. It was something I wished for a moment that I never was however I was born into the royal family, unfortunately.

But according to my grandfather and the preceding generation who sat on the throne before him, I was only entitled to take my father's place if I got espoused to either a Princess or a Duchess but if my father passed away and I had no woman by my side, Eli who happened to be his younger brother and my paternal uncle would most likely ascend the throne. Eli was idiotic and carefree and I loathed him dearly, there was no way I would let him wear that crown. It wasn't fit for him, anyways.

The front pages of the newspaper and the radio in particular were always filled with his affairs, rumors of him with several women, and his numerous pleas for forgiveness from the people of Midon which was to clean up his mess.

And never for once did my father, the most powerful man in Midon strip him of his title.

I was snapped back to reality when I heard my mother talk;

"Speak to people even if they don't know who you are," she paused, "Are you listening to me, young man?"

I nodded and then I heard her whisper into my ear, "Now go.... "

I nodded in a haste, patting her hand gently before slipping my way into the ballroom, unnoticed.

Glancing around at the dancing crowd in the ballroom while my ears picked up inaudible chatters around the room, I let out a deep sigh. I looked around and dropped the wine glass on a table before walking into the crowd. Every nook and cranny of the ballroom was stuffed with people.

I sighted a woman in a long red flowing gown looking at me though her black mask while holding a glass of wine. It was as if she was trying to hypnotize me with her eyes but I was unbothered and I looked away.

I kept walking with my eyes brimming with admiration at every object as I was amazed at how spectacular the ballroom looked when I abruptly collided into someone. The bulge thrilled me internally as a woman's soft mounds slammed into my chest. My eyes sighted the curve of her creamy bosom, threatening to fall out of her blue ball gown with slightly flared cuffs and many layers of skirt with a corset snatching her waist and my eyes traveled further to her stunning eyes that was almost shielded by her mask. Her blonde hair was swept carefully over her left ear.

I tried to apologize but my words failed me as I kept stuttering. I was also smitten by her beauty and I tried to reach for her hand but she slapped my wrist.

"Move aside, you could have ruined my dress." she cut in nonchalantly, dusting and hitching up her long dress while moving out of my way.

Wait what?

I whipped my head around impulsively as my eyes remained fixated on her and I hurried after her in a haste. Her small eyes were covered by a white mask and eventually, I caught up with her quickly enough.

"I didn't introduce myself earlier, I'm the Prince of Midon. You can call me "Prince" for short if you'd like." I whispered, stretching out a hand. I waited for a moment and was a bit hurt when she didn't take my hand.

"The Prince of Midon?" I heard her ask softly in confusion with her fingers fondling her neck.

"Would you believe that?" I answered and I wished she could see my grin right under my mask.

"No. You may dress like a Prince but the Prince of Midon? I would just pretend to believe that. " she responded with a laugh.

"You better do because you're the first woman I'm telling this to, tonight," I muttered.

She then glanced at my outstretched hand and replied, "The name's Ashley."

"Princess Ashley?" I asked.

"No, but you can call me the Princess of Midon. " she shook her head, a low chuckle escaping from her lips.

I laughed at her attempt at making a dreadful joke.

"Would you like to dance with me?" I asked finally, with one of my hands still outstretched.

"I'm a awful dancer but if I said no, would you lock me up in the dungeon and feed me to your dragons?" She spoke with a hand on her waist.

I chuckled before answering, "Yes I would, in fact, I would possibly behead you."

Why would she think about dragons? I had never since one in my entire life. I learned about them from the royal books in the library.

"I guess I might have no choice then." she giggled and took my hand, permitting me to take her to the heart of the ballroom where I couldn't be seen.

"What's beneath your mask? I can't picture your face." I told her while holding her hand.

"What's under yours?" she countered back.

"I am not entitled to show you," I answered.

"Neither am I supposed to do likewise." she retorted sharply.

Another snigger escaped from my lips. I cherished her sharp voice and the way her fingers felt warm in mine.

I hesitated for a moment, waiting for the tempo to rise before pulling her closer to me. One of my hands reached to touch her lower back and I was amazed at how soft her skin was. I noticed she darted her gaze away from mine and I decided to spark up a conversation. I asked if she desired to be here.

She shook her head but somehow it felt as if she was saying both yes and no.

Her chest squished against mine and I let out an inaudible groan as I felt what was beneath my pants go hard.

"And why is that?" I pressured, twirling her around.

"That is clearly none of your business." she firmly spoke back with ragged breath.

She wrapped a hand around my neck and I held her waist tighter, her cleavage more prominent and making me lose my senses.

"You can speak freely and I'm a notable good listener," I whispered.

"I was invited. " she whispered, promptly as her lips grazed my ear.

"Then you shouldn't have made an attempt at coming here if you weren't compelled to." I tilted my head to look at her, my face a few inches away from hers.

"Really?" she said.

"I'm postive that not everyone dancing here desire to be here, actually," I spoke sincerely.

"Are you joking? Who wouldn't want to dance in the royal palace of Midon? It feels like an honor and from what I know so many women here would like to marry a Prince and bear his babies." she said.

"Including you?" I teased.

"Oh no, except me." she laughed and I chuckled as well.

She seemed like a fascinating woman.

We continued dancing afterward without speaking. She struggled at first to move in sync with the beat, our sweaty palms merging and I, trying to interlock them and at that very moment, the music stopped.

I watched as some people halted dancing amd cheered while others clinked glasses full with wine with their partners, I removed my hands from my dancing partner for a moment and tilted my head to clear my throat.I whipped my head around to ask Ashley for another dance but she was nowhere to be found.

I stood in the middle of the entire ball with my eyes searching for her but she was gone.


Chapter 2


I placed a hand below my neck, trying to cover my breasts as I walked out of the ballroom. I was aware of my impoliteness as I said not a single word to the alleged Prince before running off. As I walked through the hallways with the guards following closely behind me while holding a glass of wine in my right hand, my mind thought about the way his hands felt warm in mine.

I was disturbed abruptly by a petite lady who was dressed in a green ball gown with a purple hideous mask over her face as she grabbed my arm rudely, jerking me straight into reality.

With my well-manicured fingers grabbing the wine glass while covering my mouth with my idle hand, I shook my head violently, not understanding a word she had said.

I smelt wine oozing from her mouth as she opened it and I was certain that she had drank too much beyond her capacity as she dragged her heels against the ground.

“D-Do you know that there’s a rumor around town that the Prince of Midon


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