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The Queen of Insanity

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Millade
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 6K
  • 5.0
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Disaster begins when Selene discovers her betrothed prince having an affair with her own sister. The betrayal threw her into a fit of insane rage leading to years of war. She became a monster and insanity itself earning the title ‘Queen of Insanity’, a name who wreaked havoc in the once peaceful lands of Cixus with thousands of deaths under her name executing anyone who stood in her way. However, there is only one man that she couldn't touch, that is King Roman, the King of War. The one who stopped the raging war, prevented her from destroying her enemy and placed her in utter defeat. The man she will never bow down to, even if it means falling into his seductive charms.

Chapter 1: The Betrayal

The bright light shines into the royal palace. The pale, gray walls are adorned with red cloth and various shades of floral garlands. Thousands of people have gathered outside and inside the throne room.

Everyone in the kingdom had their eyes on her. Every royal family from the different kingdoms of the land of Cixus attended the coronation. The people of the Heartstone Kingdom were also there, waiting for their new ruler to be crowned, a beautiful woman who will soon take reign on their kingdom.

Her raven hair with purple-black ombre locks adorned with jewels, braided and tied up in a tight bun. Her dark red gown flowed on the floor along with a blood red royal mantle sitting heavily on her shoulders.

A magical deep-violet Heartstone gem was floating on her right hand, glowing beautifully. A stone filled with unknown and dangerous powers, only the true royal-blooded of the Heartstone Kingdom's royal family can touch it.

The grand priest uttered a few words of praise before he gently carried the crown in his hands.

"Queen Selene of Heartstone Kingdom!" The man announced once the ruby jeweled crown sits perfectly on Selene's head.

"Your new Queen!" Everyone cheered and clapped joyfully for her. Selene smiled and faced her people, raising an arm to wave at them, giving them her gratitude.

She is now the queen of her kingdom and will fulfill her duties just as her mother taught her. Taking the Heartstone in her hand and murmuring a magical chant before placing the stone in her crown. Completely sealing the stone, accepting her as its new owner.

Thousands of congratulations came her way in the after party, but she only needed to hear it from the most important person in her life. Her prince.

Unfortunately, her prince is nowhere to be seen. Prince Armand of Northern Valles is supposed to be by her side. He is her betrothed and she loves him very much. They're going to be married a month after her coronation. He is the sweetest man she has ever met and she couldn't wait to bear him a babe. A beautiful baby that she'll adore forever.

After their wedding, her prince will rule Heartstone Kingdom right by her side. Since it is a must that she is to be crowned as Queen because of the Heartstone, Armand can't become king in his own kingdom as he is betrothed to her. Therefore, the role as heir was passed down to Armand's cousin.

"Where is His Majesty?" Selene asked.

"Prince Armand wasn't feeling well. He is currently in his quarters, Your Majesty."

Selene became worried, then excused herself from her subjects and went to check on her beloved prince. As she opened the door, her heart stopped and her body froze. Her lovely face suddenly twisted into an expression that brought coldness to the atmosphere. Her violet eyes glowed with anger and tears begging to claw their way out.

Her sister, Agatha, was kissing Prince Armand passionately, as if they had been lovers for years! The sleeves of her gown fell loosely from her shoulders and Armand was touching her sensually. Out of all the people, it had to be her sister betraying her.

"W-What is the meaning of this?" Selene's voice croaked.

Agatha and Prince Armand separated, caught red-handed.

"I-I can explain, Selene," Agatha said anxiously.

"Explain what!? That you betrayed me by having an affair with my fiance!? could you? You are my sister and I trusted you!"

RED. The color of red was all she could see in her eyes. The anger slowly blinded her vision and reasoning. Hatred was brewing in her heart. The betrayal clouded her emotions. The Heartstone's powers glowed with the sudden change in Selene's emotions.

The once bright blue skies of the Heartstone Kingdom suddenly turned dark and thunder began clashing in the wind. The newly crowned Queen's emotions mirrored the weather. This made people worried.

Selene had always tolerated her sister. Getting all of the attention from suitors with her carefree personality that was adored by the people. She is even favored by her own father. Meanwhile, she grew up as the immediate heir of the throne. Training and learning politics made her too bold and opinionated for men's taste.

She may have considered her her sister, but they barely looked alike. Agatha's fiery red hair and green eyes captivated every man, yet her violet eyes always scared them away. Not until Prince Armand, who loved her eyes and  showered her with compliments about her appearance, her personality. That's why she fell in love with him and wanted to marry him.

However, all of that fell down into the drain the moment she caught them in their torrid affair.

"Selene...I love him!" Agatha said.

"We love each other, Selene," Prince Armand supported Agatha. His hand rested on her stomach in a protective manner. "She is pregnant and carrying my child!"

Selene's mind snapped. Her heart thundered in a beating pain and anger. A child? How long has this affair been going on? Then it hit her. Armand always slips out of her sight using 'illness' as a reason. All those times, he was actually meeting with Agatha.

"You love...her? What about me then? I loved you, Armand, more than anyone else! Is my love for you really worth less than Agatha's affections? Is there something wrong with me that you chose her?" She couldn't understand. Agatha got everything and she's stealing away the love of her life. What about her? Who will love her now?

