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  • Author: sholly
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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On the eve of the Eva's seventeenth birthday, the story begins. Her father's enemies are abusing her. Alpha's daughter, Eva, is the protagonist of the story. Her pack was killed. She was the only survivor. Due to her young age, the pack that slaughtered her family decided to turn her into a slave. She was mistreated and hungry since she was a child, and she did all kinds of menial tasks. When confronted with insults, the heroine was obstinate, fighting back and talking back. She still retains Alpha's blood in her bones, despite being a slave. When she became an adult and her powers awakened, she secretly intended to flee this pack. She still believes in love and hopes that the moon goddess will provide her with a mate who will cherish and protect her at this time. The pack's leader's son, Alpha Liam, knew the Eva once was his chosen mate at his 18, but he despised her low status on the one hand and was pulled to her beauty on the other. He looks down on her and plays around with other girls, influenced by the pack members. On her eighteenth birthday, the Eva's wolf awoke, and she realized that Liam was her mate, and she was furious because Liam was the son of her father's assassin. Alpha Liam reject Eva. Eva released. However, the wolf within her is a little depressed. Alpha Liam's mother and her daughter assaulted Eva again while she was preparing the inheritance ceremony for Liam. Eva was saved by an Alpha from another pack. This was Alpha Raquel. He was invited to participate in the inheritance ceremony of Alpha A.


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