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The Royal Prince
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“My title and duty as the future heir of Midon should be placed above all things but my love for you will always be first and foremost, no matter what. " Noah Doyle, the dashing and future heir to the throne in the Kingdom of Midon is deceived into an arranged marriage to a Duchess he arbored and to make it even worse, he was threatened with a merger that could save or ruin Midon. But what happens when he's intrigued by the simple, sharp-tongued and impulsive Ashley Boark whom he met one fateful night and again, through unfortunate circumstances. Fate decides to play tricks in their lives through different events and certain stumbling blocks. What happens when a tale of masks, feelings, feud and deceit began to co-exists between them?

Purchased Wife
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A hot billionaire needs a wife desperately to receive his inheritance, Nathan Rossi does not give a damn about many things except his inheritance from his father. Nathan does not want any commitments so he meets Rachel by accident and arranges quick a proposition that he feels would benefit them both. But it gets more complicated, hot and very steamy with reeling feelings that can not be denied, coupled with a rollercoaster of emotions. With their arranged marriage on the line and with certain stumbling blocks in their way, Would there be a happy ending for them both? Then again, maybe not.


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