"I'm sorry, Selene." That was all Armand said. This angered her even more. Sorry? Is that all he could say!?

"Your apologies can't and will never be able to fix the pain and betrayal you have done to me! don't love her," Selene growled as a single tear rolled down to her cheek. "Guards!"

She raised her hand and a sinister magic power crawled towards Prince Armand's arm. Dark, violet veins tattooed on his skin, glowing and pulsing, bringing the prince constant pain.

"W-What is this!?" Prince Armand cried out in pain.

Two heavily armored men came in a few seconds later and grabbed both Agatha and Armand. They were roughly pulled into the throne room where everyone was busy partying. This brought their attention and they were shocked by their scandalous attire.

Agatha's unkempt clothes attracted disgusted looks and the obvious lip stains on Armand brought disappointment.

Selene raised her hand and pointed at the hideous couple, "as Queen Selene of the Heartstone Kingdom. I denounce Agatha from her title as the 'Princess' and will be convicted for betraying the Queen! She is to be imprisoned for all eternity!"

Agatha was shocked. "S-Selene...I'm your sister!"

"She's right, Selene!" Maya, the Mother Queen, defended Agatha. Following behind her were uncle Fedrick and uncle Kent. "Why don't you tell us the reason for Agatha's treachery towards you? Do you have proof?"

Selene gritted her teeth. Just like her father, even her mother favors Agatha. Maya treasures Agatha more than anyone else. This pained her heart even more to see her mother defending someone who betrayed her.

"Isn't it obvious?" she whispered. Agatha and Armand's clothes were unkempt when she took them to the throne room. Wasn't that enough proof of their affair?

Staring into her mother's cold green eyes, the same color as Agatha's. She hardened her heart. The love she yearned for from her mother and from Armand, seems to have condemned her. All of that was given to Agatha. She couldn't help but let jealousy hit straight to her heart.

"Selene...let's talk about this! Please, I'm your sister!" Agatha begged. "You can't make me give birth in jail!"

She ignored the traitor, then faced Prince Armand, the man who cheated on her and terribly broke her heart.

"Make sure he will never set foot again in this kingdom and the Eastern Cixus!'' She ordered the royal guards. The guards pulled them away, separating them from each other.

"You can't do this to us! You're insane, Selene!" Prince Armand cried out in anger.

"No, you're the one who turned me into this insane monster," Selene grinned crazily.

"Selene, this is madness! I'm sure there must be a misunderstanding!" King George, Armand's father, spoke out for his son.

She glared at him and unsheathed the sword from one of the royal guards. Pointing the sword to the current Northern Valles king.

"If you don't stop, then I'll no longer recognize you as my daughter!" Maya threatened.  Those words are now empty towards her. Her heart had been damned and yearning for love was what killed her.

"I am the Queen of Hearstone Kingdom and I have the upper-hand here! I won't let both of you or anyone control or tell me what to do! There is nothing to discuss, my decision is absolute! Disown me if you wish, mother, because I'm the queen now and you're just a random woman who is married to my father." Selene said without a single care for her words.

She turned to King George and removed the sword, pointing at his throat. "Just because I banned your son doesn't mean I won't do anything to him. No...I'll make sure he pays for every pain and betrayal he has done unto me!" she enunciated word by word, drilling them into the king's head.

"We must resolve this, Selene! War isn't the answer to the problem!"

Selene walked away and sat down on her throne. The sound of thunder echoed in the air and cold wind rushed within the throne room. Her pretty lips upturned into a sinister smile and her menacing chuckle brought shivers to everyone.

"The Heartstone Kingdom declares war against the Northern Valles! I'll make sure death meets your throat. If anyone tries to stop me, execution will meet your throats!" Selene laughed maniacally.

The Heartstone glowed and dark vines grew, covering the whole Kingdom with thorns. Everyone screamed and scurried out of the throne room. Fearing the insane Queen's persecution.

The Heartstone Kingdom has completely sealed itself from the world and the dark skies never cleared up. Filling the atmosphere with betrayal, pain and anger. All of the emotions the Queen has felt never wavered.

Selene vowed that she would never love anyone again or beg for their love. Love is a dangerous weapon, a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and destroy a person's heart.

Ever since that day...the kind-hearted queen has now turned into someone with a hard and bitter heart.

Chapter 2: The Invitation

The sharp clashing of swords echoed in the air as the men shouted a war cry to bring down their enemies. Just as what Queen Selene has declared. The war against the Northern Valles began and the war lasted for years. This war also affected the neighboring kingdoms, creating a full-scale war in the land of Cixus.

Emperor Davius of the Holy Empire used all of his power to stop the bloodshed, but couldn't because Selene was too powerful, abusing the mysterious power of the Heartstone. Even the Northern Valles wouldn't listen or dared to stop the feud.

The war grew worse when King George died and Armand was crowned immediately as the king of Northern Valles. Giving Armand full power of the military force to fight against Selene's army.

"We must stop this madness!" A senator from the Holy Empire demanded Davius to do something.

"Your heart is too soft for the young queen, Emperor. Her wrath will end us all! I don't care if you a


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