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The Lycan Slave Mate

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: sholly
  • Chapters: 88
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3.4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 33


After we Brenda loses her parents, in an unfortunate incident, her royalty is thrown to the trash. She becomes a slave to the Alpha of the Rising Moon Pack. Brenda is determined to avenge her parents' death, but how can she do that as a slave? When she turns 18, she finds out her mate, Jack is the next alpha of the Red Moon Pack. He was a rude and uncouth womanizer, and even though Brenda is desperate to upgrade her identity, she doesn't want to be a Luna to someone like him. What happens when Jake decides she is only fit to be his s****l partner and Brenda rejects the proposal. She has only put herself in more trouble. What happens when she is paired with another Alpha, the most noble of bloodlines, whom, however doesn't want a mate, but only someone to present to his mother. Was she going to be rejected a second time? Will the Moon Goddess present her another opportunity? Can she ever avenge her parents' death? How Cruel is Fate?

Chapter 1

Brenda's POV:

I was staring at the only thing that reminded me of my mum, the Gem necklace. I look at it whenever I miss my family, the once peaceful family before a traitor took it away from us.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Brenda, and I'm the daughter of the late Alpha of the Rising Moon pack. Even though I work as a slave in the Black eye pack, being nominated every day, I was not born to be a slave.

My father, Logan Wilson, and my mother, Ella Wilson, were the Alpha and Luna of the Rising Moon Pack before they were murdered. I also had an elder brother, Leo Wilson. I had a wonderful childhood.

But when I was seven years old, my mother died of an acute ailment. I thought that would be the end of sad news but I think it's destiny to suffer.

Not long after, Beta Perez and a few other Brutus revolted against my father and killed him.

My elder brother took me away from the pack, he wanted to save me. Yes, I was saved, but the two of us were separated during our escape.

It's been years now and I don't even know whether my brother is still alive, even if he is suffering somewhere like me.

After sauntering someplace on my own for a while, I found myself joining the Black Eye Pack.

Of course, I can't tell anyone about my background, for my safety.

From then on, I washed clothes and cooked every day, becoming a slave of this pack, Later, I heard that Beta Perez had become the Alpha of the Rising Moon Pack.

I don't expect less from a traitor, he was a backstabber, and he never acted like he wanted that position. Unknown to us he has had it planned for a long period.

Does a traitor become the Alpha? It was laughable! I carried all the wrongs and misfortune that I had suffered in my heart, including Beta Perez's betrayal, my father's wrongful death, my brother's disappearance, and the way I was insulted and abused every day in the Black Eye Pack.

I wanted to do my best to become stronger so that I could get my revenge. Stronger than my enemy, I knew he must be ready for revenge. Or did he think we will be silent for life? Hell No!!

"Brenda, you b*tch! Where is my Gem necklace?" Vivian shrieked from outside the door.

Astounded by her voice, I shoved my Gem necklace back into the wooden box in a hurry, and then stashed the box under the pillow to hide it.

I had barely straightened up from the bed when the wooden door of the room was kicked open.

Vivian rushed in with some werewolves, followed by Luna Zoe, whose face was covered with a thick layer of foundation, but unfortunately, it could not conceal the ruffles at the nooks of her eyes.

These two women always dressed up luxuriously, as if they wanted to flaunt all the jewelry they owned in a single outfit.

"Luna Zoe, Miss Vivian, what can I do for you?" I asked politely, complimenting them as usual with a cheerful smile on my face.

"Brenda, where's the Gem necklace I usually wear?" Vivian growled, grabbing my collar and glaring at me.

"You b*tch! You always have slimy fingers. You're the one who tidies up my room. Where did my favorite Gem necklace go? I can't find it. Did you steal it? Or wait I know you steal it, just give it back"

"Miss Vivian, I didn't take anything from your room. You can't accuse me without evidence," I replied patiently in a manner that was neither submissive nor intrusive.

"You shameless b*tch! How dare you talk to me like that? Do you want proof? Let's find it right now!" Vivian feud, nudging me backwards.

Then, she whirled at the werewolves she had brought along and instructed them to rummage my compartment.

My tiny and disheveled compartment soon veered upside down.

The rusty coverlet on the mattress was flung to the ground, and the small wooden table and stool were kicked over with rambunctious thuds.

What was worse, I had to watch Vivian walk all over my coverlet in her costly high-heeled shoes.

She even picked up the half-empty kettle that had fallen on the floor and poured the water on the quilt.

It was as if she was taking this opportunity to vent all her anger.

I tried to keep my face expressionless as I stared at the ruffians turning my room into a mess, but resentment gripped my heart and seeped into my eyes.

"How dare you glare at me? You'll suffer when I find the necklace!"

Vivian shouted, driving her heels harder into my quilt.

I clenched my fists to suppress my anger and ignored her.

After a few more seconds of watching the werewolves knock all my things to the floor, I couldn't bear it anymore.

"Stop! I didn't steal anything. Why are you doing this?" I shouted.

"Why? It's simple. I am the Beta's daughter, while you're just a slave, a piece of garbage abandoned by others!" Vivian snickered at me.

"You're not noble at all. You are nothing but an orphan adopted by Luna, "I replied fiercely.

Before their deaths, Vivian's parents had been close friends with Luna Zoe.

That was the reason why Luna Zoe had taken Vivian in. In terms of bloodline, I was much more prominent than Vivian. I didn't know what I had done to provoke her.

From the beginning, she had always disliked me and stirred up trouble for me both in public and in private.

At this time, a she-wolf toppled my bolster, causing the small wooden box to fall to the floor.


I anxiously moved swiftly to grab the wooden box.

But just when I was about to touch it, Vivian stepped on the back of my hand.

Her heel dug into my skin, drawing blood.

I couldn't help but cringe at the intense agony.

"B*tch, what's the rush? Why do you care about this messy box so much? You must be lurking something in it, "Vivian sneered.

Chapter 2

A she-wolf picked up the wooden box and handed it to her.

Vivian opened the wooden box, revealing the Gem necklace that was lying in it.

I wanted to get up, but Vivian drove her heel harder into the back of my hand, pinning me down.

I was afraid that if I got up abruptly, I'd end up tearing my skin.

The pain was too much to take.

But compared to the physical pain I felt, the pain in my heart was even more.

"Luna Zoe, look!"

Vivian picked up the Gem necklace and triumphantly waved it in front of Luna Zoe.

"I told you that bitch stole my necklace! She just refused to admit it. How can a slave like her own such an expensive necklace?" She spat, glancing at me in disdain.

Looking at the necklace, Luna Zoe frowned and nodded in agreement.

"We put a roof over her head, but she stole from us! How dare she? She must be punished severely,"

Vivian continued, trying to provoke Luna Zoe even more.

"That necklace is mine! Mi


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