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The Bodyguard's Spoiled Princess

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Liam is a Twenty Three year old college student who accepted a job offer as the live-in assistant of a rich older gentleman, Mr. William Laverne. He snatched it without question. But on his first day of the job, it was revealed that he won't be taking care of the sweet-natured, mild-mannered old Mr. Laverne after all. Instead, he was tasked to help his spoiled, lazy, and sometimes cruel granddaughter to become a proper young lady so she can one day take over the Laverne industry. Will this be the start of a beautiful friendship or will she lead his life into total chaos?


I used to be a shy kid among my classmates. Quiet, intelligent, and an overachiever. Once I put my mind to something, I didn't quit until I was done. My friends sometimes made fun of me for being stoic and disciplined. They said I was too stuck-up. But I needed to keep my head in the game.

I wasn't rich like the others. I had to work hard to earn everything in life. All I had left was a worn-down house and my sick father I was forced to take care of since I was 15. Now at the age of 23, I am still taking care of him along with working two other jobs and going to college at the same time.

My life was moving forward in the form of routine, and I was earning good enough money to support the house and my father. Things were going well until one day, Mr. Walter called me into his office. He was my boss at the warehouse where I worked as a crane driver.

"Ah, Mr. Maxwell, please step into my office," Mr. Walter opened the door to his tiny office and motioned me to go inside.

He never calls me into his office unless it was something very very important. I was starting to get nervous. Could I be finally getting a raise after working my *ss off in this company?

"Please have a seat." Mr. Walter said, so I obliged.

"You've been doing an excellent job in this establishment. I hope you know we appreciate your service wholeheartedly," he said.

"Thank you, sir. I enjoy working with," I said awkwardly.

"Very well. However, our company is downsizing due to an extraneous circumstance, so we won't be able to keep you on," Mr. Walter said without a hint of sadness in his voice.

"I am being fired?" I asked. I was shocked.

"That's a harsh way to put it. Laid off more like it," he said.

"But you just said I was doing a great job!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, indeed you were. However, the rest of the employees are prioritized because of their seniority. So I am afraid you are the first one to go," Mr. Walter said.

F*ck! This is not fair. I worked too hard at this job. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't my ultimate career goal to drive a crane around in a warehouse, but this was my highest paying job! I couldn't afford to lose the paycheck.

"Mr. Walter, please. Is there anything you can do? I need the money," I pleaded.

"You are a talented young man Mr. Maxwell. You'll find something else in no time. It's better not to waste your time in a place like this. Think of this as an opportunity to find something better. A blessing even," he said.

Blessing my *ss. He was not making me feel better. I was not planning on going for a job-hunting anytime soon. My other job was merely a part-time job, so I needed this.

I left the warehouse, feeling defeated. What do I do? How can I pay next month's rent? This is a disaster. I stood at the stoplight, waiting for the light to change.

All of a sudden, a flyer caught my eyes.

A personal care worker is needed. Hiring immediately, The ad said.

A job advertisement. I ripped out the phone number immediately. I like to think no jobs were below me as I desperately needed the money. I dialed the number.

Hello? A woman with a deep, throaty voice answered from the other line.

"Um..yes, I was calling about the personal care ad?" I said nervously. The person on the other line didn't give off a friendly vibe.

"I see. Come to the Laverne resident for an interview at 8 am tomorrow. I'll text you the address. Goodbye," the woman said.

"Okay, wai-..." I started to say more, but she hung up. What the hell was that about? I hope this wasn't some type of scam to lure people in and steal their kidneys. If someone makes money off of my kidney, it should be me. I needed it.

I guess I should get ready for the interview tomorrow. I felt uneasy as no other information was given to me. I looked at the message the woman texted and squinted my eyes. It was pretty straight forward.

Laverne Resident

6325 Arlin ct NE

You will be interviewing with Mr. William Laverne and me directly. Wear something nice and make yourself presentable.

William Laverne. Why does that name sound so familiar? I did a quick google search and almost tripped over on the sidewalk.

That man is a living legend! Probably one of the richest men in the city. He built an entire business empire from scratch. He most likely sleeps on top of a pile of cash. I get to work this closely with him? This job could really pay well. Much better than my two jobs combined. I hit the jackpot.

Or so I thought. Little did I know that a nightmare awaited me at the Laverne residents. A beautiful, cruel, and melancholy nightmare named Rose Laverne who would turn my life upside down in a matter of 6 months.

Chapter 1

"Ah, you must be Mr. Maxwell. I am Linda Blair," The woman who greeted me said. I recognized her voice from our phone conversation. She was nothing like I imagined. I expected a woman of 40 with grey hair and thick glasses that made her look like a librarian from old school movies. Instead, I was looking at a 30 something gorgeous woman with a head full of long blonde hair.

"Follow me to the terrace. Mr. Laverne is waiting for you," she said and motioned me to follow her. I've never set my foot in a lavish mansion like this before. It was like a whole new world that opened up before me. I felt like I didn't belong here. I tried to act confident, but I was sweating bullets under my suit. I shouldn't have put on a jacket today.

Mr. Laverne was sitting on his chair, looking out. He had the type of face that was serious yet approachable. I felt a little better as he didn't look scary at all.

"Mr. Maxwell is here for his inte


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